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Wise Registry Cleaner review

Wise Registry Cleaner scours your Windows Registry for invalid entries and system-slowing junk. It's safe, easy to use, and (best of all) free. The no-nonsense layout groups all the features you need right where you need them, including Registry Cleaner, System Tuneup, Registry Defrag, and Scheduler.


Cleans deeply: Wise Registry Cleaner has Normal, Safe, and Deep Scan modes. In our tests, it found and fixed issues that similar freeware missed.

Cleans safely: Wise Registry Cleaner passed the acid test: We did what inexperienced users do and just cleaned everything, but no ill effects ensued.

Lots of tweaks: The … Read more

Get RoboForm Everywhere password manager for free

Last month I wrote about a free password manager, recommending that all computer users everywhere should absolutely positively use such a program.

At the same time, I professed my love for Dashlane, a really polished password manager that I liked well enough to actually splurge for the Premium version. But lots of users proclaimed RoboForm the better product, and who am I to argue?

Today only, Glarysoft is offering RoboForm Everywhere (Win/Mac) absolutely free. Specifically, you're getting a one-user, one-year license for the software/service, which normally runs $19.95 (and will again after your year expires).

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Five-deal Friday: Desktops, drones, downloads, and more!

Happy Friday! Nothing kicks off a weekend like a wheelbarrow-full of deals, and today I couldn't settle on just one. In fact, I'm pretty bad at math; there may actually be more than five here. Can't bother counting; I'm too busy buying stuff!

Droning on and on I've always wanted one of these, but couldn't (wouldn't!) pay the $299 list price. Now I'm sorely tempted.

Today only, and while supplies last, Woot has the refurbished Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Wi-Fi quadricopter for $169.99, plus $5 for shipping. Controlled by your … Read more

Watch robotic pole dancers shake their actuators

No job is sacred any more: Even the technology trade show booth babe's role has been taken over by robots. Lexy and Tess the robotic pole dancers drew a crowd Monday at the CeBit IT show in Hanover, Germany.

The pair were upgraded models for the Tobit Software booth, which has been displaying the dancers for a few years now. Designed by British artist Giles Walker, they're made from 12V motors found in cars (the kind that control the windshield wipers); have LED arrays instead of faces; and are controlled via PC, while their "male" counterpart, a DJ with a megaphone horn for a head, looks on. … Read more

Amazon updates first-generation Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon released a software update Tuesday for the first-generation Kindle Paperwhite.

The the e-reader now supports many of the popular features of Amazon's second-gen Paperwhite, including Goodreads integration, FreeTime parental controls, and Page Flip. The update also brings a Smart Lookup feature and Cloud Collections, which lets users organize content in to custom categories.

The Paperwhite update is available as a free automatic download, but Amazon also has a link on its site for those who want to manually download the upgrade.

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Graphic Pro Software for Mac review

Graphic Pro Software for Mac creates basic pictures by combining built-in images with two-dimensional shapes and text. The Windows port feels out of place on OS X and leaves plenty of room for improvement in terms of interface, features, and usability. When it comes to functionality, you won't find anything professional despite the app's name; it's on the same level as MS Paint, if not lower.

Right from the start Graphic Pro Software for Mac leaves a bad impression: It doesn't have an icon. The developer provides a free graphics pack with the app, but it … Read more

Uninstall native Windows 8 apps you don't need

Think of those poor, lonely apps pre-installed on Windows 8 PCs that are destined to remain unopened: Travel, Reminders, Maps, Camera, Notes...Reading List?

These are only a few of the many programs preloaded on my Windows 8 PC that I have never opened and am unlikely to use in the future. Windows 8's Start screen is jam-packed with shortcuts to orphan apps such as these. If you'd rather not live with an overcrowded Start screen, you can remove the unused programs -- or at least unpin them from the screen -- with just a few clicks.

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CyberLink PhotoDirector for Mac review

CyberLink PhotoDirector for Mac lets you import photos stored on your computer, edit them, and organize them into albums. You can also rate your photos (from one to five stars), which makes it easy to browse photos for printing or uploading to social media.

At around 228MB, CyberLink PhotoDirector takes a while to download. Nevertheless, the program installs quickly and opens up to a professional-looking interface. All image folders are easily accessible through the drop-down menu on the left side of the app.

PhotoDirector runs efficiently and edits images quickly. You can tag faces on photos, so you can easily … Read more

Software consultant banned by Hilton for snake 'joke'

The joy of the impersonal world of digital is that it tempts you to be more yourself.

You're sitting there on your laptop and feel able to just write what's in your head.

Sadly, what's in your head is often the detritus of a twisted, troubled life, isn't it? Or it's merely humor from your 12-year-old days.

Please judge for yourself the tale of British software consultant Jason Payne. He was filling out an online booking form for the Hilton Hotel in Bastingstoke, England when he reached the question about whether he had pets.

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TaxACT 2013 Deluxe Edition review

TaxACT 2013 Deluxe Edition is 2nd Story Software's best value if you've previously filed your federal income tax returns with TaxACT. It has everything in TaxACT's free service, including free federal filing, guaranteed accuracy, and assistance if you're audited, plus state tax filing for a small fee. The Deluxe edition includes extra tax calculators, expert advice, free phone support, and more. You can download TaxACT Deluxe as standalone software, but we tried the Webware version, which integrates with your secure TaxACT account. Like TaxACT's other products and similar services, you can try TaxACT Deluxe for … Read more