World Cup 2014 viewing guide

World Cup 2014 kicks off today, and to help you watch, we've collected the top match-streaming apps. Now, whether you're in the US or elsewhere, you won't miss a single play. Just make sure you have Internet access.

US streaming

Topping the list of options is ESPN. From June 12 to July 13, ESPN will cover and stream every World Cup game to US audiences via WatchESPN and ESPN 3. PC and Mac users can view the games on, while mobile users can watch the games on the WatchESPN apps for both Android and iOS. … Read more

Dream League Soccer review

Dream League Soccer gives you the ability to put together your own soccer team, develop players, and compete against other teams. The graphics are good, the interface is intuitive and attractive, and the action is realistic. It's possible to win big in this league, but you'll have to put in the time and effort to get to the top.

The first thing you have to do when you start playing Dream League Soccer is to pick your team captain from a list of eight players. Tapping one of these players brings up their stats and ratings, so you … Read more

iSoccer Backstreet Lite review

iSoccer Backstreet Lite is a freestyle soccer game that will test your skills. Although this version of the game only gives you two levels of play and thus gets old pretty quickly, it's a nice way to try the game out before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the full version. If you're a fan of freestyle soccer tricks, we're betting you will.

iSoccer Backstreet Lite features impressive, realistic graphics. Users can choose between two different avatars and customize their jerseys, shoes, and other accessories. The game's first level challenges you to juggle the … Read more

Review: Head Soccer is a stripped-down, arcade-style one-on-one soccer game

Head Soccer is exactly as it sounds -- two heads facing off in a 2D version of soccer on a short field. The style of play is very different from what you'd expect in a soccer game, but it somehow works perfectly for short, fun bursts of play on your phone. While there are some dated components, most notably the graphics, which have not yet been upgraded for the retina screens, the game plays well and is fun.

Installation and startup are fast and there are no extra downloads or log-ins required to get started. You can immediately jump … Read more

Samsung hires soccer star Messi to save us from aliens

The need to be saved is the most profound and basic of human needs.

We don't often like to admit to it, but it's always there, like an existential bunion.

Samsung understands this. Which is why it's hired the world's greatest soccer player, Barcelona's Lionel Messi, to save us from the most threatening of celestial presences: green people.

No, I am not referring to environmentalists, although, for all I know they are. Our greatest threat is green beings from outer space in outerworldly flying machines.

You might find Samsung's exposition of this threat a … Read more

Death Star soccer ball: Kick 'em while they're Darth

"Star Wars" celebrations are known for offering exclusive merchandise as special lures for attendees. Sometimes, those exclusive items sneak out and become available to the general public. That's what happened with the limited-edition Death Star soccer ball.

ThinkGeek is selling a small quantity of these exclusive balls that were originally offered at "Star Wars" Celebration Europe. Naturally, they were originally called the "Celebration Europe Death Star Football." Other European items may be destined to stay exclusive, like the Death Star paper lantern and Endor speeder bike floaty pen.… Read more

FIFA 14 is the best yet

FIFA 14 (iOS|Android) is this year's upgrade to what I think is the best sports game on iOS devices, and this latest version does not disappoint. Now with even more licensed teams, more leagues, more players, and refined controls, this game just seems to keep getting better.

Having played many of the previous versions of the franchise on consoles and all of the various soccer games on mobile, the FIFA franchise continues to be the best soccer game on iOS, adding even more content than last year's installment, with 600 fully licensed teams to play, over 16,… Read more

Bottoms up! Now you can drink the sweat from your shirt

"Too many bodily fluids are going to waste!" said no one ever. But scientists are finding ways to make use of this great untapped resource.

We've seen how urine could be used to recharge your smartphone or tell you you're too drunk to drive. Now you can turn your sweat into refreshing H2O.

Engineers in Sweden have come up with a machine that extracts the sweat from your gym clothes and turns it into purified drinking water. Imagine drinking the very essence of your stinking self. … Read more

A soccer brawl, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

No one has done as much to bring the natural world to mainstream human understanding as Sir David Attenborough. The 87-year-old presenter has been creating his documentaries since 1954, and has traveled the world to capture footage of never-before-seen plant and animal behavior.

There's also just something comforting about him -- his infectious enthusiasm and non-judgmental eye, coupled with a voice like a warm duvet. As soon as you hear him speak, you know you're going to be learning something, and that it's going to be fun and interesting.

But he hasn't done much on human behavior, possibly because he thinks we're not as interesting. Earlier this year, he declared humanity a plague on the Earth. But what if he did? … Read more

Kick a Soccket soccer ball, power an LED lamp

Portable generators just got a lot more fun with the introduction of the Soccket, an energy-harnessing soccer ball raising funds on Kickstarter. Kick the ball around, play, and have a good time. When you're done, connect an LED lamp into a port built into the ball, and light up your night.

Playing with the Soccket for 30 minutes can power an LED lamp for 3 hours. For those of us fortunate enough to have reliable electrical grids, the Soccket isn't the most necessary object in the world. For people in developing countries without many lighting options, however, it could be a fun and functional option for providing light for working or doing homework in the evening.… Read more