Review: Snapshot Text Editor looks average, but has a truckload of great features

Snapshot Text Editor is packed with tons of editing goodies, but occasional glitches keep it from being a five-star app. The goofy interface doesn't help it, either. Still, the power, variety, and flexibility of its editing tools make it worth considering.

Don't let the name confuse you as Snapshot Text Editor handles images and not text, though it can add text to any photo you want. The app lets you pick a photo from your gallery -- or take a new one with a standalone camera -- and then crop, resize, and edit it to your heart's … Read more

Capture still and moving images with Snapz Pro X for Mac

Snapz Pro X for Mac is a capture utility for Mac OS X. It is available from several download sites, but with a purchase price of $69 if you want to upgrade after using the free trial. Snapz Pro X for Mac installs cleanly and quickly.

More than a simple screenshot utility, Snapz Pro X for Mac lets you capture anything that appears on your screen either a still images or as a movie in QuickTime format. Snapz Pro X for Mac can capture full-screen or a smaller portion, and provides a simple way to make product demos, tutorial videos, … Read more

Order free photo prints right from your iPhone or iPad

Still printing photos at home? That's a pricey blend of printer ink, photo paper, and iffy output quality.

Of course, you can use any number of apps to upload photos to your nearest Walgreens, Costco, or the like, but then you're looking a car ride -- and have you seen gas prices lately?

For a cheaper, more convenient way to turn iPhone or iPad snapshots into actual prints, check out FreePrints for iOS from photo lab True to its name, the app delivers free 4x6 glossies to your door, up to 85 of them per month. … Read more

Capture stills from videos with Free Video to JPEG Converter

Would you like a super-easy way to capture video frames and convert them into JPEG stills? Or generate a series of images showing a sequence from your favorite movie? Or create picture albums out of family videos? DVDVideoSoft's Free Video to JPG Converter is your production assistant. This free tool makes it easy to capture still images from video files and save them as JPEG images, the most common format by far. It can sample frames at rates you select or copy every frame, though you can also limit the total number of frames to keep things from getting … Read more

Here is A Ruler For Windows

Onscreen rulers definitely belong in that class of PC tools that are useful enough to keep around but all too often overlooked. A Ruler For Windows (AR4W) is a free onscreen metric ruler that offers attractive skins and handy keyboard commands. It toggles into a reading guide, a straight bar for distinguishing fine lines of print and closely spaced text.

AR4W's default skin is an attractive wood-grain look. It's ruled for millimeters and marked every 100mm. A red line displays its position on the ruler, allowing for easy readouts of fine measurements. AR4W is easy to resize via … Read more

Canopy Kapok review: iPhone tripod mount for serious shutterbugs

With its 5-megapixel camera and 720p video recorder, the iPhone 4 can capture some pretty impressive-looking images--as long as you hold it perfectly still. Indeed, as any savvy photographer or videographer knows, if you want the best results, you need a tripod.

The Canopy Kapok is an iPhone 4 case with a built-in tripod mount. It also comes with a pair of shutter-control buttons and a stand. It's not a perfect product, and the impending release of iOS 5 (which will turn the iPhone's volume-down button into a shutter release) limits its overall value. But you may find it worthwhile, if only for mounting your iPhone on your favorite tripod.

The Kapok comes in a clear-plastic shell that's maddeningly difficult to open--until you realize that the thick black bottom of the shell is actually the included stand. Also, there's a finger-hole near the top where you can reach in to push the Kapok down and out.

The case is your typical matte-black two-piece, with about 5/8 of an inch extra at the bottom to accommodate the dock connector. Other than that, it's very slim and light--good all-around protection if you decide to leave your iPhone in it full time.… Read more

It's a snap

Screen-capture utilities come in a lot of different flavors; some are so basic that they're barely useful, while others are jam-packed with complex features. SnapShot is a program that doesn't go to either extreme. It has plenty of useful tools and options, but it's still simple enough to master within a minute or two.

The program's interface is plain, with a viewing area in which you can see your most recent screen capture and a few menus across the top that give you access to the program's settings. SnapShot uses hot keys to let you … Read more

Gadget helps Progressive offer insurance discount

With Progressive's Snapshot mileage-based tracking device, not just how many miles you drive but also how you're driving them could affect your insurance rate.

Progressive is the latest automotive insurance provider to promote a voluntary program that lets agencies offer discounted premiums based on mileage. The company recently began promoting the campaign nationally on television, and Snapshot is available in 30 states. The program uses a device that drivers plug into their cars to monitor the time of day that they're driving, the distance they travel, and how hard they're braking. Data is transmitted to Progressive … Read more

Get a Canon SD1400 IS camera for $149.99

In my experience, digital cameras generally give you 2 to 4 years of service before something breaks--and trust me, they're not worth fixing. (Usually the repairs cost nearly as much as a new camera.)

So if you're looking to replace a busted point-and-shoot or maybe just upgrade your clunky old 4-megapixel model, you've come to the right deal.

An outfit called eCrater has the Canon SD1400 IS (silver) for $159.99 shipped. It sells for $199 most other places, and I've also seen it as high as $229. And if you're into pink, Amazon has the SD1400 IS for $149.99 shipped.… Read more