GO SMS Pro review

GO SMS Pro enables you to connect with friends through SMS texts via standard service or Internet connection. With tools not found in default messaging applications and a basic, streamlined design, GO SMS is a viable alternative and upgrade to your standard messaging application.


Plenty of tools: GO SMS Pro does more than basic messaging. You can lock the application for safety reasons and establish a privacy box to hide away secret messages. We found the SMS Blocker performed perfectly in our tests when blocking by keyword or phone number.

Good layout: The bright design and well-designed layout make … Read more

New TextSecure delivers smoother encryption

TextSecure is a far cry from driving a multibillion-dollar buyout. But for people who care about having their SMS and instant messages protected from prying eyes, it's an app that just got easier to use and more secure.

The new Android version of TextSecure, announced Monday, still uses the TextSecure v2 protocol that debuted with its CyanogenMod integration last year. Open WhisperSystems' founder, a security researcher and developer who goes by the pseudonym Moxie Marlinspike, said that the partnership has helped his company.

"It's been great," he said. "Their userbase is enormous, and it's … Read more

Wickr 2.0 makes self-destructing SMS more fun

When it comes to secure text messaging, you're often entirely dependent on the whims of the message server. Wickr goes to great lengths to flip that paradigm around, handing control back to you, the sender.

Wickr 2.0's debut on Friday makes it much easier to invite friends to use the app, thanks to a new address-book scanning feature that prevents Wickr from learning who you're inviting. That's a big difference from just about every other service out there, which accesses your address book -- usually with your permission -- and then holds on to that … Read more

Google Nexus phones reportedly susceptible to SMS attacks

Google's latest Nexus smartphones are vulnerable to an attack in which someone could force the phones to reboot or lose their network connection by sending them a large number of a certain kind of SMS message, according to PC World.

Bogdan Alecu, a system administrator at Dutch IT services company Levi9, reportedly found that the vulnerability can occur when an attacker sends about 30 so-called Flash SMS messages -- messages that appear immediately on the phone's screen on arrival -- to the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 4, or the Nexus 5. If the messages aren't promptly dismissed, … Read more

Manage default SMS app on Android 4.4 KitKat

For those Android users lucky enough to have already received Android 4.4 KitKat on their preferred device, changing the default SMS app is possible, but very hidden.

After installing another SMS app you might be prompted by the app to set it as the default SMS provider. Doing so will allow the app to alert you to new messages, and handle any outgoing messages you compose via another app.

There are times when you either dismiss the prompt on accident, or you're not prompted at all, and thankfully Android 4.4 KitKat includes a system setting to change … Read more

Review: Bring back classic cool with GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme

GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme restores the original default theme to the Android messaging app's lineup. The GO Wallpaper Development Team has been busy adding all kinds of themes to the popular messaging tool, and the original look probably got lost in the shuffle. It's back and still free for Android 2.3.3 and above, though of course you'll need GO SMS Pro to use it.

To install GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme, download and open it like a standalone app. Open GO SMS Pro's Menu and tap "Theme." Under Installed themes, select &… Read more

When emoji just isn't enough, ubertxt

The world seems hell bent on remaining 12 years old.

There are some good reasons for this, such as adults constantly proving that adulthood is incompetence basking in the rays of power.

So instead of making mental progress, we disappear into our phones and express ourselves with words and smiley faces.

Sometimes, though, mere texts aren't enough, mere emoji seem not to offer us the excitement that they used to.

Here then, my child, is ubertxt. Lord knows you've been waiting for something like this for at least 15 days -- something that makes your new iPhone 5C … Read more

How to disable SMS messages in Hangouts for Android

Version 2.0 of Google Hangouts for Android now has SMS/MMS integration, as promised by Google back in May. It finally began rolling out to users on Thursday, and the feature adds convenience for people who use text messaging and Hangouts by unifying the two into a single app.

The first time you launch Hangouts after the update, you're prompted to enable SMS in Hangouts or try it later. If you opted to give SMS in Hangouts a try, but still prefer using separate apps, you can disable the SMS integration.

On devices running Android 4.3 or … Read more

Review: Backup Transfer iPhone SMS to Mac is a powerful SMS backup tool

Backup Transfer iPhone SMS to Mac is a powerful tool that will move any SMS messages currently stored in a backup file on your Mac to a separate database where you can view them. This allows you to easily see all of your messages from a single backup folder without having to load them back onto a phone, especially useful for those that delete their SMS messages over time.

After installation, the app opens and prompts you to register. The free trial version limits how many SMS messages you can download, so if you enjoy the process, you'll want … Read more

Emu launches smart texting assistant for Android

Texting just got a little more intelligent with the aid of Emu Messenger, an SMS-based "contextual assistant" that uses location awareness and artificial intelligence to provide a variety of information services. Currently only available for Android, Emu Messenger can assist in scheduling meetings, making restaurant reservations, and finding movie showtimes and tickets near your location.

"When we started working on the app, we wanted to do the things people are talking about in text messages, and near-time coordination is what a lot of people do when texting," said co-founder and CEO Gummi Hafsteinsson, who formerly worked … Read more