We get a faceful of smartglasses at 2014 -- and it ain't pretty

What's ugly and techy and lives on your face? One of the five pairs of smartglasses we saw at CES 2014.

Some are Google Glassalikes, some are their own unique thing. All of them are just as oversize and geeky-looking as Google's developer model.

The point is that the development of smart devices you can wear on your face is growing, albeit slowly and awkwardly.

Nailing down a trendy design is one thing, but getting the technology right is the most daunting part of the process. The optics must be razor-sharp -- both in terms of the projection … Read more

Lumus DK40 smartglasses are your personal HUD (hands-on)

LAS VEGAS -- Don't call it a pair of smartglasses. The Lumus DK40 is a frame that has more than a passing resemblance to Google Glass, yes, and it does project information on a surface. Yet Lumus, the company behind the yellow, orange, and slate-colored frames, isn't trying to sell the glasses at all. Instead, the Israeli-based company is trying to sell the optics.

The Lumus is a well thought-out working prototpye of a personal head-up display, or HUD -- like the kind you'd find in high-end car dashes and in military equipment.

While many of the … Read more

Xbox One, you're not making my family life easier

My Xbox One may not stay connected to my cable box very long.

In a year's time, the Xbox One might be the ultimate TV-connected entertainment box on the planet. But at the moment, it's sitting awkwardly between my cable DVR and my TV -- where it's causing some tension among the TV viewers in my household.

There are a lot of good ideas lurking within the potential of what Microsoft's newest Xbox can be: a smart home hub, an entertainment do-everything machine. But they're mixed with unfortunate downsides. And, at the moment, from what … Read more

Xbox Smartglass app arrives for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft's new Xbox Smartglass app has made its way to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Available as of yesterday, the app turns your iOS device into a second screen for the Xbox, letting you navigate the dashboard; control your videos and music; and browse the Internet.

You can use the keyboard on your iOS device to type on your Xbox 360. You can swipe across your phone or tablet to move across the screen on your console. Controls pop up on your mobile device to play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast-forward videos and music playing on your Xbox.… Read more

Microsoft SmartGlass connects your Xbox to your mobile device

Your smartphone or tablet will soon be able to control and display games and movies from an Xbox 360.

Set to be released along with Windows 8 this Friday, Microsoft's new SmartGlass app is designed to bridge the gap between the Xbox and mobile devices.

The free app will naturally support Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs as well as Windows Phone 8 devices. But it will also run on iOS and Android devices.

As described in a blog by Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing officer for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Division, Xbox 360 owners will be able … Read more

Halo 4, SmartGlass lead underwhelming Xbox E3 event

LOS ANGELES--An earth-shaking and in-depth demo of Halo 4 opened up Microsoft's annual E3 Xbox 360 media briefing today, getting the thousands on hand worked up about the upcoming blockbuster. But beyond that, Microsoft had little to sustain the excitement.

For years, the video game press has flocked dutifully to Microsoft's shindig, which traditionally gets the honor of kicking off E3 week here, and setting the bar that rivals Sony and Nintendo have to try to jump at their own mega-briefings. This year those companies shouldn't be too worried about whether they can measure up.

While there … Read more

E3 2012: Five questions about Microsoft's SmartGlass

LOS ANGELES--Aside from Halo 4, the most interesting thing at Microsoft's E3 press conference was SmartGlass, the multidevice sharing app for games, videos, and Web surfing. But SmartGlass was only sketched out in the broadest of terms (and probably very carefully chosen ones at that), so we're left with several burning questions, especially about how it will work with Windows 8.

What devices will it actually work on? Microsoft says "all your devices." Does that mean all your Windows devices, or are Android and iOS included? (Update: We're hearing now that iOS and Android are included.)

Is it a downloaded app or Web-based? Will SmartGlass be a standalone app or an HTML 5-based Web service? Or some combination of the two depending on what platform you're on? Windows 8 tablets seem to be included, but are Windows RT tablets?… Read more

Microsoft connects Xbox SmartGlass to Windows 8

E3 2012 sees Microsoft in a unique position among the console companies. While Sony may make game consoles, televisions, and laptops, only Microsoft owns both a console ecosystem and major PC operating system. And with Windows 8 only months away, now may be the perfect time to finally draw a solid line connecting the two. But based on what we've seen at the Microsoft E3 press conference, this may not be the year for that.

SmartGlass, the new multi-screen/multi-platform app from Microsoft, is a good start. While SmartGlass will be available on many types of tablets and phones, … Read more

Military wants bulletproof, dimmable windows to protect VIPs

The U.S. Department of Defense has contracted for the development of bullet resistant windows that dim instantly with a touch of a button, providing "on-demand" light control, privacy, and protection from heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays.

GKN Aerospace was awarded the $425,000 contract by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office's VIP Protection Subgroup to incorporate dimmable films with armored glass to provide a "SmartShade" that conceals the location and identity of VIPs traveling in armored vehicles.

The Redditch, U.K.-based company will wed its bullet resistant glazing expertise with a "suspended … Read more