Get the KitKat launcher now

For most, getting your hands on Android 4.4 (KitKat) involves either buying a Nexus 5 or waiting for your carrier to give their blessing on an over-the-air update. Neither option thrills me.

If you're hungry for a taste of KitKat on your existing Android phone, CNET How To covers everything from installing the new keyboard, to faking it with the latest wallpaper art.

For me, though, the most desirable aspect of KitKat is the refined look of the home screen launcher. It's also the fastest way to deceive people into believing you have the real deal.

So … Read more

Take creative photos with the HTC One

One of my favorite features on the HTC One is its camera. Beyond the picture quality, which is great, HTC really went the extra mile to pack in a bunch of cool software extras.

Two of these extras that really caught my eye are called Sequence Shot and Zoe, and you can see them in action in the above video.

Using the Sequence Shot feature allows you to composite multiple images into one picture. The trick to this one is to hold still and fire off a bunch of snapshots by holding down the camera button. This will create a … Read more

Acer eyes Intel-based smartphone

Intel may be in the process of notching another smartphone win.

Acer could join the ranks of Motorola, Orange, Lenovo, Lava, and ZTE to offer a smartphone based on an Intel Atom chip, according to reports Friday appearing in the Asia-based media.

A source familiar with Intel's and Acer's plans confirmed with CNET that there was a good likelihood that an Intel-based Acer phone would appear in Asia, though the timing is unclear.

Reports are saying, in effect, the same thing. "I think there is the chance [of seeing that happen]," Peter Shieh, an Acer vice … Read more

Samsung rolls out wave of new Bada phones

Along with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung trotted out three new Bada smartphones at IFA today, the Samsung Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y.

All three of the handsets will run the Bada 2.0 mobile operating system, which brings new capabilities such as multitasking, voice recognition, NFC support, and Wi-Fi Direct, and uses the TouchWiz interface. The trio will also come with Samsung's App store, and the company's new ChatOn cross-platform instant messaging system.

The Wave 3 is the flagship model, with its 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 1.4GHz processor, … Read more

Nokia unveils N9, sees Windows Phones in 2011


Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that he has increasing confidence the company will ship its first Windows Phones this year, though significant volumes won't come until next year.

"We have shifted our organization," Elop said, speaking at the Nokia Connections event in Singapore. The event was also broadcast over the Internet. "We have a new strategy and we are focused on delivering results."

Elop's comments come three weeks after the company warned that sales and earnings would fall well short of expectations. As he noted when he spoke at our D9 conference earlier this … Read more

FCC approves Motorola Atrix 4G, Samsung Vibrant 4G, more

Mere weeks after the Consumer Electronics Show, it appears that the Motorola Atrix 4G has finally earned its seal of approval from the FCC. The model number is MB860 and yes, it does support UMTS 1900Mhz, which AT&T is calling "4G." Another 4G phone to get stamped by the FCC could be the Samsung Vibrant 4G. The Vibrant's model number is the SGH-T959, while the phone seen here has a very similar model number of SGH-T959V. On a non-4G note, it appears Huawei has also let slip its Ideos X6 on the FCC recently. Looks … Read more

NFL games coming to the iPad...for way too much money

I am a Jets fan. Moreso, I'm an NFL fan. And I'm an owner of an iPhone 3GS and an iPad. Naturally, I'm awaiting this season with the hope that there will be some way to watch games on a mobile device that doesn't involve both DirecTV and the expensive NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Well, I'm out of luck there.

Word has broken on this year's Sunday Ticket To-Go package, a follow-up to last year's Sunday Ticket mobile experience that debuted on the iPhone. Last year's edition was free provided you paid … Read more