WinZip Mac review

WinZip gives you the ability to compress any group of files quickly, and then burn them to a disk or email them directly from the app. Through its intuitive interface, WinZip makes these features accessible to users of all skill levels, and it runs quickly and smoothly.


Excellent interface: Even if you've never used a program like this before, you'll have no problem finding your way around in WinZip. The main screen lays out your options clearly, and to add files to an archive, you can just drag and drop them in. The archive is zipped automatically, … Read more

Apple iPad Mini: The ultimate rumor roundup

Lately there's been no shortage of rumors that Apple's got a smaller iPad on the way. The only problem is that we've heard this song and dance before.

Don't believe us?

CNET has rounded up just about every claim that a smaller iPad is on the way, going back to before the original iPad was announced.

It's a collection we plan to keep lovingly updated, and also one that should serve as a tasty grain of salt to take with any rumors that make their way out in the next few months. (Editors' note: This … Read more

Latest iPad mini rumor puts price at $200 with 8GB storage

A smaller version of the iPad will be less expensive and offer less storage than Apple's full-sized model, but will have the same resolution, according to a new report.

Citing a previously reliable source, iMore today adds to the handful of existing iPad mini rumors, with something a little different.

The outlet says such a device is very much in the works and will come in around the $200 to $250 price range. On the lower end, that's less than half the price of Apple's current entry-level iPad model, and $150 to $200 less than the 16GB … Read more

Windows compression utility made just for Mac

WinZip for Mac brings one of the oldest names in Windows compression utilities to the Mac, and we think they did it right. Featuring a clean Mac-like interface, WinZip for Mac lets you compress and secure your files for both sharing with others while keeping them away from prying eyes. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly add files to an archive, then compress them in the standard .ZIP format or create .ZIPX files--a format WinZip says is its smallest compression format to date. Both worked great on our test machines and the ability to password protect even just … Read more

Amazon's Nook Color killer shipping soon?

There's been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Amazon releasing an Android tablet to take on the iPad. But much less has been said about a smaller tablet, a 7-inch model, that the company has been rumored to have in the works.

Now Taiwan's DigiTimes, which we can't say is terribly reliable, is reporting that Foxconn will deliver the larger 10.1-inch Amazon tablet in early 2012 but that Quanta Computer has already begun shipping a 7-inch model to Amazon.

We've been hearing similar reports on that 7-inch model. A major app and content … Read more

Sonos preps smaller networked speaker, the Play:3

Ever since Sonos released its S5 networked speaker, we've been asking company reps to put out a smaller, less-expensive version that's designed for spots like bathrooms, kitchens, or a bedroom nightstand. Well, it appears we may soon get our wish.

Dave Zatz of spotted the upcoming Sonos product on the FCC Web site, where it's referred to in branding material as the Play:3. In his post Zatz notes that the "3" may refer to the number of drivers in the speaker. The $399 S5 has five while the smaller Play:3 could … Read more

Apple making a shrunken iPhone? That would be tricky

Is there a way to take away features from the iPhone and still make a product people want to buy?

Word is that Apple has already or is currently considering this question. Rumors are swirling that a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone to go on sale later this year.

Should we believe these reports? Probably. The big mobile tech event Mobile World Congress just kicked off in Barcelona. Apple's not there, but the company does make a habit of trying to steal the thunder from big trade shows, like it did when it sent invitations to reporters … Read more

Would you buy a 'cheaper' iPhone? (Poll)

As CNET's David Carnoy reported earlier today, the Wall Street Journal is stoking the rumor-mill fire with news that a smaller, cheaper iPhone could ship as soon as this summer.

My take: so what? Sure, I'd love to see an iPhone that's thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4--but let's not fool ourselves into believing it's going to be cheap.

See, much as I'm a fan of discount tech, the price of the iPhone isn't what bugs me. It's a sweet, sophisticated piece of hardware, well worth a couple hundred bucks.

No, … Read more

Report: Smaller iPhone 'intended' for summer release

After Bloomberg last week reported that Apple was working on a smaller, cheaper iPhone, the Wall Street Journal has added some more details to the rumors, suggesting the new, smaller iPhone could be available as soon as this summer.

According to the report, a person who saw a prototype of the new iPhone said the "device was significantly lighter than the iPhone 4 and had an edge-to-edge screen that could be manipulated by touch, as well as a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation." The source added that the new line of iPhones along with a revamped MobileMe "… Read more

Cell phones from the lesser-knowns

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding blockbuster releases from powerhouse cell phone manufacturers (we mean you, Samsung, LG, and Motorola), it's nice to shine a light on the lesser-knowns.

We've gathered up five phones produced by five different handset-makers and signed by different carriers.

Since all these phones are either entry-level or midrange feature phones, they're worth a look from those of you in search of a device to do what phones do best: make calls and text.

Check out our roundup here.