Review: Pic Slice Free Picture Collage has a lot of tools and a handful of issues

Pic Slice Free Picture Collage has a lot of great features, but is severely bogged down in some cases by a clunky interface and frequent interruptions from ads and other menus. The result is a bittersweet experience that feels as though it could be brilliant if more work were put into the execution of certain functions.

Within 30 seconds of opening Pic Slice for the first time there is a pop-up onscreen asking you to rate the app and then to upgrade. That theme continues throughout your use of the app, with frequent reminders and pop-up ads. Ads will also … Read more

Highly addictive simple-to-learn game

Disclosure up front: we've played and been addicted to Fruit Ninja for a couple of years now! The goal of Fruit Ninja sounds weird: you get a bunch of fruit tossed up on the screen and you have to slice each one in half with a swipe of your finger (which represents a blade). Miss three fruits and you die. Slice a bomb instead of a fruit, and you die. Successfully slice enough fruit and you get one mistake wiped off your record. Very simple. And fiendishly addictive fun.

Fruit Ninja installs quickly. The paid app is very reasonable … Read more

Mash up video clips with effects and music

VJay, from the makers of DJay for iPhone, is mixing software for videos much like a DJ setup, but instead you'll record, mix, and add audio and effects to create cool-looking video mashups.

The interface is sleek-looking and fairly easy to use with a little bit of digging around. It is set up with video screens on the bottom on both sides, then the main viewing window up top. On each side you can touch a button to add a video source and work with playback and loop controls. You also have a button that brings up tools for … Read more

Getting started with Slice for Android

Shopping online has many benefits. You almost never have to worry about how many of an item a specific store has in stock, how bad traffic is at certain times, or having to deal with other shoppers who are angry for whatever reason. It also has its downsides. If you purchase a lot of items online, it can be easy to lose track of what you've purchased, when they're supposed to arrive, or how much they cost. Does this sound like a problem you've encountered before, or are currently encountering? Try out Slice for Android if it … Read more

Cut and slice geometric figures

Cut and Slice is a one-of-a-kind brain teaser that tests both your puzzle-solving prowess and your finger-swiping accuracy. It's free to download in the Android Market and comes with over 100 challenging levels.

Each level of Cut and Slice presents you with a set of geometric figures. Your job is to slice these figures into equal portions using a limited number of finger swipes. For instance, the first level gives you one swipe to cut a square into two equal portions. Pretty simple, right? But on a later level, you might get four swipes to cut an octagon into … Read more

The 404 880: Where we separate the hacks from the cracks (podcast)

If you leave your Facebook logged in on a friend's computer and that person posts an embarrassing photo for all your friends to see, would you say you got hacked?

Today's episode of the podcast takes issue with the misuse of the word "hacked." With news stories about Stuxnet, PlayStation 3, and News of the World throwing around the term with no specific definition, we hope to define exactly what it means to least according to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

First, we'll explore the origins of hacking by breaking the definition down into subcategories like phreaking, cracking, and spoofing. Then we'll tell you why the courts decided that sending out too many e-mails to someone can be considered computer hacking, and we'll introduce the 23-year-old Assistant Commissioner hired by the NYPD to spearhead its new social media unit.

Finally, we close today's show with an exploration into the changing landscape of "Sesame Street," and why some of the LGBT community is pushing Bert and Ernie to finally tie the knot on the air.

The 404 Digest for Episode 880

Stock art meant for news stories about cybercrime. NYPD forms new social media unit to mine Facebook and Twitter for mayhem. Court deems e- mail spam is considered a form of computer hacking. iPad cases made out of Bernie Madoff's auctioned clothing. Slice Harvester shows every pizza spot in NYC on a Google map. Petition asks Bert and Ernie to get married already. Working in an office is bad for your brain.

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Cutting fruit has never been this fun

Fruit Ninja is a simple, but well-made game that challenges you to slice and dice fruit with a ninja sword as it flies onto your Android screen. The controls are extremely simple, requiring you to swipe your finger through a flying fruit as you would slice with a ninja sword. There are three game modes: Classic, Zen, and Arcade. In Classic you're challenged to slice fruit as it flies on screen while avoiding occasional bombs that will end the game immediately or allowing three fruits to drop below the bottom of the screen. In Zen mode you won't … Read more

Breville brings FM radio to your toast

We're not sure if home appliance companies are taking a cue from their multi-purpose cousins in the consumer electronics world, but this is one of the best-looking toasters we've seen.

The Breville 2 Slice Radio Toaster does exactly what it says--it's a toaster and a radio. The two-slot toaster features a retro-looking design as well as a built-in AM and FM radio tuner. While this product does have the makings of a belated April Fools' joke, it does seem to be pretty good at its core competency. The Slice Radio accommodates a variety of bread slices, has the ability to defrost frozen bread, and also boasts a reheat button that warms cold toast without burning it.

The radio, on the other hand, appears to be quite standard with no detailed specifications given. So we have no clue how loud Rick Dees would sound while we wait for breakfast.

If you're interested, the U.K. brand lists several online stores that stock their products on its Web site. Although prices may vary, online retailer Argos sells the Slice Radio for 49.99 pounds ($82).

(Source: Crave Asia via Uncrate) … Read more

Chop like a ninja!

Fruit Ninja HD is a faithful iPad adaptation of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game of the same name. This HD version adds same-device multiplayer and sharper graphics to the original's unique gameplay.

The interface hasn't changed, but the game's goofy and addictive premise--slashing through fast-flying fruit with swiping strokes of a virtual sword--works especially well on the iPad's bigger screen. You can even "go Wolverine" with up to eight-finger multitouch.

The game gives you several options for solo and multiplayer: In single-player, you can play Classic (the game ends when you hit … Read more

CompuLab launches its smallest Nettop PC ever

Known for their small, slim Nettop PCs, the folks at CompuLab have come up with their tiniest and most energy-efficient computer ever.

Powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 ARM-based mobile processor, the new Trim-Slice is 5.1 inches wide, 3.7 inches deep, and just over half an inch tall. And it squeezes a lot into that space.

The Trim-Slice combines its 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor and a GeForce GPU (graphics processing unit) onto a single chip, saving both space and energy. CompuLab says the PC eats up a mere 3 watts of electricity when powered on.

Adding to the mix are 1GB of RAM and a 64GB SATA SSD (solid-state drive) for storage, along with two SD card slots and five USB ports. For connectivity, the slim PC offers built-in gigabit Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth. Positioning the Trim-Slice as a media PC, CompuLab has also outfitted it with both a high-definition HDMI port and a DVI port.… Read more