Star Apps: Aerosmith

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith keep the rock flag flying high. This month the band kicks off the Let Rock Rule tour, with openers Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. I chatted with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton about the tour, the stories behind his most famous contributions, surviving cancer, the importance of staying up-to-date on Twitter and Logic X.

What can you tell us about the Let Rock Rule tour? Having Slash with us has created a synergy where instead of two rock bands, it's gonna be something bigger than that. We feel that it's … Read more

Review: A stylish, fun shooter, Angel Slash harkens back to 90s arcade classics

An exciting side-scrolling shooter for mobile devices, Angel Slash comes with nifty graphics, nearly endless gameplay, and very few drawbacks. It's a great tribute to the old arcade top-scrolling shooter many gamers grew up with. Its snappy performance and controls are wonderful, but the repetitive levels do get a little old after a while.

This game lets you control an angel with the job of shooting down all sorts of nasty-looking demons. As you kill enemies, your weapons get more and more powerful. If things get extra hairy, you can use a special attack to destroy the entire screen. … Read more

Hack and slash through your bank account

Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS|Android) is the latest installment from Gameloft's popular hack-and-slash RPG franchise, and it gets a lot of things right but may discourage some with an aggressive in-app purchase model.

All the right ingredients As hack-and-slash Diablo-like RPGs go, Dungeon Hunter is one of the best franchises in the genre for smartphones. Set in a medieval fantasy setting, you'll be charged with picking from four character classes, then fighting your way through hordes of demons. You can choose from two ranged classes that include a bow-wielding Sentinel or a spell-casting Warmage. On the melee side … Read more

Diablo III free open beta this weekend

Turn off your cell phone and cancel any commitments. The Diablo III open beta weekend begins today.

The beta lasts until 10 a.m. PT Monday, April 23, and will serve as a stress test before the highly anticipated May 15 launch of the influential action role-playing game. Anyone can play the Diablo III open beta weekend by signing up for a free account on and downloading the Diablo III beta PC/Mac client. … Read more

Hack-and-slash excellence

Pocket RPG brings a fun and mindless dual-stick hack-and-slash adventure to the smaller Retina Display on the iPhone.

You start by choosing one of three character classes: Dark Ranger, Blade Master, or Battle Mage, each with a different fighting style and special moves. When you're done choosing according to your playing style, you'll be dropped into the first dungeon and will need to talk to the NPCs scattered about to learn the basics. From there, Pocket RPG is all about mindless hack-and-slash goodness, battling against swarms of enemies, and finding chests full of treasure, weapons, and items. As … Read more

iSlash brings a modern twist to arcade classic Qix

Remember the old coin-op game Qix? Your job was to corral a morphing, moving entity into increasingly smaller areas. If it touched your marker while you were drawing a line, it was game over.

iSlash is a thoroughly modern twist on Qix, one designed with iPhone sensibilities. Each level starts with a uniquely shaped play area. Within that area, several ninja-style stars bounce around unpredictably. Your job: to corral them into increasingly smaller areas.

This is done by slashing away sections of the play area with your finger. If you touch a star mid-slash, it's game over. (Well, not … Read more

Slash Arcade Rocker aims to engage enthusiasts

Mere weeks after the Guitar Hero series finally made its way onto the iPhone, has a fresh competitor for the popular rhythm game. The guitar enthusiast Web site just launched Slash Arcade Rocker, and as the name suggests, the game requires a love for Slash and his music.

As a fan of pretty much any rhythm game on any in-house video game system, I jumped at the chance to try out Slash Arcade Rocker slightly ahead of schedule. Although I haven't had any hands-on time with Guitar Hero for the iPhone, I can say based on the … Read more

Robot synthesizer and touch-screen hack and slash: iPhone apps of the week

I read about a new term today for iPhone application fans that hits a little too close to home. The term is "Appnoxious," and describes iPhone owners who are always whipping out their iPhone to show their friends, family, or coworkers their favorite new app. Ahem.

I apologize to everyone, but I believe I might be just that: Appnoxious. In my defense, it's my job to seek out and find new iPhone apps, so I'm hoping at least some of the people I know will give me a pass? Maybe I should just embrace it...

This … Read more

Virgin Mobile offers first Samsung phone

After hiding out on Virgin Mobile's Web site for more than two weeks, the new Samsung Slash officially joined the carrier's lineup today. The Slash is the first Samsung handset for Virgin Mobile, which has long concentrated on Kyocera and UTStarcom models.

Offered at $79, the Slash has a thin slider design. The functional feature set includes Bluetooth, voice dialing, a speakerphone, messaging, a VGA camera, MP3 ringtones, and a wireless Web browser. We'll have a review model later in the week, so stay tuned for a full report.

Virgin Mobile promises new Samsung handset

For much of its life Virgin Mobile USA has been the exclusive domain of Kyocera and UTStarcom cell phones. Yet that began to change last year when LG offered the new LG Aloha LX140. And now just a couple of weeks after LG added its second Virgin Mobile phone, the LG Flare LX175, it appears Samsung is joining the carrier's family. On its Web site, Virgin Mobile is promising that the Samsung Slash is coming soon. The slider phone sports a slick design and a functional feature set that includes Bluetooth, voice dialing, a speakerphone, messaging, a camera, MP3 … Read more