Microsoft ponders new names for SkyDrive

Microsoft is reportedly trying out potential new names for SkyDrive after losing a legal battle with Sky this past summer, with possible candidates rumored to include NewDrive, BingDrive, and FetchDrive.

Windows blogger Paul Thurrott claims the SkyDrive's new name is NewDrive. LiveSide has reported that the URL pointed to SkyDrive, but the link is now dead.

Before you get too excited, Microsoft has previously used "new" as a placeholder or internal code name: Hotmail was internally dubbed Newmail before it was publicly rechristened Back in July a UK court ruled that the … Read more

The end of an era as Winamp shuts down

CNET Update whips the llama:

In this episode of Update:

- Download Winamp before AOL pulls the plug on the media player next month.

- Rejoice for Windows Phone users as more big-name apps arrive, including Instagram and Waze.

- Keep track of places you want to visit with Pinterest's new Place Pins tool.

- Automatically backup your iPhone or iPad photos to the cloud with the new SkyDrive app.

- Show your hate for Google (huh?) with Microsoft's Scroogled gear.


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Review: Access all your content on any device using SkyDrive

SkyDrive gives you an intuitive way to store your files to the cloud and access them anytime from any other device you may have.

The application's clear and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through the contents of your SkyDrive account. If you don't have an account already, one can be established easily during setup using a valid e-mail address. Using this app you can easily access all your files located on SkyDrive and view recently used and shared documents, all of which open for easy viewing on their own screen. Icons at the bottom of the … Read more

Microsoft ups storage limits for SkyDrive Pro

Microsoft is adding more storage for its Office 365 and SharePoint customers to use with SkyDrive Pro.

SkyDrive Pro, despite its name, is not a variant of SkyDrive. It is designed for business file storage -- either in the cloud (SharePoint Online) or on SharePoint 2013 servers -- which users can access from a variety of devices.

Microsoft announced updates to its SkyDrive Pro capabilities on Tuesday via a new post to the Office 365 technology blog. The changes:

Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB). This is for both new and … Read more

Microsoft relinquishes SkyDrive brand

Microsoft is going to be rebranding SkyDrive, its cloud storage service, following its loss of a trademark battle with British Sky Broadcasting Group over the "Sky" name.

As reported on Wednesday by The Verge's Tom Warren, Microsoft has decided not to appeal its recent loss and is going to rebrand SkyDrive instead of fight for the name.

A joint press release by Microsoft and British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) explained the decision. From that release:

According to the settlement, Microsoft will not pursue its planned appeal of this decision and Sky will allow Microsoft to continue using the … Read more

SkyDrive trademark ruling goes against Microsoft

Microsoft has lost a trademark battle against British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) at the U.K.'s High Court in London, which may force the software giant to change the name of its clouds storage service, or pay fines. 

In a court ruling on June 28, Judge Sarah Asplin found that Microsoft had infringed the "Sky" trademark owned by BSkyB by using the "SkyDrive" name. As a result, the software giant could be barred from using the marketing term for its consumer and enterprise document and photo storage service in the 28 member state bloc.

Another … Read more

Twitter takes on Instagram with filters

Tuesday's CNET Update has no filter:

The CNET 100 has arrived. We've complied 100 of the most influential technology stories, trends, gadgets and people of 2012. A few may surprise you: we ranked the Galaxy S III ahead of the iPhone 5.

Also in today's news roundup:

- Twitter added photo filters in it's latest move against Instagram. But Instagram also updated its app with new camera options.

- Twitter's new profiles will roll out to every user on Wednesday. So if you don't already have a header photo, your icon will just sit … Read more

Microsoft's SkyDrive app comes to Xbox 360

Microsoft is launching a dedicated SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360.

At 10 a.m. PT today, you should expect to see the app appear on your Xbox 360 dashboard. In a blog post, Dan Somrack, program manager for SkyDrive, writes that the new app will link the cloud to your television and Xbox, connecting any file from your Windows desktop, Mac, smartphone, tablet or the Web to your console.

In addition, Windows Phone users can connect their mobile device to their Xbox 360. Images will now automatically sync between both devices, in case you want to show a friend … Read more

Microsoft rolls out Windows 8 app updates ahead of time

Getting ahead of the game, Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 8 built-in app updates. This is weeks before the October 26 official unveiling of Windows 8.

In a blog post today, the software giant listed all of the additions and updates that Windows 8 built-in apps will be getting. Skydrive, mail, messaging, photos, maps, news, travel, weather, and more will get new features and performance and reliability improvements.

Here's more from Microsoft's president of Windows Steven Sinofsky:

We're super excited to be approaching general availability (GA) of Windows 8 and Windows RT. With thousands of new … Read more

Microsoft SkyDrive vs. Google Drive on Android

With Microsoft SkyDrive recently touching down on Google Drive's territory, it's only fitting we take a look at how the two cloud storage and file-syncing Android apps fare against one another. On the one hand, we have Google Drive: the incumbent and the darling of the Android platform. And on the other hand, we have SkyDrive: Microsoft's offering and somewhat unexpectedly, the new kid on the block. Each app has its strengths and weaknesses, and we take a look at how they compare.

Microsoft SkyDrive (free) Similar to Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive lets you store files … Read more