Jewel World Skull Edition review

Jewel World Skull Edition is a new twist on the matching-switching game that lets you create skulls with various powers to help clear the board faster. You can start with either beginner or inferno levels, meaning that experienced game players can jump right into the more challenging boards.

As soon as you download Jewel World Skull Edition, you're ready to start smashing skulls. The interface is intuitive, and it's only possible to play the game in the horizontal position. The basic mechanics are probably familiar to most people, and they include shifting jewels to make a line of … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Happy Friday! Here you'll find a recap of some of the best moments of the week in video format.

Apple finally sent out invites to their October 22nd event in San Francisco and speculation on what will be announced is mounting. Brian Tong breaks down everything you need to know beforehand, including what we expect to see and more in this week's Apple Byte.

For those of you who crave a challenging home project, CNET's How-To expert, Dan Graziano walks you through the entire process of building your own custom computer. But that's not all DIYers! … Read more

Set up an animated talking skull

Halloween geeks typically fall into two camps. There are the costume geeks who go all out with their homemade Boba Fett costumes, and then there are the haunted-house geeks -- the ones figuring out how to rig blacklights for the fake gravestones in the front yard.

I definitely gravitate to the latter group. I'd rather engineer a working killer robot than get dressed up like one. Any other time of the year, an Arduino microcontroller would sit on my desk gathering dust -- but come Halloween, I will put that thing to work.

Last year around this time I … Read more

3D-printed implant replaces 75 percent of patient's skull

Doctors have already replaced a patient's jaw with a 3D-printed titanium implant, so why not part of a skull? Earlier this week, 75 percent of an American patient's skull was surgically replaced with a custom-made implant produced by a 3D printer from Oxford Performance Materials.

The full name of the implant is the OsteoFab Patient Specific Cranial Device. The implant is made from PEKK biomedical polymer and printed using CAD files developed to fit each person. The world of skulls is not one-size-fits-all. Much like an expensive pair of bespoke shoes, these skull implants are unique to the individual.… Read more

Great sling shot games that aren't named Angry Birds

With the incredible success of the original Angry Birds, few iOS gamers were probably surprised that Angry Birds Space would rocket to the top of the iTunes Store's list of paid apps. I've been playing the game quite a lot over the past 24 hours, and though I've noticed some bugs (kill all pigs with one bird to get one star, anyone?), the new gravity fields, interesting levels, and new bird types definitely add something new to the game.

Angry birds isn't the only game in this genre, however. When Angry Birds took off at the iTunes App Store, several developers came out with their own version of the sling-shot game mechanic and many brought new elements to add to the fun.

This week's collection of iOS apps are all Angry Birds-like destruction games, but each have an interesting twist on the original game mechanic. The first offers a heavy metal theme as you smash monster trucks into structures. The second lets you blast ragdolls through intricate levels towards a target. The third mixes game genres to add liquid physics into the equation making for unique challenges.… Read more

MinuSkull speakers add some creepiness to your audio

Strangely shaped speakers aren't exactly the most outrageous things we've encountered.

Speaker drivers can be built into almost anything, with results ranging from the cute and gimmicky iPig iPod dock to high-end horn speakers shaped like butterflies. Now, we have the MinuSkull, a dual-driver-powered speaker that's shaped like a more angular human skull.

With a distinctive design, the MinuSkull is the handiwork of French design company Kuntzel+Degas, which is made up of artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivie. The speaker is self-powered with a built-in 50W RMS amplifier and weighs less than 11 pounds. … Read more

Ruffian Skull Earphones want to eat your baby

In the case of Subjekt's Ruffian Skull Earphones, I'm fairly convinced that you will find this slideshow more than satisfactory to quench your curiosity about these scary looking 'buds. But beyond being absolutely metal to the core (in more ways than one), these intense-looking headphones actually have some other merits that certain people might find appealing. Namely: they don't sound half bad! And at $59.99, these unique 'buds won't break the bank either. Mosey on through the slideshow for more details, including information on fit, design, and audio quality.

Gadgettes 146: The Hot Topic Episode

Two months worth of Twilight talk has resulted in this homage that we lovingly refer to as "goth-lite." Take a walk on the dark side with the Gadgettes and special guest Natali Del Conte.

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SkullyBoom has its eye on you

If you've been looking for a speaker that accurately mimics the look of Hello Kitty's decapitated skull, the SkullyBoom SB1 ($60) should be right up your alley. The grim, little speaker box uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery to power a single 2-inch speaker, all packed inside a cartoonish, vinyl skull.

But you'll need to wait until June 2010 before getting your hands on one. As the first product out of the Delicious Drips boutique, the company is gearing up for production and currently accepting preorders.

If you're short on patience and desperately need a SkullyBoom, … Read more

Where Jeff isn't man enough to be in our presence after his Valentine's shenanigans


With Jeff Bakalar on Valentine's Day workout recovery, Dan Frommer of Silicon Alley Insider fame joins us in studio to talk about Microsoft's after school special program to stop kids from pirating, the Xbox 360's high failure rate, plus Indiana Jones 4's trailer hits the Interwebs, and please...oh please for the love of not see Jumper.

Listen now: Download today's podcast