Skateboarding 3D Free Games review

Skateboarding 3D Free Games isn't a bad skating game by any means; it's just not better than the free skateboarding games you could play. It's too limited by a lack of moves and somewhat blocky graphics. The lack of missions and objectives severely limits the game's replay value, as well.

This game drops you into one of several environments, so you can skate around freely. If you don't buy the full version of the game, you can only use one player in one environment for 30 seconds before the game shuts you down. You can … Read more

Grind this: Onewheel electric skateboard balances itself

Electric skateboards have been the subject of quite a bit of effort in the last few years as inventions aimed to go offroad or up hills with an electric assist. Those boards have something in common: four wheels. The Onewheel on Kickstarter ditches three of those extraneous round things and just slaps one big wheel in the middle of the board.

You may not be able to pull off a McTwist with the Onewheel, but it does have certain advantages over a more standard design. Riding it offers more of a surfing or snowboarding sensation. It has a much shorter learning curve than a regular skateboard, thanks to the fat center wheel and self-balancing features.… Read more

Security camera captures decidedly low-tech Target 'hack'

People are finding ever more inventive ways of taking things that aren't theirs.

Just look at how tech companies purloin your personal details and make hay and cash with them.

Yet even at the most micro level, thieves clearly spend cogitative hours wondering how they might scoot with loot.

Surveillance footage from a Target store in Clearwater, Fla., appears to show one such imaginative man.

It depicts the hoodied male walking into the store holding a skateboard. His shopping for a 32-inch Element LCD TV doesn't appear to include an intention to pay.

As the Smoking Gun reports, … Read more

Crave Ep. 147: 3D-print yourself with Shapify

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This week on Crave, we check out the latest in robot cattle technology, so giddy up! Learn how to 3D print your very own selfie action figure with, and the Nintendo cartridge flask gives new meaning to "drinking game." Read more

Go offroad on Altered's V3 Dual-Sport electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are nothing new, and those that go offroad have been around for years.

But here's one that can transition from street to mountain path in under two minutes by swapping out the wheels.

Altered Electric Skateboards' Pro-Line V3 Dual Sport is designed to let you switch from street trucks to offroad trucks in about 90 seconds, according to its Kickstarter campaign. … Read more

Need a skateboard? This designer prints 'em

Life isn't quite at the point where it's completely practical to get whatever you want from a 3D printer. But if it were, I sure would be keen to give designer Sam Abbott's artsy skateboard a brief spin.

From afar, the 3D-printed, twin-lipped skateboard may appear to sport an unusual texture, but it's actually a crazy collage of wacky creatures adorning the backside. A white version of the board, printed up by 3D Print UK, celebrates Abbott's recent win in a competition hosted by the company and 3D model archive CG Trader. The impressive deck measures 30.5 inches wide, 6.8 inches deep, and about 2 inches high.… Read more

Take creative photos with the HTC One

One of my favorite features on the HTC One is its camera. Beyond the picture quality, which is great, HTC really went the extra mile to pack in a bunch of cool software extras.

Two of these extras that really caught my eye are called Sequence Shot and Zoe, and you can see them in action in the above video.

Using the Sequence Shot feature allows you to composite multiple images into one picture. The trick to this one is to hold still and fire off a bunch of snapshots by holding down the camera button. This will create a … Read more

Grind and ollie on your smartphone with Boardtastic Skateboarding

The Tony Hawk series has been a perennial favorite of console gamers, but it's not readily available on Android devices. You can have an almost identical experience with Boardtastic Skateboarding, though. It has all the physics-defying moves, gorgeous skating environments, and customization of console games in a free app.

If nothing else, Boardtastic Skateboarding offers some of the most superb graphics you'll find in mobile gaming. It easily rivals PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo Wii. It is also just as easy to control your skater as it is on a console. The app lets you perform dozens of … Read more

Boosted Boards: Electric skateboard carries you up hills

Boosted Boards is promoting its electric-powered skateboard as the world's lightest electric vehicle. The Kickstarter project packs 2.6 horsepower onto a 12-pound longboard.

The skateboard is powered by lithium batteries, giving the rider up to 6 miles of range. It takes two hours to fully recharge the batteries and manages a top speed of 20mph. Regenerative braking helps the battery along when you're riding.

The skateboard works with a handheld remote control with a throttle, brake, and battery gauge. The remote is designed to tuck a finger through so you can hang onto it even while doing ollies.… Read more

Get rolling on a glow-in-the-dark skateboard park

I haven't tried doing an ollie on a skateboard in years, but this skate park in France looks like one of my teenage dreams.

Korean artist Koo Jeong-a has created a glowing collection of tunnels, ramps, and bowls that looks somewhat like a Tatooine ranch at night and reduces the need for harsh lighting.

The Otro park is fashioned of phosphorescent concrete. … Read more