Pet sitting site DogVacay fetches $6 million more in funding

DogVacay, the site that matches people who need a dog sitter with people who are interested in caring for dogs in their homes, is growing faster than a kibble-guzzling puppy.

The company, which launched in March and has about 8,000 hosts signed up on its network, recently hit $1 million in payments to its hosts. It's just received a $6 million investment from Benchmark Capital, co-founder and CEO Aaron Hirschhorn revealed today.

The site, which acts like an Airbnb for dogs, offers an affordable -- and more social -- alternative to kennels for dog owners, while giving hosts … Read more

The 404 1,038: Where you're going to want to sit down for this (podcast)

Crusty Craigslist may finally be getting an update based on this job listing for a senior user-interface engineer, so Jeff and I are brainstorming the features we think Craig should incorporate in CL2.0.

Jeff likes to indulge in the art of self-reflection, and a friendly chat about Blu-ray discs this weekend inspires him to question the value of physical discs and their jewel cases. On that note, what is the best way to display a collection? Is it on...what are they called again? Oh yeah, towers? A discussion on subtle self-promotion follows.… Read more

The 404 325: Where we can 'feel it calling in the air tonight'

It's just the three of us today, but that's when we have the best shows. Before we get into stories, please be sure to check out the preshow some time at or During the weekdays, around 11 a.m. EST, Jeff, Justin, and Wilson spend about 20 minutes goofing off, and it becomes a riot.

Today's show is jam packed with stories. First, Pizza Hut is trying to hire an intern, who's only job is to Twitter for the company. We think they should have advertised this yesterday on 4/20. So-called "beer googles" don't really exist, according to scientists. We never believed they did either. We just think that it makes most guys say, "Why not?" Last story for the first half is the release of the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX. It's no longer a brick. Justin is still intent, though, on keeping his iPhone since Hulu announced it would release an app.

Second half of the show, we've got Tuna Tuesday again! This time from Amsterdam! Also, the press seems to hate "Sit Down, Shut Up." Jeff and Wilson aren't big fans of the pilot, either, from "Arrested Development" creator Mitchell Hurwitz. Further along, we find out there's a Lego Rock Band game and a DJ Hero game! Finally, vote for CNET TV for the People's Choice Award at the 2009 Webby Awards. Our jobs depend on it... not really, but it would be nice to play dress up.

Follow us on the Twitter at @the404, and send us your comments. We listen. We promise.

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SitOrSquat tells you where to go (literally)

SitOrSquat is a handy service that helps you find the nearest public bathroom. Unlike MizPee, which has been doing this since October of last year, SitOrSquat has gotten its act together enough to put out two great apps for iPhones and Blackberry phones. The key benefit of these being the inclusion of GPS, which narrows down where you are with just one click. If you're in a hurry--which is inevitable when using a service like this, this feature is immensely helpful.

In addition to its GPS locating, the mobile application lets you take photos of the facilities from your … Read more

Where all you gotta do is call Randall to get on


Wesley Faulkner from AMD joins us on the show to talk about AMD Live, how masturbation prevents cancer, and why nobody buys music any more. All that and more on everyone's favorite irrelevant podcast.

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Massage chairs for the pool

We'll leave those motorized "Bumper Boats" to the kids. As far as we're concerned, Astone's "Sit N Joy" is the only way to enjoy the water.

This is no ordinary inflatable float, mind you. It's a buoyant multimedia massage chair with integrated speakers that can be connected to a media player stowed safely inside a watertight compartment in one of the armrests. (The chair's remote controls are built into the other arm.)

In fact, Astone says it's comfortable enough to be used outside the pool as well. We're wondering … Read more

The shoe phone lives!

Maxwell Smart would be so proud. While we've seen other high-tech uses for footwear, most notably GPS devices, what we've really craved is an authentic shoe phone.

So even though we'd prefer that it come in the form of an oxford or loafer, we'd be happy to have a tennis shoe version like this Sports Illustrated collectible found by Red Ferret. Unfortunately, it's corded, which would definitely put a crimp in our sit-com spying missions. But for top-secret conversations in person, we at least have the "Cone of Silence."

CelluBike for your 'problem areas'

Another high school reunion is just around the corner. After the last one, you vowed to do whatever it takes to rid your body of the scourge of modern physiology: cellulite. Desperate times call for desperate measures--so enter the "CelluBike."

We honestly have no idea what to make of this monstrosity. It looks like some kind of futuristic flight simulator or MRI chamber. As we understand it, you peddle the bicycle while a "certified technician" points a bunch of infrared lights at your "problem areas." Then, according to its Web site, thermal energy "… Read more