7-foot-tall hedgehog piques 'Natural Curiosities'

If Sonic is the first name that pops into your head when hearing the word "hedgehog," British naturalist Sir David Attenborough wants to change your perceptions about the prickly creature.

A life-like hedgehog statue, measuring 7 feet tall and 12 feet long, covered in coconut fiber and over 2,000 wood spikes, was unveiled on Clapham Common in London to launch Attenborough's new nature series, "Natural Curiosities" on UKTV this week.

"Natural Curiosities is a really unusual series so we thought the best way to mark it was by doing something quite surprising," … Read more

One-eyed Sir Stuffington becomes new Internet cat star

Move over, Grumpy Cat. A new hip cat's poised to take over the Internet. Meet Sir Stuffington, a tremendously cute rescue kitten with more Facebook "Likes" than the average local business.

With more than 28,000 "Likes" and counting, the 6-week-old Sir Stuffington recently went viral due to a cheeky picture of the one-eyed feline wearing pirate garb complete with red bandana, eye patch, and an unforgettable sneer. … Read more

Dyson accuses Samsung of ripping off its vacuum cleaners

You can understand it when two such vast entities as Apple and Samsung start fighting, they'll fight over anything and everything.

However, now it seems that Samsung has annoyed that nice Englishman who makes extremely clever vacuum cleaners.

That large sucking sound you're hearing is the sound of Sir James Dyson wanting to breathe fire at Samsung for allegedly taking advantage of one of his patents.

As the BBC reports, Dyson took one look at Samsung's new Motion Sync vacuum cleaner and exclaimed: "Goodness me, that's my steering mechanism for cylinder cleaners!"

"It … Read more

Dolly the Sheep cloner considers re-creating woolly mammoth

We're soon going to be able to live forever.

One resuscitation expert offered recently that death will be reversible.

So the distinctions between the past and present, between history and dreaming, may blur considerably.

It was delightful, therefore, to read Wednesday morning that a world-famous scientist is musing about re-creating a woolly mammoth.

The Guardian explains how the very same scientist who cloned Dolly the Sheep is now considering bigger fish, as it were.

Stem-cell scientist Sir Ian Wilmut (make a sheep and you become a "Sir") has begun to muse on the possibilities of taking centuries-old … Read more

A soccer brawl, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

No one has done as much to bring the natural world to mainstream human understanding as Sir David Attenborough. The 87-year-old presenter has been creating his documentaries since 1954, and has traveled the world to capture footage of never-before-seen plant and animal behavior.

There's also just something comforting about him -- his infectious enthusiasm and non-judgmental eye, coupled with a voice like a warm duvet. As soon as you hear him speak, you know you're going to be learning something, and that it's going to be fun and interesting.

But he hasn't done much on human behavior, possibly because he thinks we're not as interesting. Earlier this year, he declared humanity a plague on the Earth. But what if he did? … Read more

The 404 1,257: Where we're blank on the inside (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Virgin America flights allow mile-high flirting.

- Nintendo: Don't expect a big event at E3 this year.

- Next Xbox: Microsoft sets big reveal for May 21.

- Wii outsells Wii U.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1490: Generate odor at will (Podcast)

CNET's Declan McCullagh reports that Google's access point sniffing ways may also be slurping up Mac address information on mobile phones and laptops ... and can be used to track your information. This is sewious. Also, Pandora's IPO is bubblicious, we go deep inside the psychology of Apple's retail experience, and smell-o-vision coming to a TV near you. Geez, Tong, what are you eating!?

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The 404 786: Where we would really appreciate the tour (podcast)

The 404 Digest for Episode 786

Jeff spent all weekend making socially awkward penguin memes. A picture tour of the CNET office. Everything you need to know about Firefox 4. Setting the record straight costs celebrities $1,000 a year. European Union proposes legislation for "right to be forgotten." New app shields you from annoying celebrity news.

Morgan Freeman gaming box art from Eddy and Jason. The Oatmeal comic submissions by Justin, Attariq, and Cameron (pictured).

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Richard Branson's quest for shiny iPad stardom

NEW YORK--There must be something squirreled away in the human brain that is hard-wired to go absolutely bonkers at the sight of anything that's shiny, slick, and begging to be touched. That, after all, is how Apple CEO Steve Jobs sells products.

But an iPad is only as good as the things you can do on it, and in this sense the device is implicitly a bit of a challenge, an Everest to climb or an English Channel to swim, for developers and entrepreneurs: What can you do on this? How can you take advantage of the features it … Read more

Last Halo 2 player finally leaves Xbox Live

And then there were none.

After weeks of showing the world just how much playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live meant to them, a group of hard-core Master Chief devotees who just couldn't let go of the multiplayer version of their beloved game has given up the ghost.

On April 15, Microsoft turned off access to Xbox Live to anyone using an original Xbox. But those who had managed to not log out of Halo 2 were able to continue playing--and won the respect of Xbox Live management, and the attention of the world.

By April 30, there were … Read more