Former Microsoft exec Sinofsky joins Box as adviser

It's a busy week for former Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky when it comes to startups.

Earlier this week he joined the board of a vehicle analytics and logistics company Local Motion, and now he's signed on as an adviser with Box, the cloud storage service.

Box announced the news on Thursday, saying Sinofsky -- who spent more than 20 years at Microsoft, and at one point ran the company's SkyDrive service -- would help with future product plans.

"He's seen firsthand where the market has been, and more importantly, he understands where the industry … Read more

Cloud car startup snags $6M, ex-Microsoft exec Sinofsky

Silicon Valley startup Local Motion has picked up $6 million in funding, as well as a new board member in former Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky.

The company, which makes hardware and cloud services to control access and track the activity of vehicles, announced $6 million in series A funding on Wednesday. The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz, and Sinofsky, who joined the venture capital firm as a board partner last week.

Local Motion plans to use the funding to expand its team, co-founder Clement Gires told CNET. It needs to hire more electrical engineers, as well as firmware developers … Read more

Ex-Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky joins VC firm

Steven Sinofsky has found yet another gig following his departure last year from Microsoft.

Sinofsky revealed in a blog post on Thursday that he'll join venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz as a board member. The former Windows president explained that he'll represent Andreessen Horowitz on the boards of portfolio companies as opportunities arise but won't be a full-time board partner.

In his blog, Sinofsky admitted that he's relatively new to world of venture capital and has a lot of learning ahead of him. So, why join the firm?

"Andreessen Horowitz is a VC firm that believes … Read more

Former Windows chief illustrates Microsoft's mobile app dilemma

Getting tens of thousands of app developers to focus on anything other than iOS or Android at this point is a significant challenge, according to former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky. In a recent blog post, he wrote:

Today app developers generally write apps targeting several of the mobile platforms. If you look at number of "sockets" over the past couple of years there was an early dominance of iOS followed by a large growth of Android. Several other platforms currently compete for the next round of attention. Based on apps in respective app stores these are two leaders … Read more

Microsoft, Sinofsky agree on 'retirement' terms

Microsoft and its former Windows president, Steven Sinofsky, have come to terms over Sinofsky's November 12, 2012, resignation from the company.

A Securities and Exchange Commission filing published June 3 and dated June 25 offers details about the "retirement agreement" between the two parties.

Sinofsky, who left Microsoft abruptly after the Windows 8 launch last year, will be freed from his noncompete clause as of December 31, 2013, after which time he will be free to work for a Microsoft competitor. Up until that date, Sinofsky has agreed not to disparage Microsoft; not to advocate that certain … Read more

Former Windows boss Sinofsky happy with Windows 8 sales

To hear former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky tell it, Windows 8 is doing just fine, despite analyst reports that PC sales have declined, in part, because of tepid consumer interest in the 7-month-old operating system.

"It's hard for me to look at selling 100 million of something and not be happy," Sinofsky said at the D11 conference Thursday, according to AllThingsD's live blog of his conversation. (Microsoft said earlier this month it had sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses in the six months since Win 8's introduction.)

Asked why those Windows 8 sales haven't … Read more

Meet the (wo)men who could be named Intel's next CEO

In a few short months, Intel will have a new CEO. Who that person will be remains a mystery, but he (or she) is sure to have a big role in shaping the future of the company and the broader technology industry.

Since Intel sure isn't talking (a spokesman simply said the search is ongoing and thorough and that Intel hopes to have a replacement by the time CEO Paul Otellini retires in May), CNET decided to list a few candidates whose names are mentioned on Wall Street and around the Intel water cooler. Keep in mind that our … Read more

Former Windows chief Sinofsky pens new blog

Less than two months after his high-profile exit from Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky looks to be staying in the tech dialog.

The former Microsoft Windows president is penning a new blog that he launched today called "Learning by Shipping." Sinofsky writes that the aim of his blog is to offer thoughts and perspectives on product development and management.

While working for Microsoft, Sinofsky wrote extensively for the company's Intranet about several of its major products, such as Windows, Internet Explorer, and Bing, as "an effort modernize the communication channels."

Here's some of his first blog post: … Read more

Former Windows boss lands teaching gig at Harvard

Steven Sinofsky, who recently left Microsoft after running the Windows division for six years, tweeted this morning that he will teach at Harvard Business School this spring.

"Excited to return to @HarvardHBS to teach again this spring!" Sinofsky wrote. "New perspectives, recharge, share experiences, write."

In response to a question on Twitter, Sinofsky said he intends to teach "product development" as well as write articles about the topic.

Sinofsky has some history at Harvard Business School. He served as a "visiting scholar" there in 1998. He also co-authored a book on organizational … Read more

Steven Sinofsky

Windows 8 was the crowning achievement in a distinguished career of shipping quality products for Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky. That's why his exit from Microsoft just weeks after the Windows 8 launch seemed so surprising.

But Sinofsky, a strong-willed executive with a reputation for butting heads with those in other divisions, had even been battling with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The company's senior leaders were increasingly concerned about Sinofsky's ability to collaborate with other groups at a time when Microsoft needs more cross-product synergy to better compete against Apple and Google. So once Windows 8 shipped, Sinofsky … Read more