How super is the Neato XV-21 robot vacuum?

It's no secret that we're big fans of what Neato Robotics is doing in the world of vacuums. Last year, the XV Signature Pro was one of the big standouts among all the appliances that we tested, offering Roomba-level cleaning power at a fraction of the cost. Last month, we took a look at the XV Essential, which offers a similar level of performance at an even lower price point.

Now, we're taking a look back at the XV-21, a Neato robot vacuum released in 2012 which promises to do a superior job at picking up pet … Read more

WiFi heated floor control with NuHeat Signature

NuHeat has long been a respected name in radiant floor heating systems, but at its 2014 CES press conference, it announced plans to expand into tech with the Nuheat Signature, a Wi-Fi floor heating thermostat.

Using a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android devices, Signature will let you remotely control and monitor your heated floor. In addition to changing the floor temperature or heating schedule, you’ll also be able to view your energy usage. The Signature is suitable for use with heaters under stone or tile floors as well as laminate and engineered wood flooring, for which … Read more

Get the dirt on this new robot vac

Much like Dyson brand vacuums, I had heard my fair share of iRobot hype before I began testing the Roomba 880. I even had visions of following in Tom Haverford's footsteps and building a "DJ Roomba" of my very own. Sadly, my dreams of channeling "Parks and Recreation" were dashed when I unboxed it and began testing instead. Fortunately, though, what I discovered was a clever little robot vacuum that came in first or second place in every single performance category.

The Roomba 880 is a new model for iRobot and the very first 800-series … Read more

Review: Add a customized signature line to your Web-based e-mails with WiseStamp

Customize your signature line with WiseStamp Email Signatures, a Firefox plug-in that creates professional looking results with a streamlined interface.

WiseStamp Email Signatures is an Internet Explorer and Firefox extension. You'll notice an icon as soon as you log in to your Web-based account like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. But first, you'll need to get your e-mail address set up. From LinkedIn to Twitter, you can quickly enter your links and add them to your signature line. In fact, this plug-in seems to have all of the bases covered when it comes to how to contact you, follow … Read more

Shovels sharpened for Google's flight terminal

Plans to break ground on a massive, $82 million private jet terminal at Mineta San Jose International Airport that's expected to host Google's planes will get under way in January.

Signature Flight Support, a fixed-base operator that provides services such as plane fuel and aircraft maintenance and is building the terminal, has subleased much of the space to Blue City Holdings, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company that runs aircraft for Google's executives.

The terminal apparently will dedicate five of its seven wings to Google, which means that other companies will have some kind of limited access. … Read more

Neato XV Signature Pro punches above its weight

When people think about robot vacuums, the first word that probably comes to mind is "Roomba," the signature offering from Massachusetts manufacturer iRobot. Take a look at today's market, though, and you'll find a variety of robot vacuums to choose from, all of which would love to make a run at the Roomba's robo-reign over the living room. One particularly worthy competitor is the Neato XV Signature Pro, the latest model from a smallish, California-based manufacturer called Neato Robotics.

The first, most obvious contrast between the Neato and other robot vacuums we reviewed is the … Read more

LG's high-priced Hom-Bot Square vacuum

LG's newest robot vacuum, the Hom-Bot Square (pronounced "Home Bot"), sets itself apart from the competition by offering a wide array of customizable cleaning modes designed to put you in control of the cleaning process. Like most robot vacuums, you can set it and forget it if you like, letting it run automatically on the default settings. To really get the most out of it, you'll want to experiment with the different cleaning modes. This isn't to say that the Hom-Bot is high-maintenance, but it's definitely better suited for users who want to take … Read more

A new way to predict breast cancer survival

A researcher who used to work in digital television has just led a team of Columbia University engineers to win the Sage Bionetworks / DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge.

Dimitris Anastassiou, who is now a systems biologist (meaning he investigates interactions within biological systems), reports in the April 17 issue of Science Translational Medicine that his team's winning computation model is extremely predictive of breast cancer survival.

Before the challenge, Anastassiou and his team identified what they call "attractor metagenes," which are genetic signatures expressed in almost the exact same way across many types of cancer. Their new … Read more

How to edit an e-mail signature on BlackBerry 10

One of the first things I do after setting up a new device is to change the default e-mail signature. The default signature on new devices is usually a free advertisement for your carrier, device manufacturer, or both.

The default signature on a BlackBerry 10 device is "Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone."

See what I mean? Free advertising.

Shortly after setting up my Z10 I sought out to change the e-mail signature. I looked in the Accounts section of the Settings app to no avail. I dug through other sections in the Settings app, even went into … Read more

The 404 1,224: Where we get in bed with the Sleep Doctor (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Let's talk about Modafinil, the sleep-aid "smart drug" that inspired the movie "Limitless."

- Daylight saving time may cost America $434 million from lost sleep.

- Study: Women more affected by sleep deprivation.

- Sleeping stoned, the debate rolls on.

- We didn't answer your question? Sorry, there's only so much time in an episode, but why not follow Dr. Breus on Twitter and ask him yourself?

- Check out more information on Dr. Breus's exclusive line of signature mattresses on his Web site. Don't forget to sign up for his newsletter too!… Read more