Star Apps: Richard Edwards from Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's frontman Richard Edwards speaks like he sings, calmly and deliberately. The band, from Chicago and Indianapolis and named after a Wes Anderson character, has released its sixth album, "Sling Shot to Heaven." The 13 tranquil tracks are highlighted by Edward's soothing finger-picking and hypnotic, Chris Martin-esque vocals. I chatted with Richard Edwards about the new album, the "Lazy" single, social media, and his favorite apps.

It's common knowledge that you named the band after the Gwyneth Paltrow character in "The Royal Tenenbaums." Are you … Read more

Shiny Shots review

Shiny Shots lets you browse photo albums put together by "Palm Beach Daily News" photographers documenting society events and news. Whether you're looking for yourself or seeking out old friends, this app is a fun way to see what's been happening and who's been attending local events.

This app has an intuitive interface, with options across the bottom of the screen for recent additions, popular albums, categories, and social integration. The albums that you can view are displayed as thumbnails with a brief description of the event they document below a photo. Tapping on any … Read more

Not a flu shot fan? Here's a vaccine patch you give yourself

There are many reasons the influenza vaccination rate is well below 50 percent for most age groups in the U.S. Some people are against vaccinations altogether, others believe that getting the flu is no big deal, some are afraid of needles, others don't have the money, and some simply don't get around to scheduling and making the trip to the doc's office.

But a new study finding that people are actually quite good at self-administering painless microneedle flu vaccine patches hints at a future where at least some of these problems simply disappear altogether.

"Our … Read more

Tin Shot review

Tin Shot contains several variations of the classic knock down the can game that you often find at festivals and other events. You can choose one of the seven available variants, and hone your skills at knocking an ever-changing pile of cans down with one throw.

As soon as you open this app, you can get right into playing. The first game that shows up is the classic setup that includes an assortment of cans stacked on a counter. You have a ball in front of you, and you can throw it by tapping the ball and then tapping where … Read more

Text messages boost flu vaccine rates in pregnant women

For most of us, getting the flu is a pain. We feel bad, we miss work, then we move on with our lives. But for some, the flu is deadly -- and symptoms tend to be most severe in kids younger than 2.

So researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health set out to determine whether text-messaging pregnant women reminders to get the seasonal flu shot would provide a boost in adherence rates. Turns out it does, at least among "urban, low-income" pregnant women.

Reporting in a special issue of the American Journal of Public HealthRead more

Canon goes after mobile photographers with PowerShot SX600 HS, Elph 340 HS

The PowerShot SX600 HS continues Canon's push to give you the point-and-shoot features you want with the ease and sharing capabilities of smartphone photography.

The ultracompact $249.99 camera has an 18x f3.8-6.9 25-450mm lens and a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. But, unlike Canon's other SX models, the SX600 HS is all about automatic shooting, so you won't find manual shooting modes for controlling shutter speed and aperture.

What you do get is a revamped version of the Creative Shot mode that appeared first on last year's supersmall PowerShot N. Snap a picture of … Read more

Review: Photo Shots adds third-party integration to a basic photo filtering app

Photo Shots offers a fairly standard array of filters but a large number of options for sharing to third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, and even Dropbox. This third-party integration is extensive for a free photo app and it can be useful for those that want to share a single photo across your entire social spectrum with a few quick taps. For that reason, it can be a useful app, though the editing and filtering options are limited.

When you open Photo Shots you can start editing images immediately. A stock photo will be onscreen, but you can replace it by … Read more

Shots of Me promotes selfie-sharing -- and Justin Bieber

An iPhone app backed by the king of self-promotion is all about -- you guessed it -- self-promotion.

Tuesday, Shots of Me launched on the iPhone as a simple way to let youngsters share smartphone self-portraits -- aka selfies -- sans comments.

In other words, it's Frontback without the back or Daily Booth for a mobile generation. Other than share selfies, users can browse a feed of friends' selfies, find and follow their Twitter friends, "like" photos with a double tap (just like on Instagram), and send private messages.

Rudimentary though the app may be, Shots of … Read more

Review: FavoShots is a slick, easy-to-use photo organization tool for your iPhone

FavoShots combines the many disparate elements of photo organization apps on the App Store into a single streamlined, easy-to-use interface that every iPhone user can benefit from. This free app will help you create new folders and subfolders to organize your photographs while jamming a number of useful features into a screen that looks and handles smoothly at all times.

The app starts with a multislide tutorial, walking you through how to use the app. There are a lot of slides and it might feel overwhelming because almost any gesture you can think of will perform an action in the … Read more

Google works to demote mug shot sites in search results

Getting arrested is usually an unpleasant occurrence most people would probably just like to forget. Changes Google is making could help them do that.

Even after criminal cases have been resolved, the uncomfortable memory of that event lingers, quite publicly, thanks to for-profit Web sites that repost mug shots obtained from local law enforcement agencies. While this certainly sounds like a service that would benefit the public -- especially in the case of repeat offenders of serious crimes -- remnants of less-serious run-ins with the police can often haunt people for years -- regardless of guilt -- resulting in lost … Read more