Bubble Shoot Legend review

Bubble Shoot Legend combines two of our favorite arcade game schemes, shooting stuff and popping bubbles, in one free Android game. Grouping three or more bubbles of the same color causes them to drop, and the bubbles behind them, too, which occasionally leads to a chain reaction and big score. If you don't drop enough bubbles before the descending mass hits bottom, you lose the round.


Fast and fun: You can shift the color of the shooting bubble; the quicker you recognize the color change, the quicker you can target bubbles.

Bank shots: You can (and sometimes must) … Read more

GO Shoot! review

GO Shoot! is a compendium of photography resources presented in one attractive, accessible app. If you're a photo geek of any sort, from new hobbyist to professional, this is an app you'll want to check out.


Variety: GO Shoot! combines all kinds of photography content in one place; there's something here for everyone, whether you like looking at cool photos, staying up to date on the latest gear, or reading about tips to improve your photography. The app includes access to photos of the day from a variety of sources and links to popular Web sites, … Read more

Long-range smart rifles now come in semi-automatic

What type of computerized rifle could make it even easier for novice shooters to hit targets several football fields away? A semi-automatic rifle that does the same thing.

Texas-based startup Tracking Point debuted its newest series of rifles this week and these guns are capable of shooting high-velocity rounds at distances of up to 500 yards, or five football fields. Dubbed the 500 Series ARs, these weapons are offered in 7.62, .300 BLK, and 5.56 calibers. They come with a high-powered digital scope with LCD display, laser range finder, and Wi-Fi.

What's different about these guns from … Read more

Review: Sharpen up your shooting skills in Extreme Shooting Adventure

Extreme Shooting Adventure isn't very challenging or innovative, but it is a relatively fun shooter. There is enough here to please most gun fans -- even if the game is really repetitive. If you like neverending shooting games, this one is worth playing.

This game gives you unlimited ammo to shoot down bottles, explosives, munitions crates, and more across a seemingly endless number of levels. You don't get to choose your weapon or choose the level you want to start with, though. Instead, the game starts you at the beginning and advances you to the next level the … Read more

XCAR Awards 2013: Best Shoot

There are a huge number of factors beyond your control when filming cars. Not only have we had our fair share of horrendous conditions, there have been those days when everything went perfectly, as if some benevolent figure was smiling down on us from above.

Like the Rolls-Royce Corniche. Shooting in London at night can be magical enough, but add a 1973 luxury convertible on a perfectly still evening, and you have quite the magic mix.

Or the Jaguar XKR-S, shot in Wales on a bitterly cold yet perfectly clear morning, stunning light combined with that car made for quite … Read more

Can Silicon Valley innovate its way to a gun violence solution?

On the evening of December 14, 2012, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jim Pitkow attended a holiday party hosted by influential angel investor Ron Conway. That morning, the horrific events that left 26 dead had unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. And as it happened, Conway's guest of honor at the party was former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, herself a victim of a shooting in which she sustained serious injuries.

"When Gabby walked in, everyone was surprised and amazed, and a quietness descended on the room," recollected Pitkow, noting that Conway called for a moment of silence. &… Read more

Cell phone takes bullet for gas station clerk

Engineers delight in putting pens in their shirt pockets.

For gas station clerks, however, the location of your cell phone in your shirt pocket could save your life.

This seemed to be the case at a Winter Garden, Fla., Hess gas station, which was subject to a holdup.

As WFTV reports it, a man walked in, demanded the safe be opened, and brandished a gun. Two clerks tried to open the safe, but failed. The robber took off, but not before turning and firing at one of the clerks.

As WESH-TV reports, when the police arrived, one of the clerks … Read more

Startup sends school-shooting alert (it's marketing 'fun')

The lovely thing about startups is that the minute you create one, you know you're going to change the world.

Users will flock to you, your fellow men and women will adore you, and, in 20 years' time, your name will still be uttered with reverence and awe.

This must be the feeling of those behind a startup called Bevii.

As soon I tell you its slogan, you will be slapping your head and wondering why you didn't think of it: "Social Network. Meet Real Life."

As if a slave to its own motto, Bevii, run … Read more

Twitter's new Alerts system spreads word of Capitol shooting

USCP investigating reports of gunshots on Capitol Hill. If in a #Senate office, shelter in place. If not go to nearest office. #alert

— SenateSergeantAtArms (@SenateSAA) October 3, 2013

The U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms Office put out word via Twitter's new alerts system that there had been gunshots Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Launched just last week, the Alerts system was designed to let public agencies and other institutions quickly alert people about disasters and other events. Today, after word began spreading about shots being fired on Capitol Hill, the Sergeant at Arms Twitter account tweeted, "USCP investigating … Read more

Now you're a sharpshooter: The smart rifle arrives

AUSTIN, Texas -- As Hillman Bailey studied the flat, white target through his rifle's magnified scope, he spotted a brown, six-legged stinkbug, about the size of a dime, crawling across the target. He leaned into the rifle, hot from the sweltering Texas sun, and said to himself, "Let's see what happens." The target was 98 yards away. He steadied the gun, lined the crosshairs over the insect, and pulled the trigger.

The stinkbug was no more.

Bailey isn't a marksman, but he certainly knows his way around a high-powered firearm. He's an engineer for Tracking Point, the manufacturer of the tech-heavy gun responsible for the stinkbug's demise. For the last three-and-a-half years, Tracking Point's team has labored in a nondescript office park in the flats of north Austin, Texas, with one mission in mind: create a "smart rifle" that lets almost anyone hit targets up to 1,000 yards away with near 100 percent accuracy. That's right: Ten football fields.

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