Defend the galaxy!

A Space Shooter brings whimsy and comic-book-style graphics to the crowded touch-driven shoot-'em-up category. You play as Commander P. Jefferson, a Buzz Lightyear-like character whose sole purpose is to protect the galaxy. With your double-barrel spacecraft, you get to hunt down aliens, destroy asteroids, and tangle with enemy ships. While the game's story may be somewhat confusing and disjointed, it doesn't take any of the fun out of the straightforward missions.

A Space Shooter's interface is as simple as it gets. Just touch the screen and drag in the direction you want your ship to fly. … Read more

A Scoregasmic shooter

Everyone loves explosions, massive damages, and score counters. The wonderful combination of dazzling particle effects, insane combo numbers, and simple gameplay is been a tried-and-true formula that slot casinos swear by. Scoregasm, by Charlie's Games, appeals to players by drawing on these ingredients to keep engagements fresh and execution hot.

For those who are new to the shoot-'em-up scene, the rules are simple: destroy everything and do not get hit. Enemies will throw enough onscreen bullets at you to make your eyes water and you'll score numbers that will only matter to the most hard-core players. Lately, … Read more


Icarus-X has some great features going for it as a shoot-'em-up: touch-based controls, 3D backgrounds, intense techno stage music, and, of course, hectic fast-paced bullet-hell gameplay. Users must take out waves of enemy planes and alien ships that throw everything from spiraling bullet patterns to kamikaze attacks while staying alive. It's the same shooting recipe we've grown up to love, captured in a portable form. And while all this sounds great on paper, Icarus-X is not without its flaws. But let's start with the positive points.

Icarus-X is impressive in the graphics department among titles released … Read more

Doodle Assault, a unique side-scrolling shooter

Meet Doodle Assault for Android, a quirky side-scroller that strays from the typical spaceship-versus-aliens shoot-'em-up style by incorporating some childish humor into its plot. In this game, you are a paper airplane, flying across an infinitely long landscape of doodled-on binder paper. Your enemies include snout-shooting flying warthogs, winged pencils, and other fantastic classroom doodles come-to-life.

As you destroy enemies with your tiny origami shooting stars, you can pick up coins that can be used to upgrade your plane. Upgrades include Plane Speed, Weapon, Health, Firing Rate, and Defense. What's great is that you keep all of your … Read more

Classic shoot-'em-up R-Type is back for Android

R-Type for Android takes you way back to the '80s with its classic humans-versus-aliens storyline and retro shoot-'em-up style of game play. Because it's more or less unchanged from its arcade predecessor, R-Type is sure to keep you hooked for hours at a time, just as it did when you were younger.

While there is a rich plot that drives R-Type, its details are relatively inconsequential. All you need to know is that you are piloting a futuristic star ship, and your primary objective is to kill aliens...lots and lots of aliens.

To begin, your ship is … Read more

Air Attack HD: A new take on old-school shmups

Those who grew up playing titles like 1942, Aero Fighters, or Space Invaders understand the beautiful simplicity of the shoot-'em-up genre of games, or the "shmups," as the E3 contingent might call them. In a shmup, you, a lone character, are tasked with obliterating an entire army of enemies, many of which attack from all directions. You are often piloting an airplane or spacecraft, and you are always armed with only the measliest of weapons to start off, making the job of upgrading your stock setup half the game's challenge, and, therefore, half the game's … Read more

Air Attack HD: A new take on old-school shmups

Air Attack HD is a vertically scrolling "shmup" (shoot-'em-up game) that pays homage to old-school airplane adventure games like 1942 and Aero Fighters. In it, your mission is to fly through different stages and obliterate hordes of enemies, both in the air and on land.

In Air Attack, you choose one of two unique airplanes and make your way through eight challenging missions. Each airplane is equipped with a different default cannon, and both are capable of dropping crater-making bombs. To upgrade your arsenal, destroy enemies carrying power-ups or purchase add-ons in the shop. These upgrades can … Read more

Instant shmup classics from Cactus

For those of you who are big fans of Warning Forever, I've got an awesome treat for you. In fact, I have two truly awesome treats for you. Swedish game developer Jonatan Söderström (otherwise known as "Cactus" on Shmup Dev) has created two of the most addictive free shooters I've seen this side of Kenta Cho.… Read more