Telerobotics helps sick teen toss a baseball 1,800 miles

There are some baseball players known for their strong arms, but a lot of people probably stood up and took notice when 13-year-old Nick LeGrande threw a baseball 1,800 miles today.

Before you scoff at the physical impossibility of such a notion, take solace in the fact that technology was very much behind LeGrande's feat, telerobotics to be precise. The Kansas City, Mo., teen, who suffers from severe aplastic anemia, a rare blood disease, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Oakland A's-New York Yankees game in Oakland, Calif., tonight. … Read more

Top apps to track severe weather

Though the official 2013 hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, the news earlier this week out of Moore, Okla., is a sobering reminder that dangerous weather comes in many forms, and you often don't know where the next disaster may strike. Even now, many states are being pounded by heavy storms as the cleanup from the tornado in Moore is still under way.

Recently, I collected a few weather apps that are great for a quick glance at the weather, but those apps won't help you much in severe weather conditions. For more-serious weather activity, … Read more

Synology adds TV recording and more to its NAS with DSM 4.1 operating system

After more than a month in beta state, Synology's final latest version, version 4.1, of the DiskStation Manager operating system for its NAS server, was released today.

Synology is one of a few NAS vendors that regularly releases new versions of the operating system, which improves and adds features to its existing NAS servers. DSM has been by far the most advanced operating system for network-attached storage servers, which offers not just a vast amount of features and ease of use, but also the most robust user interface that resembles a native operating system. Like all NAS operating systems, DSM is accessed via a Web interface using a connected computer.

DSM is one of the main reasons Synology NAS servers, such as the DS1511+, or the DS412+, have been the best on the market, for both home and small business environments.… Read more

Synology's DiskStation Manager 4.1 OS goes beta

Synology announced today that version 4.1 of its DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system (firmware) for DiskStation NAS servers, such as the DS1511+ or the DS712+, is now in beta state. This means the final update will be available in a month or so.

DSM has been one of the main reasons why Synology NAS servers are the best among network-attached storage devices, thanks to its vast amount of features and robust and easy-to-use interface.

The new version offers some major additional features to the already feature-rich OS, including a Video Station and mobile apps for Windows Phone 7. The … Read more

Thompson leaves Yahoo with no severance

Now that Scott Thompson officially belongs to the ranks of the jobless, Yahoo said in a filing that its former CEO will receive millions of dollars in make-good cash and already vested restricted stock units as a result of leaving PayPal where he was president.

Not a bad payday for most, though it might have been a lot more under different circumstances.

In a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Yahoo said that Thompson "agreed to terminate all other agreements between them, including Mr. Thompson's offer letter, all outstanding but not fully vested equity awards, and … Read more

Synology NAS OS 4.0 gone beta, Cloud Station revealed

LAS VEGAS -- Synology, the makers of the most robust and feature-rich NAS servers on the market, now looks to the sky, too.

Despite the fact that by the end of 2011, most NAS vendors used the "Cloud" designation for certain features of their products , Synology has refused to use it for its NAS servers which in fact have many Internet-based features. The company changed its mind today at CES 2012.

It showed off that the show the latest build of its Linux-based operating system for its DiskStation NAS servers, called Disk Station Manager (DSM). Version 3.2Read more

Bartz's severance package tops $10 million

Following yesterday's ousting of Carol Bartz as the CEO of Yahoo, the former chief executive is now eligible for a hefty severance package.

A form 8-K the company filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today notes that Bartz was "removed from her role" as CEO, and will receive severance benefits "for termination without cause."

According to some number crunching by CNN, that includes $3 million in cash, as well as a pro-rated yearly bonus worth somewhere between $1 million to $2 million. Add in company stock and you get an extra $5.… Read more

Track hurricanes on your phone or online

Every year as summer is winding to a close, hurricane season ramps up here in the United States. Though meteorologists officially describe hurricane season as being from June 1 to November 30, they admit that those are not magic dates and that the bulk of severe weather occurs between August and October. Right now in late August, Hurricane Irene is headed toward North Carolina and is expected to travel northward into New England. If you live in these areas or want to track the storm, there are several Web sites as well as iOS and Android apps that give you … Read more

Three apps for tracking hurricanes on Android

Hurricane season is open, and that means keeping track of whether these storms will reach your hometown. Following the local news can be cumbersome if you're on the go, so why not use your Android device to help out? Here are three Android apps that can keep you informed on severe weather conditions.

Hurricane HoundHurricane Hound is an app designed specifically for tracking storms. Each storm is labeled by name with several icons denoting the path the hurricane is predicted to take. These icons are colored and labeled based on the category rating the storm will be at … Read more

Word searcher

DataMystic's WordPipe is an enterprise-class search-and-replace utility for Microsoft Word documents. With it, you can search for and replace text, hyperlinks, contacts, drop-down fields, bookmarks, document properties, and more, in thousands of documents at once. It updates UNC paths when servers are renamed and automatically handles passwords and read-only files, too.

WordPipe's Evaluation version opens with a countdown nag screen. The program's main interface is a businesslike dialog with a few simple file menus, including a Help file, and basic control icons above a tabbed display. Add and Delete buttons below the main window make it easy … Read more