iPhone 6 may include sensors to detect the weather, says analyst

It's not the heat, it's the humidity. And Apple's next iPhone may feel it just like you do.

Expected to arrive this year, the iPhone 6 could come equipped with its own barometer to automatically detect the temperature, humidity, and air pressure, according to ESM-China analyst Sun Changxu. In a report covered by blog site G for Games, Chagxu cited "sources close to the matter" as responsible for this latest tidbit.

Assuming the report is true, Apple will be playing catch-up with Samsung, which added weather sensors to its Galaxy S4 a year ago. Of … Read more

Apple eyes fingerprint sensors to connect various devices

Apple debuted its fingerprint sensor with the release of its iPhone 5S in September. Currently, the smartphone is the only Apple device that totes the security scanner. But, it looks like Apple may be looking into using biometric data to let users connect all of their devices for wireless pairing and cross-device communication.

An Apple patent application for "a system for wireless pairing and communication between devices using biometrics" went public on the US Patent and Trademark Office's Web site on Thursday. The tech giant originally applied for the patent on August 31, 2012.

The patent application … Read more

Hasselblad sets a price for the H5D-50c: $27,500

Hasselblad has begun shipping its new H5D-50c, a high-end medium-format camera geared for professionals, and it's a notch cheaper than the $34,990 IQ250 from rival Phase One.

The Swedish company announced a pre-tax price of 20,900 euros on Monday, which is about $28,800 at today's exchange rate, but B&H Photo gives a $27,500 price tag. If you throw in the company's 80mm lens, the price hops up to $30,000.

Both the H5D-50c and IQ250 mark the shift to sensors made with CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) chip manufacturing technology. CMOS … Read more

Red's camera wows with top score in image-sensor test

When it comes to image sensor quality, a camera company you probably haven't heard of just stole the show -- almost.

Nikon's D800E is the top dog on the DxOMark sensor test rankings, with a score of 96 on precise measurements of dynamic range, noise, and low-light performance. It's not often that a new winner emerges, but a cinema camera from a company called Red -- the Epic-M camera with the Dragon sensor -- just earned a score of 101.

The impressive score isn't quite enough to win the competition, though: DxO Labs measured the performance … Read more

Boeing to sell self-destructing smartphones

CNET Update is covering up:

In this episode of Update:

- Mess with Boeing's "Black" smartphone and it will erase all data. But you won't be able to buy this spy-worthy phone in stores.

- Time to cover those webcams. The Guardian reports government agencies tapped into 1.8 million Yahoo users' webcams to secretly snap photos.

- Say goodbye to some online gameplay features in Nintendo's Wii, DS and DSi.

- Get real-time coaching feedback from a new fitness tracker called the Moov. The company is raising money to launch it this summer.

CNET … Read more

Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor lets people shop with PayPal

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S5 smartphone on Monday and it's full of bells and whistles, like a bigger display, improved camera, and built-in fingerprint sensor.

By no means is Samsung the first smartphone maker to debut fingerprint authentication, but it has done something different -- the Galaxy S5's sensor will also act as password protection for PayPal payments.

Samsung and PayPal announced Monday that they've partnered on the Galaxy S5 to let users pay for items password-free at all online and brick-and-mortar stores that accept PayPal. Users only need their fingerprint to buy goods.

This type … Read more

Apple patents headphones that can monitor your vital stats

Apple's interest in the health and fitness market may seem like a new niche, but a related patent goes back almost six years.

Filed in 2008 and awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, a patent called "Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets" describes how such products could track your health and fitness and perform certain tasks based on how you move your head.

Key to the invention would be sensors embedded into one or more areas of the headsets or earbuds. By coming into contact with your skin, these sensors … Read more

Samsung's Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor explained

With Samsung expected to unveil its new Galaxy S5 next week, Sammobile has published a self-described explanatory report saying it's "confirmed" that the new device will come with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone.

According to Sammobile, people familiar with the upcoming device said the fingerprint sensor works with a vertical swipe of the pad of the finger while keeping the finger flat and swiping at medium speed.

Contrary to earlier rumors that said Samsung will use the Galaxy S5's entire screen as one giant fingerprint sensor, Sammobile said the sensor will instead be built … Read more

Sony said to be talking to Apple about camera for 'new' iPhone

Sony is in negotiations with Apple for supply of sensors for a "new iPhone," according to a Japan-based report.

The talks call for Sony to double the supply of camera components for a "new iPhone slated to roll out as early as next year," according to a Wednesday report in Nikkei, Japan's largest business daily.

Sony is a supplier of CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors for the iPhone 5S' rear-mounted cameras, as teardowns have shown. Nikkei states that "nearly all" rear-mounted CMOS sensors for "current iPhone models" are supplied by Sony. … Read more

Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor will cover whole screen, says report

Samsung's Galaxy S5 will use its entire screen as one giant fingerprint sensor. At least, that's a new tidbit served up by someone considered a Samsung insider.

Leaking the information to blog site iTechAddict, the "well-placed insider within Samsung India R&D" said that the fingerprint sensor will be the screen itself. Theoretically, that means users would be able to touch anywhere on the display to unlock the phone and gain access to secure apps and content.

How reliable is this intelligence? iTechAddict said that tips from this insider have been on the money in … Read more