Tweet Eye for eBay Sellers for Mac review

Tweet Eye for eBay Sellers for Mac lets you link your eBay and Twitter accounts, so that you can market your items for sale more effectively. With this program, you can hashtag your keywords, and schedule tweets that include images of your listings to help customers find you and increase your eBay sales. Whether you depend on eBay as a significant source of revenue or are just an occasional seller, you can benefit from the functionality of this app.

To begin using Tweet Eye for eBay Sellers, click "Add" under Twitter Users, and you'll be redirected to … Read more

How many Kindle Fire tablets has Amazon sold?

How many Kindle Fire tablets has Amazon sold? While we don't have an official answer from Amazon, a market researcher that has been tracking sales of the 7-inch Amazon tablet offered an estimate today.

"Our estimate is that has now sold 850,000 units direct from the site. Total sales would be substantially larger," Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource said today. Amazon may have sold as many as 2 million or more so far when you consider all sales channels."

Those other sales channels would be national retailers like Best Buy, where … Read more

Steve Jobs bio a possible 2011 top seller for Amazon

Even though Walter Isaacson's biography about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hit stores with a little more than two months left of 2011, it could end up being's top seller for the entire year.

The title, which was released today, became available for pre-ordering on Amazon's site in June, later jumping to the top of the charts following Jobs' death earlier this month. It's currently in the top spot in its hardcover and Kindle digital editions, as well as a recorded audiobook.

"The way things are trending, it could very likely be our … Read more

HP TouchPad best seller at Best Buy, Amazon

Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad tablet has become an instant hit at Best Buy and Amazon despite being discontinued in the wake of HP's shuttering of its WebOS device business. And HP is responding by shipping more from its warehouses.

It's all about price. On Friday, the company slashed the price to $100 from $399 for the 16GB model and to $150 from $499 for the 32GB version. This ignited a buying frenzy and the tablet subsequently flew off the shelves and out of the warehouses, selling out at many locations over the weekend.

Select Best Buy stores added fuel … Read more

Zaarly, a new kind of marketplace, hits Android

Zaarly, Craigslist's bizarro twin, yesterday released its native app for Android. If you're unfamiliar with the strangely named service, it's a bit like a digital bulletin board where you can post requests for goods or services (that you're willing to pay for) in hopes of finding a nearby user to oblige. It launched to the public this past May, and it's backed by some big-name tech investors including Twitter-darling Ashton Kutcher.

Here's how the app works. Log into Zaarly, post something you want, how much you're willing to pay for it, and when … Read more

Zaarly turns Craigslist on its head

Zaarly is essentially a reverse Craigslist app that lets you post requests for goods or services to nearby users in hopes of getting one (or more) of them to oblige.

Here's how it works. Log into Zaarly, post something you want, how much you're willing to pay for it, and when you need it by. Then, nearby users will respond if they've got the goods or they're willing to provide the services. Whether you're looking for furniture, someone to pull weeds in your backyard, or a pick-up truck to borrow for the evening, Zaarly seems … Read more

Why Zynga ticks off the games industry

Being the 800-pound gorilla in the social games room, it's no surprise that there are a lot of gripes about Farmville publisher Zynga.

Usually, people inside an industry with strong feelings about a specific company keep those sentiments to themselves because they don't want to burn bridges. So what might surprise some is how easy it is to find games industry professionals with an ax to grind about Zynga. Those tend to have to do with issues ranging from the company's propensity to imitate others' game concepts to a perception that it is both insensitive to the … Read more

Grooming its image, eBay lowers listing fees

eBay announced Tuesday that it's lowered listing fees for U.S. residents using the auction site to sell products, with new plans geared toward both frequent and infrequent sellers.

A new rate called "eBay Every Day" offers no up-front fee for the sellers of auction-style (rather than flat-rate sale) listings with a starting price of 99 cents or less. Once they've been sold, a fee of 9 percent is appended, with a maximum fee of $50; if the item doesn't sell, no fee is charged to the seller. An individual can do this for up … Read more

Amazon touts top products of 2009

The Kindle e-reader, the Nintendo Wii, and an Asus Netbook were among the top tech items for Amazon customers in 2009.

The retail giant touted three "Best of 2009" lists on Wednesday, revealing the best selling, most wished for, and favorite gift items chosen by Amazon consumers for the year. The company also introduced its Bestsellers Archive, which can show historical popularity among several categories, including print books, Kindle books, music downloads, movies and TV shows, and video games.

Amazon has been relentlessly proclaiming the popularity of its Kindle device, though it just as steadfastly has declined to … Read more

Online tools for the eBay seller

After Amazon experienced some difficulties last week with its selling options in the Amazon Marketplace, it made me wonder if anyone decided to start selling some of their merchandise on eBay. If so, they would join thousands of others who are using the online auction site to make a few extra bucks. If that's your goal, check out some of these services for eBay sellers.

eBay tools

Auctiva Auctiva is a full-featured product that allows you to use a variety of templates and modules to help you sell products more effectively on eBay.

Auctiva is quite powerful. You can create side-scrolling galleries with pictures you upload to the site (you're allowed 1GB of storage), change the color of your listing page, and issue invoices. It won't help you determine if you're selling products that eBay users want, but it will help you easily manage your auctions. Admittedly, Auctiva is for active sellers, but at $9.95 per month for so many nice features, it's an affordable offering.

eBay Market Researcher Terapeek's eBay Market Researcher tool is a fine way to determine how to get the most out of your listing.

After you sign up for the site and choose a membership (it costs $24.95 per month or $197.95 per year), you can immediately start searching through the app's listings of eBay products. When you find the product you're looking to sell, it provides you with information on the item's average bid, how much the average listing makes, and how page design affected profits. The app even provides you with information on which day is best to list the product and end your auction. It's a powerful tool.… Read more