Hootsuite flub reveals users' e-mail addresses to other users

Social media management company Hootsuite has managed a social faux pas by sending e-mails to users that included the names and e-mail addresses of other users.

The personal information was included in thousands of e-mails sent yesterday warning users that the free 60-day Hootsuite Pro trial was about to expire. Many of the e-mails contained the e-mail addresses of other users in the "To" field.

Affected Hootsuite users took to Twitter to voice their displeasure:

Thank you @hootsuite for sending me 1624 emails and sharing my email address in the clear with 971+ people I don't know.… Read more

Hootsuite swoops in on Seesmic

Social media manager Hootsuite has acquired its one-time rival Seesmic, and it hopes Seesmic's customers are ready to come on board.

The Seesmic brand will eventually fade away as Hootsuite decides which of the social media client's features best fit Hootsuite's goals, the company revealed today. That means Seesmic users will have to switch over to Hootsuite in order to access their Seesmic accounts.

"We've always been big fans of Ryan Holmes and the HootSuite team, since the days we were all pioneering the Social Media landscape," Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur said in a statement. &… Read more

Free Amazon App of the Day - 5/20/11

If you've tried Seesmic, Twitdroyd, TweetDeck, the stock Twitter-type application on your phone, or the official Twitter app, but continue to search for that "one," why not try another? On Amazon's Appstore for Android you can download the full, ad-free version of TweetCaster Pro for Android (normally $4.99) by Handmark, for nada, niente, rien, nichts, gratis.

A lot has been improved upon since our review back in March 2011. With a new feature, Zip It, you can remove users or trends from your feed without unfollowing them. Instapaper support lets you save long articles to read later. Use Color Coding to personalize your own tweets and @replies with a custom color of your choosing. At the top of the list are five tabs for your full tweet list, tweets that just mention you, direct messages, your favorites, and any lists that you follow or follow you. Gone are the small yellow dot indicators for new tweets or mentions--we now see the number of tweets, mentions, and direct messages on the appropriate tabs. TweetCaster allows you to add a picture or video from galleries or directly from your mobile device's camera. Built-in URL shortening is also available, and you can quickly add geotag information or the usernames of your contacts to a tweet. Linking your Facebook account to TweetCaster will update that profile as well. The feature list goes on.

It's not perfect, but it is one of the better, simpler, and cleaner Twitter-based apps out there for Android users.

TweetCaster Pro will be Amazon's free App of the Day until 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT tonight. Try it out. There's always the option of uninstalling if it doesn't suit your needs, and free is free. … Read more

Twitter versus Seesmic on Windows Phone 7

If you make Twitter part of your daily routine, like we do, you'll want to know which mobile app to use on Windows Phone 7.

Seesmic and Twitter are both currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and we tried them out head-to-head on our Samsung Focus.

Twitter for Windows Phone 7

We previewed Twitter prior to the Windows Phone 7 launch, but loaded up the official app for this app faceoff. Twitter's app fits in well with the Windows 7 design aesthetic, and it has all the features for contact management, retweeting, and photo-attachments as you'd … Read more

Twitter alternative

Seesmic was one of the first apps to hit the new Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and while it's an interesting take on Twitter, especially with the new side-swiping design schema that Microsoft has favored for this mobile platform, Seesmic has a lot of work to do.

Instead of jumping straight into the timeline and lists of mentions, the top level shows multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, and general timelines for trends, the Twitter directory, and a search window. The disadvantage is not being able to see your timeline right away. The benefit is easier profile management, since you can … Read more

Seesmic launches iPhone app

With software for the Web, Windows, Android, and the BlackBerry already under its belt, Seesmic has unveiled its first app for the iPhone.

The popular social-network aggregator offers you the ability to tap into Twitter and other social networks from one single interface. Its new free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch specifically lets you add your accounts from Twitter, Facebook, and, which helps you manage different social networks and bookmarking sites, is owned by Seeismic, so its inclusion makes sense.

Each account shows up as a separate space on the app's dashboard screen. … Read more

Seesmic tweeting

We have to hand it to Seesmic: its Twitter app for BlackBerry has grown since an unimpressive first attempt that did little more to replicate the product's desktop glory than sketch out a basic Twitter client. Now, Seesmic is filling its app in with some Twitter power features that have become mandatory for serious third-party Twitter apps.

Chief among these is retweeting (two ways) and support for up to 10 Twitter accounts. The app supports your Twitter searches and lists, and hooks into, so you can broadcast your tweet to dozens of social networks. Like Ubertwitter, Seesmic … Read more

Seesmic updates Blackberry, Windows Twitter apps

Seesmic has seen a flurry of development on the Web, desktop, and mobile phones lately. Last week, the third-party developer of Twitter apps released an update to its Web-based Twitter manager that outmaneuvered its downloadable Windows apps.

Seesmic also issued a version bump for its BlackBerry app. The new Seesmic for BlackBerry 1.3 now supports posting messages on up to 10 Twitter accounts versus just one default account. You view only one account at a time, and switch accounts from the bottom of the context menu. It's not a seamless transfer, but it works. Seesmic for BlackBerry also … Read more

New Seesmic Web out-features Seesmic Desktop

Can a Web-based Twitter client do a better job than its downloadable stablemate? With Seesmic, it appears so. The new update to Seesmic Web does some handy thing that Seesmic's two download apps, for AIR and Windows, don't do.

Seesmic Web has a robust contact manager. You can see your followers and followees and people in your lists, drag users from one list to another, drag users from a time line into a list, or easily follow or unfollow users. You also get nice stats on people.

If you use Seesmic to reply to tweets, you can also … Read more

Tweet simply

Seesmic's Twitter client for Android gives casual tweeters most tools they need to get the word out and stay connected with followers, from multiple Twitter accounts. There's the master time line of all your incoming and outgoing messages in one screen (per each account), replies, direct messages, and retweeting support. You're also able to take and upload a photo (or video, depending on your Android device) from the clean, neat interface, plus geolocate your tweet, and shorten a link (it would be even better if this happened automatically.) A long press on a message pops up options … Read more