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GreenShot is one of the best free screenshot tools for Windows

When choosing a free screenshot tool, consider why you're saving screenshots and what you need to do to them. It must quickly and easily capture all or part of your screen. You should be able to obscure, blur, annotate, or highlight parts of the image as you create it. Finally, you should be able to save or export your screenshot just as effortlessly as you created it, including uploading it directly to sites such as Picasa using plug-ins. That describes our new favorite screenshot tool, GreenShot. Recent updates include Windows 8 compatibility.

GreenShot's installation wizard lets you choose … Read more

Grab, edit, and share

Anyone who needs lightweight screen-capturing and editing software will love Skitch for Mac. Although it lacks some of the tools -- such as mask and layer -- that you find in a high-end image editor such as Photoshop, its well-designed, intuitive interface guides you all the way through the quick and effective editing actions, and the result speaks for itself.

The app launches in a gray window with a white canvas in the center, while the outer borders contain all the available options, allowing you to perform a long list of actions. But since Skitch is centered around screenshots, you … Read more

Intuitive screenshot editor

How many times have we wished for a quick and easy way to take and edit a screenshot? Sure, it's easy enough to take a screenshot, but then there's the pasting, the fumbling with image-editing software, the figuring out how to save it in the appropriate format--it's a pain! GreenShot makes this whole process incredibly simple.

GreenShot runs in the system tray, and when users are ready to take a screenshot, they can either right-click on the program or use one of its shortcuts. Users can capture a region, a window, or the full screen. Once the … Read more

Featured Freeware: Gadwin PrintScreen

Excellent screen capture apps aren't hard to come by, but excellent free ones are. With sophisticated features at no cost, it's hard to reach higher than Gadwin's PrintScreen. An attractive, easily navigated interface opens up a customization wonderland for users to decide default settings for shortcut key associations, capture preferences, and output.

For our purposes, the clicking and dragging regions is the clear choice. Misjudge your region's dimensions and Gadwin PrintScreen lets you readjust them without having to start over, something many commercial competitors don't do. Setting the app to automatically open each screen capture … Read more

Kick video butt with KMPlayer

The field of freeware media players that claim support for most or all playback formats out there is growing. GOM, VLC, and KMPlayer tend to top people's lists. KMPlayer is perhaps the least known of the three, but if you haven't toyed around with the level of customization that it offers, you're missing out.

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