Never miss a Girl Scout Cookie sale in your area again

When it comes to Girl Scout Cookie season, I always begin to sweat, wondering how I am going to track down a box of those delicious Peanut Butter Patties. It never crossed my mind to try searching the App Store or the Girl Scouts Web site to find the nearest cookie sales until I found this post on

As it turns out, the Girls Scout Web site does offer a method for searching the cookie sales schedule in your zip code. There are even links to an iOS and Android app to help you fill your cabinets, but … Read more

MQ-8C Fire Scout robo-copter makes first flight

The US Navy wants its Fire Scout drones to grow up in a hurry.

Late last week, the Navy and Northrop Grumman sent word that the latest version of the unmanned rotorcraft, the MQ-8C Fire Scout, made its first flights on October 31. They weren't long affairs -- the first lasted 7 minutes, the second one, 9 minutes -- but the key is that the latest Fire Scout airframe got off the ground.

The first flight served to validate the autonomous control systems of the fledgling robo-copter, which was operated by a ground-based flight test team. The second saw … Read more

Scout adds crowdsourced incident reporting to nav apps

Telenav's Scout GPS Navigation & Traffic borrows a bit from Waze and Trapster's books with the addition of crowdsourced incident reporting in the newest versions of its mobile apps.

On Scout's map screen, there now appears a new "Report" button that, when tapped, presents four large buttons to report Traffic, Police, Hazards, or Accidents with a single tap. When you report these incidents, you're sharing potential delays with other nearby Scout users and helping them to avoid congestion. For your trouble, you'll benefit from the driving experiences of your fellow Scouters and Scout'… Read more

'Star Trek' tricorder becomes the real McCoy

The small handheld medical reader used by Dr. Leonard McCoy in "Star Trek" has been replaced by a smartphone. The real-life tricorder is a sleek, square device called a Scanadu Scout that works with your phone.

The Scanadu can read your vitals in 10 seconds, measuring heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, and emotional stress. You hold it to your forehead and the information is wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone. It works on iOS and Android devices.

Founder and CEO Walter De Brouwer explained the Scanadu Scout is not just for doctors. He's looking to enable patients with an informative, easy-to-use device so they can play a larger role in the healing process. … Read more

Girl Scouts to award badge for video game development

While camping, gardening, and public speaking are important to being a stand-up scout, the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles has decided that video game development should also be included as a prestigious badge.

The Girl Scouts has teamed up with Women in Games International to create the new badge, according to GirlGamer. The aim is to get the scouts interested in engineering and software development. The badge will be part of the Girl Scout's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a STEM-aligned video game badge for the Girl Scouts of … Read more

Scout navigation app goes from 'on-dash' to 'in-dash'

Telenav's Scout navigation app is making the jump from living on your dashboard (or windshield) to living in your dashboard with today's announcement of Scout for Cars, an embedded in-dash navigation product that is being offered to automotive OEMs.

However, Scout for Cars is actually two products under one name -- Scout for Cars: Brought In and Scout for Cars: Built In.

We got a look at the product now known as Scout for Cars: Brought In as far back as CES 2012 (video). This low or no-price option for OEMs uses the driver's smartphone running the … Read more

Telenav Scout app getting 3D landmarks, traffic improvements

Navigation software provider Telenav announced a few future updates for its Scout navigation app for Android and iPhone today that should make the app run more smoothly and help you to get where you're going faster.

Scout will be updated to take advantage of vector-based graphics, which should bring along faster performance, a sharper appearance, and smoother interactions with the app. The improved map screen also gains 3D buildings and landmarks in major U.S. cities; the map zooms in as you approach an upcoming turn and adjusts the virtual camera angle to give visual landmarks to look for.… Read more

Locate cover art with CoverScout for Mac

Music files without cover art can be annoying on a multimedia music player. Luckily, CoverScout for Mac allows the user to easily search the Internet for related cover art for their music files.

CoverScout for Mac allows you to locate missing cover art for music files on your hard drive. This program begins locating all of the music files on your hard drive immediately once installed. Depending on the number of music files on the hard drive, this file search could take a lot of time. Once the files have been found, the program automatically starts searching the Internet for … Read more

Girl Scouts: No brownie points for PayPal-using cookie seller

I am always suspicious when people say they care.

Somehow, my first reaction is: "How much?"

So I feel more than a pang of sympathy for 11-year-old Emma Vermaak.

She is not the only 11-year-old to like One Direction. However, she might be the first 11-year-old who thought to use modern methods to raise money as part of the Girl Scouts' "I Care" program so troops overseas could enjoy Girl Scout cookies.

Inspired in her quest, she thought it might be an idea to use PayPal. This system is not revolutionary. It feels like it's been around since Jimmy Carter's time. Yet the Girl Scouts organization seems not to be quite a pal of it.… Read more

Scanadu's 'Star Trek'-style Scout scans medical stats

LAS VEGAS--The mobile tech revolution isn't limited to entertainment products. The $150 Scanadu Scout by startup company Scanadu plans to upset the world of medical devices too.

Billed as the fictional "Star Trek" medical tricorder come to life, the Scanadu Scout can read important biometric stats such as blood flow, blood oxygen level, electrical heart activity (ECG), temperature, and heart rate, all noninvasively.

Just hold the small, flat, square gadget's infrared sensor up to your temple for 10 seconds and the Scanadu Scout captures a reading -- access to armpits or other more sensitive body parts … Read more