WWDC 2012 rumor scorecard: The hits and the misses

Another year, another WWDC keynote in the bag.

In case you missed it, Apple this week refreshed its notebook lineup, priced OS X Mountain Lion, and took the wraps off iOS 6, which will be released in the fall. There were other things, of course, but those three were the biggies.

Now that the dust has cleared, it's a good time to look back at the top rumors that made the rounds ahead of the event, and see how they panned out.


Rumor: MacBooks with "Retina" displays The so-called Retina Display is a marketing term for … Read more

Apple WWDC rumor scorecard: 2011 edition

The dust from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference has settled and now we know all about iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion. We also know which rumors from ahead of the show turned out to be true, and which ones didn't.

To Apple's credit, there were very few leaks ahead of this year's show. While a few iOS 5 features came out, as well as functionality that would appear in iCloud, there was a fair bit that was unknown going into it. The one exception being OS X Lion, which Apple had taken most of … Read more

E3 retrospective: Where are they now?

The big three video game console manufacturers love to use E3 as a forum to brag, tease, and whet the appetites of gamers worldwide.

An entire year later, where do all of the promises, announcements, and hype from 2010's show stand? We've hand-picked each conference's spotlight moments and detailed the progress in a slideshow.

Innovative business planning

KPI Scorecard is an innovative business-planning tool that allows users to track performance and set goals on a month-to-month basis. With plenty of features and options for customization, KPI Scorecard is a great way to break the big picture into smaller, more manageable pieces.

The program's interface is fairly intuitive, and although there is a detailed PDF Help file included with the program, we were able to get started without consulting it. The program's template includes three metrics--Revenue, Profit, and New Customers--that users may wish to track; these can be edited and added to in order to reflect … Read more

iGolfScorecard iPhone app tracks your day on the green

Who needs a pencil to track a golf game when you've got a finger? Seasoned swingers will benefit from a finger-friendly iPhone app that stores course, par, and game information. The free iGolfScorecard lays it all out in an attractive interface.

Like many mobile apps, the simplicity here is refreshing. Bookmarking the site and creating an account are the hardest parts. Once that's ingested, you can immediately start entering course names and scores for 9-hole and 18-hole greens. iGolfScorecard tracks the par and stroke count for up to four players per game.

After the last swing, iGolfScorecard shows your overall scorecard and game statistics, including the total par and average. Once saved, you can in theory review statistics from a previous game. The scorecard I saved for my 9-hole game didn't immediately show up, which is disappointing, since the user experience up to this point had been blissfully smooth.… Read more