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Star Apps: Callan McAuliffe

"Kite" is an anime turned live-action movie about Sawa (India Eisley), a young prostitute who becomes an assassin to avenge her parents' murders. You might think it's another formulaic vigilante movie. However, bolstered by an engrossing revenge story, an expert performance by lead actor Callan McAuliffe ("The Great Gatsby," "I Am Number Four") as Sawa's sidekick, Oburi, and thrilling action sequences, "Kite" soars.

Have you seen the original Japanese film? Yes, I saw it shortly after being cast in the film. It's supremely violent and very, very sexual, and … Read more

New 'Robocop' trailer: Down with American robophobia!

"What America needs is a product with a conscience."

It needs a man inside a machine. If this sounds to you like Google's next evolution of the self-driving car, you'd be mistaken.

This is, in fact, some Michael Keaton dialogue from the second trailer released to herald the "Robocop" movie coming in February 2014.

The first trailer offered some political thought and, of course, lots of violence. Actually, violence often doubles for political thought these days, so that was quite meta.

In this second trailer, we see the Robocop production process. We see the salivating lips that taste just how much money can be made from this creation.… Read more

The 404 1,062: Where we actually like hotspacho (podcast)

Jeff's still gleeful after the results of this weekend's NHL Eastern Conference Finals, but there are other things going on in the world of The 404 too.

On today's show, Jeff gives a 50/50 review of "The Avengers," Justin gets an East Coast geography lesson, airports around New York announce holographic avatars designed to "help" lost passengers, Facebook reveals plans to develop yet another Facebook-exclusive phone, and Sony files a patent that could pause games to show players advertisements.… Read more

The 404 1,035: Where this episode is spoiler-free (podcast)

"Does anyone else want to tackle the "adorkable" Zooey Deschanel after watching those Siri commercials?" You may not be as annoyed with Apple as Jeff, but we can all agree that the latest batch of iPhone 4S commercials have lowered the bar.… Read more

Samuel L. Jackson stars with Siri in Verizon iPhone ad

Siri called Samuel L. Jackson "Sam."

There's one piece of intimate information you probably didn't have yesterday. And it comes to me via The Next Web, which unearthed this preternaturally odd piece that seems to be an iPhone 4S ad from Verizon. (Apologies for the sound and picture quality. Video was posted by Shawn King.)

It is odd because it is not often that Samuel L. Jackson -- um, Sam -- cancels golf. I am told that he has golf days built into all his film contracts.

And then here he is in the kitchen cooking … Read more

The 404 923: Where life finds a way (podcast)

CNET's Bridget Carey does double duty on Loaded and The 404 Podcast today with all your latest tech headlines. Even without Wilson around, we can't escape Apple news, so today we're running down some of the best features from iOS 5 and giving you the real reason why Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck.

It's not all Apple flavored, though- Samuel L. Jackson finally joined twitter, a costumed vigilante was apprehended by the Seattle police department, HP thinks you should spend more money on printer ink to save the print industry, and it's been a rough year for Sony, compounded by yet another PSN account breach and a Bravia television recall.

Enjoy the show!… Read more

Snakes on a DVD

Heard about the phone calls from Samuel L. Jackson and read news about the phenomenon, but just couldn't quite bring yourself to pay the $10?

No worries. The snakes are back.

Snakes on a Plane is now available on DVD in case you missed Agent Flynn cursing out the "mother f***in' snakes on the mother f***in' plane" the first time around.

If you really want to purchase this fine film for posterity, drinking games and whatnot, Snakes on a Plane is available for $20 from New Line Cinema and the other usual places.

For the … Read more