6 browsers to change the way you surf the Web

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are the most popular gateways to the Internet, but if you find these mainstream browsers lacking, we have six feature-rich alternatives worth checking out.

Chrome alternative

Opera (Windows, Mac)

Opera is best known for innovating browser features that become essential, such as tabs and Speed Dial (a visual grid displaying bookmarks and favorite sites). Since Opera adopted WebKit and began taking code from the Chromium Project, it has become a great Google Chrome alternative. Opera runs Chrome extensions alongside its own add-ons, but what stands out most is Opera's touch-friendly interface -- now … Read more

Ghostery for Safari review

The Ghostery add-on for Safari is a small, well-built application that gives you personal control of your Internet privacy. You will find the interface to be self explanatory and the performance to be of the best quality.


Ideal operation: Ghostery provides you with a list of all trackers on a given Web site, and you decide which services will be blocked. We noticed that once a tracker was blocked, no remnant of the service remained on the current Web page, as well as any other Web site that we visited.

Helpful layout: The layout is straightforward, and the design … Read more

How to open iCloud tabs in Chrome, Firefox on a Mac

One of the issues with using Safari on an iOS device and using Chrome or Firefox on a Mac is the inability to sync open browser tabs. Safari uses iCloud to keep track of open tabs on all of your Apple devices, but those tabs aren't accessible in third-party browsers. And of course you can't access third-party tabs in Safari. So what's a person supposed to do?

Well, as MacStories points out, a person should download a free OS X app called CloudyTabs.

With CloudyTabs installed, you can now access your iCloud tabs on a Mac and … Read more

The quickest way to close all open Safari tabs in iOS 7

When iOS 7 launched with a redesigned Safari tab interface, we showed you how to manage open tabs. But one thing we missed that should have been obvious was a workaround to closing every open tab at the same time. Have you ever tried swiping away 10 or 15 tabs? It's an exercise in frustration, to say the least.

Thanks to a tip posted on Mac OS X Hints, the process of closing all tabs can be done in just a few taps.

Launch Safari and view your currently opened tabs. Instead of swiping each open tab away on … Read more

Add to your Feedbin using a Safari bookmarklet

I'm always looking for an easier way to subscribe to new RSS feeds. With most of my browsing of new sites coming on my iPhone or iPad, due to following links on Twitter to new sites, I wanted to figure out a quick way to add a feed to Feedbin without having to copy and paste the URL into another app.

I figured the easiest way would be to use a Safari bookmark that would send the URL of the site I was currently viewing to Feedbin, and subscribe me to its main feed. My idea was to find … Read more

Use Safari's credit card storage for easy checkout when online shopping

Autofill in Web browsers has been a beneficial feature for whenever you encounter a Web form where you need to enter your name, address, phone number, and other details being requested. While autofill generally stores or accesses your address and contact information, it may not store your credit card details, which are often required when filling out billing information on your computer.

To enter credit card information, numerous online services have options for creating an account and then entering credit card information there; however, this needs to be done for all places that you shop.

If you use Safari in … Read more

How to install Adblock Plus on Safari

Ads are part of the Web, and something we are likely to never truly get away from. But that's not going to stop users from trying to rid browsing sessions from the (sometimes) annoying ads.

By installing plug-ins such as Adblock Plus (ABP), users are able to eliminate some of the more distracting ads on sites. Until recently Adblock Plus wasn't available for Apple's Safari browser. That changed earlier this month when Adblock Plus announced it was releasing a Safari extension in beta.

Installing the beta extension is simple and only takes a few seconds of your … Read more

How to save passwords for all Web sites in Safari

With the myriad of online services that require password protection, password management in your Web browser has become a practically essential service. Most browsers, including Apple's Safari browser for OS X, have some form of password management built-in, and when you visit a site that requests authentication, the browser should prompt you to save the entered credentials. However, some Web sites may be specifically built so browsers will not store passwords.

This feature is great for some sites, such as banking and medical sites which contain private and sensitive information; however, there may be others that you use for … Read more

Review: Let your child learn more about animals from other parts of the world in Safari Animals for Kids.

Safari Animals for Kids is a neat way to expose your children to animals from other parts of the world. While it might be a little loud and some of its "facts" are off base, kids will really enjoy this app. It has just enough animals and quiz questions to keep your children entertained for quite some time.

This app tells children all sorts of fun facts about monkeys, lions, giraffes, and any other animals they might find on a safari. The app then has them match facts to the animal. Each animal has a name and distinctive … Read more

Troubleshooting tip for Safari in OS X Mavericks

Safari is the default and more commonly used Web browser in OS X systems, and while a fairly robust browsing solution for Mac users, it can encounter periodic problems that cause high CPU usage or a hang, or other odd behavior that may be frustrating to manage.

If this happens, then as is the case with all versions of Safari, you can try quitting and re-launching it, closing windows, or more in-depth troubleshooting like disabling plug-ins (globally or on a per-site basis), clearing caches, and clearing cookies and other site-specific data.

Unfortunately, when such problems happen, you may have numerous … Read more