The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Legendary Edition review

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Legendary Edition bundles the three official downloadable content (DLC) packs with the already expansive world of Elder Scroll V.


Extend the adventure: Both the Dawnguard and Dragonborn packs add over 20 hours of gameplay (including side quests), while Hearthfire's additional features can keep you busy for even longer as you try to build the perfect home.

More immersive world: The expansions fall in line with the rest of the Skyrim world by expanding on lores, skills, and features. Didn't like being a werewolf in the original Skyrim? Become a blood-thirsty vampire in … Read more

Retro dungeon crawling that's mindlessly entertaining

Devious Dungeon for iOS is an old-school dungeon adventure game that adds RPG elements as you grind through dangerous (and devious) 2D dungeons. Not only do you run and jump from platform to platform as you kill monsters, you also can upgrade your equipment as you progress to higher levels in the game, but the upgrade options are not as extensive as I'd like.

Devious Dungeon was made by Ravenous Games, the same folks who made the similarly-styled League of Evil and Random Heroes games. If you played either of those popular titles, you know these developers aim for … Read more

Next Angry Birds game a turn-based RPG

If you wanted more bird-flinging, it looks like you might be in for a wait: Developer Rovio has revealed that the next title in the Angry Birds series is a turn-based RPG.

Our heroes are, of course, the birds, with each bird being a different character class; the red bird, for example, is the knight (obviously; see the teaser trailer below), and the yellow bird is the wizard. You'll lead them into battle across a fantasy-themed Piggy Island, defeating the pigs, apparently, on their home turf -- presumably the story will reveal the whys and wherefores.

It also seems … Read more

Tales of Phantasia gets a US release on iOS

Originally released for the SNES in Japan, in 1995, Tales of Phantasia steadily gained a cult following both in its home country and abroad for its creative gameplay system and storyline. So much so that fan-translations of the game became widely famous due to the lack of an official English release. It wasn't until 2006 that Namco Bandai finally released an English voice and text port for the Game Boy Advanced. Eight years after that, we finally see a mobile release on iOS; but the direction they chose to take it in is sorely disappointing.

From a design standpoint, … Read more

Jane Austen game is a proper MMORPG

World of Warcraft may be the gold standard of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, but it's mostly about monsters, warriors, and physical battles. Sometimes you just want to cut your enemies down with a well-timed bit of gossip. If that sounds more your speed, then you should check out Ever, Jane, an MMO raising funds on Kickstarter.

You choose a proper English gentleman or lady as your avatar and move about through a world of high-stakes ball invitations, gossip, and curtsies. It's all about building up your reputation and status while subtly tearing down others without getting caught.… Read more

Strewth! Aussie accent confirmed for Mad Max game

One of the surprise announcements of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was an open-world action-adventure game set in the same post-apocalyptic universe of the Mad Max film series. There was just one problem: Max had a generic American accent. Deliberately so.

One of the Australian journalists shown the game, Stephen Farrelly from AusGamers, was less than impressed, and quickly kicked off an online petition to give Max back a proper "Strine" sound.

This morning, Christofer Sundberg, founder and executive producer of Avalanche Studios, capitulated to the fan outcry. He tweeted:

Attn. fans who want Max to have an … Read more

Review: Fly a spaceship, create alliances, & battle enemies in Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online for Mac offers a uniquely designed and well implemented MMORPG, and seems like a can't-miss proposition for the avid gamer. If you're new to this type of game, the basics are surprisingly easy to learn, thanks to its introductory "training mission." The download and setup may take a bit longer but are well worth the wait.

The game's download is 250MB large, so expect to wait a while to play if your connection is slow. Once the download completes and the game is launched, another 31MB of updates need to be downloaded, and … Read more

All-female miniature-warrior armies rock RPG status quo

There are heaps of RPG miniatures available. It's easy to find muscled warrior dudes, cloaked wizard guys, armor-clad knights, and masculine beasts. It's less easy to find the ladies, especially ones wielding mighty weapons.

The RPG miniature options for women players (or anyone playing with a woman character) are about to explode with the overwhelming funding response to the Raging Heroes: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter project. The miniatures come from an experienced French company and are geared for science fiction war game scenarios.… Read more

Dynamic narration makes this action RPG a joy to play

Editors' note: The regular price for this game is $4.99, but it is on sale for a limited time for 99 cents.

Bastion is a faithful iOS port of the award-winning artistic action RPG that first came out for the Xbox 360 in 2011. Now you'll be able to explore the strange world of The Calamity on the go, and solve the mystery of the catastrophe that shattered our world (literally) into pieces.

Enter a broken world You play as the Kid, an adventurer trying to piece the world back together by finding crystal-like "cores" and … Read more

Hack and slash through your bank account

Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS|Android) is the latest installment from Gameloft's popular hack-and-slash RPG franchise, and it gets a lot of things right but may discourage some with an aggressive in-app purchase model.

All the right ingredients As hack-and-slash Diablo-like RPGs go, Dungeon Hunter is one of the best franchises in the genre for smartphones. Set in a medieval fantasy setting, you'll be charged with picking from four character classes, then fighting your way through hordes of demons. You can choose from two ranged classes that include a bow-wielding Sentinel or a spell-casting Warmage. On the melee side … Read more