Come together: Rogue amplifier fuses the best of old and new tech

The Rogue Audio Sphinx is a cool-running vacuum tube/Class D hybrid design, but it feels and acts like a classic 1980s high-end integrated amplifier, and that's a compliment. If you need Bluetooth or digital inputs, sorry, the Sphinx won't cut it -- check out the NAD D 3020. That NAD is wonderful, but it doesn't sound like a tube amp. The Sphinx is tonally rich and warm, it's a honey.

The Sphinx is rated at 100 watts per channel for 8 ohm speakers, 200 watts per for 4 ohm speakers. There's no way you … Read more

Review: Kill malicious processes with RogueKiller 64+

Tigzy's RogueKiller scans your PC for malicious processes and kills them on command so you can root them out. Although it deletes malicious Startup files, RogueKiller doesn't clean your system. Instead, it recommends Malwarebytes' AntiMalware freeware for the task. We agree. RogueKiller also packs tools to fix Host, Proxy, and DNS issues, as well as a Shortcuts cleaner. We tried RogueKiller 64+ for 64-bit Windows.

Quit all running processes before opening RogueKiller. The program's interface is fairly plain but nicely rendered. Tabs display and sort scan results for Processes, Registry, Hosts, Proxy, DNS, Driver, Files, MBR, and … Read more

Rogue Safari gives extra oomph to your dSLR's pop-up flash (hands-on)

After spending hundreds of dollars on a new digital SLR, the last thing most people want to do is lay out more money for accessories.

Unfortunately, your dSLR's pop-up flash isn't good for much beyond lighting (or blinding) nearby subjects with a blast of direct light; little use to those who bought a camera with a kit lens that zooms past 100mm.

The Rogue Safari from ExpoImaging inexpensively addresses that problem by taking the available light from your pop-up flash and throws it beyond its normal range.

Designed for entry-level and midrange Canon APS-C and Nikon DX digital … Read more

Born in the U.S.A.: Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum amplifier

A lot of audiophiles love tube amplifiers, and I've owned my share, but I don't currently have tubes in my main hi-fi system. I instantly remembered what I was missing when I hooked up the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated amplifier with my KEF LS50 speakers. They're good together.

Before founding Rogue Audio in 1996, Mark O'Brien worked for Bell Labs and other companies doing electronics development, lasers, and transformer design. Like so many audio designers I've met over the years, O'Brien started building amplifiers when he was a little kid. Audio is a … Read more

Security Toolkit: Best 4 lesser-known malware programs

For most computer users, the idea of having malware or adware creeping onto your machine has become an accepted fate that comes with being online. More-tech-savvy users can manage to stay clean for a while but, like the flu, everybody gets it eventually. Whether it was through a questionable e-mail sent by a friend or from a moment of weakness when you clicked on that video link promising playful kittens, suddenly you find your beloved computer starting to behave strangely. It might be a quick process; it might not happen right away, but you will know right away something is … Read more

Crave giveaway: Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

Do you know what time it is? That's right, it's that time of the week known as the Crave giveaway, and this week's prize just happens to offer a pretty cool way of keeping pace.

Up for grabs is the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch, a modern take on the classic pocket watch. Made by Tokyoflash, it features an always-on touch display, as well as an LED backlight, and comes with a spring-hinged mineral crystal lens cover.

Though it looks like you need to understand some futuristic language to tell time, it's actually quite simple. The outside ring features 12 blocks that represent the hour, while the minutes are marked by the 60 smaller dots just inside the ring. There's even a second set of rings, in case you want to keep track of a different time zone, and you can rotate through the watch's various functions (date, alarm, and so forth) using the touch display.

Normally, the Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch would cost you $169, but you have a chance to get this geeky accessory for free. There are some rules, though, so please take the time to read them carefully. There will be a test. … Read more

A pocket watch for today's distinguished geek

Tokyoflash is well-known for producing some futuristic watches, and the company has done it again.

The Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch is a modern take on the classic pocket watch and features a hybrid LCD/LED interface. The always-on LCD allows you to read the watch at a glance, while an LED backlight can provide extra illumination when needed. A touch display also lets you to change the modes (e.g., time, date, alarm, and so forth) and comes with a spring-hinged mineral crystal lens cover. … Read more

Feds target mortgage ad scams on Bing, Yahoo

The federal organization overseeing the administration of funds from the 2008 bailout has cracked down on alleged scams that used Bing and Yahoo to lure vulnerable homeowners with ads for bogus mortgage modification deals.

The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or SIGTARP, last week shut down 85 alleged online mortgage scams that advertised with Google and targeted struggling homeowners.

In the deal announced today (PDF), Microsoft, which owns Bing and powers ads that run in the United States on Yahoo, blocked all future advertising associated with the 125 scams identified by SIGTARP.

In … Read more

Report: Justice Dept. says Page knew about rogue drug ads

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page condoned ads from rogue online Canadian pharmacies, says a Justice Department official who led the investigation into the case and talked to The Wall Street Journal about it.

Earlier this week Google agreed to pay $500 million to settle the dispute with the agency over the sale of the advertising through Google's AdWords program to foreign pharmacies targeting ads at U.S. consumers. Now, Peter Neronha, the U.S. attorney for Rhode Island, tells The Wall Street Journal that it appears Page may have been aware of the sales for several years.

"… Read more

Updated rogue AV installs on Macs without password

A new version of rogue antivirus malware that targets the Macintosh operating system does not need victims to type in their administrator passwords to install and infect the machine, a security company said today.

The latest version of the malware has been overhauled to look like a native Mac OS X application and is using the application name MacGuard, according to an Intego blog post. But particularly concerning is the fact that unlike previous versions, which were dubbed Mac Defender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity, MacGuard installs itself without prompting for the admin password.

"If Safari's 'Open safe files after … Read more