Sony Noise Reduction review

Sony Noise Reduction consists of four professional DirectX sound restoration plug-ins that can clean up your vinyl recordings and tracks, eliminating noise that has been accidentally introduced or unwanted and annoying sound sources from otherwise good recordings. To use them effectively, however, you need to know what you are doing.


Great performance: Sony Noise Reduction includes Audio Restoration, Clipped Peak Restoration, Noise Reduction, and Click and Crackle Removal, all of which work as advertised.

Plug-in settings: You start with the default values and, if the result is not satisfactory, you can adjust many settings. Once you are happy with … Read more

Review: Contacts Backup & Restore provides a physical export and backup contacts tool

Contacts Backup & Restore will import, export, back up and restore contacts saved on your iPhone with the tap of a button. It is a quick, easy-to-use app in many ways; and as a result, if you find yourself losing contacts during upgrades or other operations, it can be a useful tool to have on hand.

Contacts Backup & Restore doesn't require you to sign up or create an account to store your contacts in the cloud. It seems to back up directly to your device, though you can also export in any number of formats directly to your … Read more

Review: Get it back with VirtualLab's powerful data recovery tools

VirtualLab is a powerful data recovery tool from BinaryBiz. The VirtualLab Windows client recovers lost and deleted data, including e-mail messages and image files, and damaged and deleted partitions, including Mac partitions and optical disks. It even recovers RAID arrays. VirtualLab comes with an online account and full support, including a Live Chat option. The latest version of the VirtualLab client, v7.0, is compatible with Windows NT to 8. We tried the full version of VirtualLab. The free trial version contains all the controls, features, and processes of the registered tool, but it doesn't recover data. It does … Read more

Review: VirtualLab Data Recovery for Mac restores damaged or deleted files

With its comprehensive features, good design, and easy-to-use menu, VirtualLab Data Recovery for Mac offers a great tool for those who need to restore files and drives. With its additional ability to recover iPods and partition drives, the program incorporates nearly everything a user would need for recovery.

Upon startup, VirtualLab Data Recovery for Mac guides the user on how to start their first recovery by pointing them to the recovery modules on the left. The program also gives the link to its user guide for those who might need it, but most won't with the program's well-designed … Read more

San Francisco protests the NSA spying program in July 4th march

While many people choose to barbeque, drink beer, and watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July, others decided to protest the government this year.

A crowd of about 300 people gathered at San Francisco's Civic Center on Thursday and then marched throughout the city to join in on the nationwide Independence Day protest of the National Security Agency's surveillance program.

Chanting "NSA go away" and "Restore the fourth today," the protesters carried colorful banners and signs as they marched. Some were dressed up as the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam, while many … Read more

Reddit, Mozilla, EFF and more join July 4th anti-NSA protests

Rallying around the Fourth of July holiday, several Web sites have come together to take part in a nationwide protest over the National Security Agency's surveillance program.

Organized by the nonprofit Fight for the Future, thousands of sites -- including some heavy-hitters like Mozilla, Reddit,, and 4chan -- will be staging online protests.

Rather than going black, like many sites did during the 2012 protests of Congress' Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA, these sites will prominently display a Fourth Amendment banner. The banner will quote the text of the amendment, which says, "The right of … Read more

Easy and simple backups with RadarSync DriverBackup 2012

With Radarsync DriverBackup 2012, installing and updating drivers is no longer a cringe-worthy moment. You can now safely backup all of your device drivers in a couple of clicks. DriverBackup will run a complete scan for everything it can find: sound, video, network, wireless, printers, etc. Then it will create a restore point. You can backup manually or set a schedule for when you want it to run automatically. One thing we do recommend to do is to turn off auto-backup on Windows start. We didn't find the option to create a backup every time you boot up your … Read more

Restore the traditional sidebar view in iTunes 11

A seemingly minor user interface change in iTunes 11 is sure to drive some users crazy.

Apple has removed the the traditional sidebar view from this latest version of iTunes. Previously, if you wanted to switch between your music and movie libraries, you did so in the sidebar. The same went for playlists, the iTunes Store, and connected iOS devices -- all of which were found in the sidebar.

To access the same features in iTunes 11, you'll need to click on buttons along the top of iTunes. The Library and iTunes Store buttons are always present, but the … Read more

Remove unwanted items from photos with free Inpaint (Win)

How many awesome photos have been ruined by a telephone pole appearing to stick out of someone's head, or people walking into the background at the last second?

Anyone adept with Photoshop can remove such unwanted elements, but it takes some doing. You need time, expertise, and, well, Photoshop (which ain't cheap).

Today only, Giveaway of the Day has Inpaint 4.7 for Windows free of charge. Normally $19.99, this clever utility can quickly and easily remove date stamps, power lines, people, scratches, and other undesirable elements from your photos.

Update: Make sure you click the "Download Inpaint 4.7 now"Read more

Holy fail! Cecilia Prize crowdsources botched Jesus fresco

Oh, Internet! Is nothing, not even a prized fresco of Jesus, safe from your creative but snarky clutches?

Amateur art restorers the world over have taken to Twitter to share their digital restorations of "Ecce Home" (Behold the Man), a painting by Elias Garcia Martinez that's more than a century old. They have given the image googly eyes, bow ties, and sunglasses, and bestowed upon it the visage of a cat, a bear, Big Bird, Batman, and Susan Boyle, among others.

But which of these restorations will win the coveted Cecilia Prize? It's named after Cecilia Gimenez, who became famous (and infamous) when news broke recently that she took it upon herself to restore the deteriorating painting in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Borja, Spain. … Read more