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Field Trip sends you notifications whenever you're near something of interest, whether you're wandering around your hometown or exploring a new city. If you're interested in the history of an area or just want to find a great local restaurant, this app has the information you're looking for.


Multiple sources: This app uses multiple and varied sources to provide you with information about everything from historical sites to restaurants and entertainment. You can read Zagat reviews of area restaurants, or learn about the architecture of the buildings in your neighborhood from multiple industry Web sites.… Read more

Pastor creates Web site to shame bad after-church restaurant tippers

Whenever the collection plate used to come around in church, necks would crane to observe how much people were contributing.

"Were those just coins?" you could hear one lady mutter.

"One measly note? But they've got a four-bedroom house in Spain," a man gruffed.

It seems, though, that some leave church with parsimony still churning around the stomachs.

For a Tennessee pastor, Chad Roberts, has taken it upon himself to chide those who tip meanly in restaurants after church.… Read more

Restaurant on Google Glasser: Man-child stinking up the joint

We should be thankful for clarity.

There's so little of it around and sometimes it does a fine job of piercing the odorous fog.

One Seattle diner, the Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, decided to be -- in its view, at least -- very clear with a customer about his wearing Google Glass while eating.

Nick Starr, a video teleconference network engineer, sat down at the diner with his Google Glass proudly perched on his nose. That nose was soon put out of joint when he was asked to take off the famed glasses or take off.

As he … Read more

Restaurant offers 50 percent discount for turning off phone

Look your lover in the face. Tell him or her why they're the best, most gorgeous, most intelligent, inspiring person you've ever met.

Then dig into your mackerel or your malloreddus.

That's how a romantic meal should go. Instead, these days, the obligatory phones lie on the table like needy puppies. Within moments, the lovers' eyes are buried in them, as if this were a table for one.

One restaurateur in Israel has decided that, rather than ban cell phones, he will offer an incentive so great that it makes your average Black Friday bargain seem like … Read more

Google wants to patent splitting the restaurant bill

It's easy to forget sometimes, but Google exists to make you happy.

In the pecking order, you do come slightly behind its own engineers, for whom many of its products are truly designed. But you're still in the company's thoughts somewhere.

Clearly, though, some of its engineers (and, by extrapolation, Google assumes you too) have been having difficulties in restaurants.

It's not so much that they've been leaving phone prototypes in them. It's that they've been going out for group dinners and then one or two Googlies have guzzled beyond the norm, leaving … Read more

Poll: Are restaurants and bars too loud?

I've lived in NYC since birth, so you might think I wouldn't have a hard time with noise. It's always been part of my life, but restaurants used to be a lot quieter than they are now. The noise isn't just an annoyance; in some places it can reach dangerous levels, according to standards set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The noise is generated by the restaurant's sound system and people talking, in an acoustic setting too often designed to exacerbate and reflect, rather than absorb noise. Bare floors and … Read more

Hoopla over Elon Musk's Hyperloop

CNET Update must go faster:

In this episode of Update:

- Believe in high-speed tube travel with Elon Musk's pitch for the Hyperloop.

- Grab a dinner and a show on Facebook, thanks to new mobile features.

- Prepare to speak your status update, now that Facebook purchased a speech translation company.

- Put some curve in your living room screen with Samsung's new OLED TV.

- Play the Xbox One without a Kinect, if you so desire.


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Outcry after restaurant Facebook-shames kids for making a mess

I fancy if economists studied child production, they would find some overcapacity and a multitude of inefficiencies.

Kids can be loud, annoying, recalcitrant, uneconomic, and messy. And it's not as if things improve when they become adults.

Some people, therefore, find them a touch difficult to take at times.

A restaurant owner at the Rainy Days Caffe in Lake Stevens, Wash., clearly found a couple of toddlers a touch too much.

She reportedly removed the moms and kids from her restaurant because one of the kids kept screaming and there were scone crumbs on the floor.

But then Rainy … Read more

Bar Facebook-shames man over unpaid $100 tab; man jailed

Should you happen to be thirsty and wander into the Brewer's Cabinet bar in Reno, Nev., in the next few days, I have a suggestion: please pay the bar tab.

This might seem excessively basic advice. Yet there exist those who feel that paying is sometimes optional.

The Brewer's Cabinet doesn't take kindly to that philosophy.

As KRNV-TV reports, an employee of the bar was upset when a customer allegedly ran out on a $100 bar tab. So he whipped out his cell phone and took a picture of the man -- Saul Zelaznog.

The bar's … Read more

Did Wall Street non-tippers miscalculate over fired food truck tweeter?

When it comes to image, Wall Street's remains somewhere below that of Lance Armstrong and Anthony Weiner.

You'd think, therefore, that Wall Street types might have some sensitivity to how they're seen in the outside world. You'd also think that mud is the perfect gravy for a french fry.

At least that is the view of Brendan O'Connor, the former cook at the well-known four-wheeled New York food provider Milk Truck.

For he was cheesed off when some people from Glass, Lewis & Co came to his truck, ordered around $170 worth of food, and … Read more