Philips earns Energy Star certification for 75- and 100-watt replacement LEDs (hands-on)

If you've been waiting for brighter and more affordable options in the LED aisle, then you're in luck.

Today, Philips announced Energy Star certification for their second-generation 75- and 100-watt replacement LEDs, along with exclusive discounts on both bulbs at Home Depots nationwide. Combined with the regional utility rebates that come with Energy Star certification, this means that consumers in some parts of the country will be able to purchase the 75-watt replacement for less than $10, with the 100-watt replacement going for just under $15. For the rest of us, the bulbs will retail for $19.97 … Read more

Could the Switch Infinia LED be the new bulb to beat?

Your LED options keep on expanding, with new, forward-thinking designs, an increasing number of automatable smart lights, and no shortage of bold claims about performance and longevity. In the end, however, the bulbs we've been most impressed with tend to be the ones from manufacturers willing to put their money where their mouth is by offering consumers long-term warranties. Cree's been a particular favorite of ours, as their variety of LED bulbs have all performed well in our tests, and all come packaged with a 10-year warranty.

But Cree might have some legitimate competition in Switch, a small … Read more

Ask the Experts, Episode 6: Upgrading a PS4 hard drive

So you've got your shiny, brand-new PS4 and you're thinking about swapping out the system's built-in 500GB hard drive. Is it worth putting in a larger-capacity drive? How about a solid-state drive? Find out if it's really worth tweaking in this episode of Ask the Experts.

The first round of Ask the Experts wraps up tomorrow, so be sure to check back then!

We've got the skinny on Philips' new SlimStyle LED

UPDATE: The SlimStyle LED is available now at for a price of $9.97 per bulb. It arrives in stores March 1st.

Consumers looking for new lights in wake of the looming phase-out of 40- and 60-watt incandescents are going to have a new option next month, as today Philips introduced their new SlimStyle 60-watt replacement LED.

Using just 10.5 watts to give off 800 lumens, the SlimStyle LED offers the usual upgrade in energy efficiency, but the true story is the shape of the thing. Unlike traditional bulbs, it's flat, with a string of LEDs … Read more

Cree's new 75-watt replacement LED shines (hands-on)

At the start of this year, rising efficiency standards mandated an end to the manufacture of 75-watt incandescent lights -- putting out less than 15 lumens per watt just doesn't cut it anymore. Fortunately, LED bulbs are looking brighter than ever, with many energy-efficient options offering light outputs comparable to their incandescent predecessors.

Cree's just-announced 75-watt replacement LED is the latest offering for homeowners looking for better brightness, and after spending some time with one, I'm convinced that Cree has yet another winner on its hands. The bulb carries the familiar design of other Cree lights, with … Read more

Get a Dell 17-inch Haswell laptop for $399.99

Quick update on one of yesterday's freebies: SharewareOnSale has procured more licenses for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, so if you weren't able to snag a copy, you should be able to now.

Intel's Haswell processor has scored some pretty glowing reviews for offering improved battery life and graphics performance, but typically you have to pay a premium to get a laptop that has one.

Not today. For a limited time, Dell is offering the Inspiron 17 laptop for $399.99 shipped (plus sales tax in some states). It features a 17.3-inch display, a 500GB hard drive, … Read more

Apple replacing some 2011-2012 iMac graphics cards

Apple on Friday began a new program to replace faulty graphics cards found in some mid-2011 to late-2012 iMacs.

The program covers systems with AMD Radeon HD 6970M video cards. Those were found in the 27-inch iMac models with either the 3.1GHz or 3.4GHz quad-core Intel i-series chips.

According to support language, the video cards could fail, "causing the computer display to appear distorted, white or blue with vertical lines, or to turn black."

That iteration of iMac was sold between May 2011 to October 2012.

The program overlaps with an earlier replacement program covering Seagate … Read more

Review: Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face is short on features

Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face lets you create funny videos by replacing or adding your own mouth and voice to pictures. The app was put on this earth to entertain and it succeeds; however, you're limited to only three pictures and certain features in the free version. To unlock the other faces and features, you'll have to pay.

Funny Movie Maker opens with three unlocked faces: a blonde who is missing a face, a strawberry with eyes, and a picture of Benjamin Franklin. Like we mentioned earlier, if you want to use another template, you'll … Read more

iPhone 5 repairs won't come cheap

It's happened to a lot of people -- their iPhone drops from their hands, falls off their lap, plunks into a toilet, or gets knocked off a table.

Showing off a cracked iPhone screen is sometimes almost a point of pride. I have one friend who lovingly calls his damaged phone "The Hurt Locker," referring to the 2008 movie about a bomb disposal team working during the Iraq War.

But, many of these damaged iPhones cease to work after going through various mishaps. That's when repairs come into play -- and, they're not cheap.

Currently, … Read more

Apple will replace faulty Apple TVs for free

9to5Mac is reporting that according to internal communications, Apple has implemented a new policy at its retail stores and support centers that a small number of its Apple TV media devices may be faulty and be eligible for a free replacement.

The applicable systems are third-generation Apple TVs that are experiencing network connectivity issues where they either cannot locate or are unable to join wireless networks, or they can only successfully connect part of the time.

This issue affects only a small number of devices that Apple has identified. To qualify, your Apple TV's serial number must meet the … Read more