Spring clean with Revo Uninstaller Pro

If you're an app aficionado, you've heard of Revo Uninstaller. It has been praised as one of the best uninstaller programs for PCs and runs circles around the default Windows uninstaller. Thanks to the folks at Revo, you can now get this essential toolkit for only $15.70 -- 60 percent off the regular price of $39.25.

A combination uninstaller and Registry cleaner, Revo Uninstaller Pro is one of the first program that new computer owners should install. This premier software allows you to remove installed applications quickly, while efficiently cleaning up leftover files and Registry keys, … Read more

The lazy way to unsubscribe from annoying e-mail lists

Look, I've got weaknesses, OK?

I have an unbalanced sympathy for the vertically challenged, the dimpled, and the low-voiced.

And then there's my e-mail inbox. I allow e-mails from a multitude of companies to fester there like septic acne. I don't know why I let them stay there. It's like that college friend who says he'd like to stay for a few days and, three months later, he wants to remind you that you've run out of his favorite Frosties.

Once in awhile, I'll whip down the page and click on "unsubscribe&… Read more

Review: Surf safe and stay protected with Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Pro Antivirus 2014 builds on Avast's proven antivirus technology with privacy-enhancing anti-phishing, do-not-track, and browser-cleaning features -- and its new, proactive Software Updater keeps everything current. Avast Pro's Sandbox and Safe Zone features protect you from malware and other bad downloads, and its Cloud Scanning algorithm and crowd-sourced early-warning features detect and destroy even zero-day threats. Avast Pro is free to try, but its license is almost $40. That's not too much for Avast Pro's extra features and technical support, especially compared to an infected PC.

Avast Pro did most of the setup work, itself, … Read more

Review: dupeGuru for Mac locates and removes duplicate files from your computer

dupeGuru for Mac locates and removes duplicate photos, documents, programs, and other files from your computer so you don't have to do it, manually. You'll find this app especially useful if you have several hard disks and store a lot of files on them.

After installing dupeGuru for Mac, you are greeted by a menu describing it as "fairware," a licensing concept that basically means that you can enjoy all the features of the app without paying for it, but that you can only delete 10 duplicate files without a full license. The app sports a … Read more

Review: Smart Toolbar Remover nixes most browser toolbars without a hitch

Smart Toolbar Remover dispatches toolbars from your browser in no time, and it does it without bogging down your processor or installing its own nasty toolbars, as well. If your browser or home page has been hijacked by an add-on program, this program will get rid of it for you.

Smart Toolbar Remover is geared toward eliminating toolbars that inject themselves into your browser during another program's install. It scans for nasty add-ons right when you activate the program and it did return results in our test scans. It finds any program that it believes is a toolbar in … Read more

HTC One Max: Cover removable, but not battery. Why?

It's like HTC is taunting us with the One Max.

The One Max is the company's latest product and a super-sized addition to HTC's aluminum-clad smartphone family.

Beyond the 5.9-inch display and fingerprint sensor, the biggest difference in the One Max is the removable back. Somehow, the company was able to keep the all-metal body but allow users to pry off the back, allowing for the addition of a micro-SD card for expanded memory. Unfortunately, users still aren't able to swap out the battery, which remains sealed up.

The lack of a removable battery represents one of the biggest blown opportunities for the HTC One Max.… Read more

Review: Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool detects and removes dangerous malware

Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool for Mac detects and removes malicious Flashfake Trojans effectively from an infected computer with just a few clicks. The application is stable and has a good performance, overall, scanning and displaying results promptly.

The app installs quickly and has the type of interface you'd expect from a security app; that is to say, more practical than stylish. If you're not sure what Flashfake Trojans are, you'll find a generous Help section in the menu bar detailing the vulnerabilities and potential risks associated with this kind of malware. In short, Flashfakes hijack Web search … Read more

Review: Achieve a frustration-free PC solution with Jumpshot

Dubbing itself "a new weapon to battle PC frustration," Jumpshot is a fully-automated solution to PC troubleshooting. Getting Jumpshot to run is easy: just download and run the setup file at Web site ( You can also get the file via USB stick featuring three Jumpshot mascots. The USB is a nice touch with some space to spare (We got the 8GB model!) in case you want to back up a couple of vital files. Of course you can always use your own thumb drive. You will still be required to be connected to the Internet for … Read more

Review: Remove unwanted toolbars and adware with Junkware Removal Tool

Thisisu's Junkware Removal Tool purges your system of PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) like adware and toolbars almost as easily as they find their way into your system. It's not uncommon for freeware to come bundled with other programs that you can usually decline to install, but it's also not unusual for one to sneak past your defenses. Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) is a one-step system cleaner that targets PUPs, adware, toolbars, and other malicious, suspicious, and pernicious system parasites, removing not only the unwanted program but also any traces left behind in your Registry and other places … Read more

Review: Should it stay or should it go? Let Should I Remove It help you decide

Reason Software's freeware isn't misnamed: Its advice and feedback-sourced ratings can actually help you decide what to keep and what to toss when you're cleaning out the forgotten, unused, and unwanted apps that pile up on your PC like old sports equipment in the back of the hall closet. The only way to tell a good club or racquet from a trashed one is to look at it, and the same is true for software. Should I Remove It's ratings and links help you decide whether a program is safe or a risk, or whether it'… Read more