BaconReader for Reddit review

BaconReader for Reddit brings the complete Reddit experience to your smartphone or tablet; using it is in many ways more appealing than accessing the popular bulletin board-styled news and social Web site through your Web browser. To really enjoy this app, however, you may have to pay to remove the distracting ads.


Great functionality: BaconReader for Reddit enables you not only to read Reddit content, but also to comment, scroll and expand comments, view posted slideshows, vote submissions up or down, and easily save or share favorites. We especially like the subreddit sidebar for quick navigation and the full … Read more

Interviewly makes sense of Reddit's messy AMAs

Reddit AMAs can be interesting and even insightful, but their chaotic layout makes them less than user-friendly. A Web site called Interviewly tries to clear up the chaos.

The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) gives people a chance to interact with celebrities, tech leaders, and other prominent people through Q&A sessions. Anyone who joins in on a Reddit AMA can throw out questions hoping for a response from the interviewee. But actually reading an AMA is a chore as questions, comments, conversation threads, and responses all get jumbled together.

Interviewly gives a new paint job to those Reddit … Read more

This app gives your Android background an amazing look

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a free app from developer Roman Nurik. His name may sound familiar, as he is also the developer of the popular DashClock widget.

Taking the same approach that he took with DashClock, Nurik has made Muzei Live Wallpaper free and open to developers to integrate with various services.

After installing Muzei, you'll have the option to select a service from which the app will pull random images. The default option is featured art, updated once a day. You can also select a photo album on your device, and increase the frequency of your wallpaper changing, … Read more

Bill Gates fesses up on Reddit to his one 'expensive guilty pleasure purchase'

"Hello Reddit - I'm Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft founder. Ask me anything."

And so they did.

Fresh from helping to choose the next CEO to run the company he co-founded nearly four decades ago, Gates descended from the mountaintop to mix it up with the new media masses with his second Reddit appearance in the last year.

Even before the festivities officially got underway, Gates posted a video where he answered a question ahead of time by someone left on the Reddit board asking whether he would pick up … Read more

GTA players turn virtual photographers to shoot in-game combat

My neighbors have been meeting regularly to discuss ways we can report and prevent crime in our area. I have a new idea -- get Grand Theft Auto V gamers on the case. They're doing a mighty thorough job documenting crime in Los Santos.

It's all thanks to photographer and filmmaker Christopher Murrie, who a few days back let Reddit know he's been playing GTA Online in passive mode as a "war correspondent" dressed in a helmet, camo pants, and a black jacket with "MEDIA" printed across the back. Passive mode makes it impossible to attack other players while you're on foot, and makes you impervious to attacks yourself. … Read more

Internet gets to name a real baby, 'Cthulhu' is top contender

Many prospective parents troll the Internet looking for potential baby names. Reddit user digitalgecko (real name Stephen McLaughlin) just took it to the natural next step and is asking the Internet at large to handle the naming duties for his unborn daughter. Yes, his wife knows and (apparently) agreed to the project.

McLaughlin built out a site at where visitors can submit names and vote on their favorites. The baby is due April 2. Two top contenders at the moment are "Amelia All-Spark McLaughlin," which certainly has a nice ring to it, and "Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin."

Apparently All-Spark for a middle name is a hands-down favorite.… Read more

It's a muttsterpiece! Dog and his human pal reenact movies

For those people who believe their favorite movies like "Spider-Man" and "The Hunger Games" would be better if dogs replaced the lead characters, you're in for a treat.

Redditor mmsspp borrowed his boss' dog Wrigley to recreate iconic scenes in some unlikely movies. Many of his photos reenact romantic moments in "Titanic," "Ghost," "Brokeback Mountain," "The Notebook," and "Top Gun," which makes for some rather awkward portraits.

"My boss brings her dog Wrigley to work every day, and for the past month we've … Read more

Bill Gates plays Secret Santa to Reddit user

Bill Gates as Santa Claus? That's the role he played to one girl on Reddit.

Excited and shocked when she learned the source behind her generous gift giving, Redditor Rachel detailed the exchange in a Redditgifts post Wednesday night. Served up by the folks at Reddit, Redditgifts is an online gift exchange where people become Secret Santas by exchanging presents with friends and strangers around the world.… Read more

Reddit finds lost dog, Internet says 'aww'

When most people lose a dog, they put up posters, call the local animal shelters, and perhaps post an ad on Craigslist. Reddit contributor p1percub turned to the massive online community earlier this week and posted to the Houston subreddit with a plea for help.

Jack the pit/lab mix got away from p1percub, ran into the street, was hit by a truck, and took off at a pace the redditor couldn't keep up with. She posted an Imgur photo that generated nearly 40,000 views. Local redditors got busy sharing the image around, creating a digital dragnet for the lost pooch.… Read more

PlayStation 4 survives devastating tornado

The tornado-producing storms that ripped through the Midwest on Sunday left a swath of devastation. Washington, Ill., lost hundreds of houses, but it appears one man found a gem in the rubble: his new PlayStation 4.

Charmingly named Redditor hepatitisC posted an image of the unidentified man wearing a Chicago Bears hat and holding up an in-the-box PS4 while standing in front of a house that had been torn to shreds by the storm.… Read more