Fitbit Force rash debacle leads to possible class-action lawsuit

Could this be the beginning of a Fitbit rash-gate? After company apologies, medical investigations, a full recall, and putting an end to sales of the Fitbit Force activity-tracking device -- some users still aren't satisfied.

A lawsuit against Fitbit, which is seeking class-action status, was filed on Monday in the Superior Court of California in San Diego County, according to The Wall Street Journal. The suit alleges that Fitbit didn't do a good enough job at alerting consumers about possible rashes caused by the Force in its promotional and advertising material.

The suit is being led by aviation … Read more

Fitbit Force users report roughly 10,000 cases of skin irritation

Some side effects can come with activity monitoring with a Fitbit Force health tracker, but they're not sore muscles or an accelerated heart rate -- rather, they involve skin irritation around the wrist.

More than 10,000 people have reported skin irritation -- including redness, rashes, itchy and dry patches, and blistering -- from their Fitbit Force, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Because of these issues, the CPSC posted Fitbit's official recall notice on its site on Wednesday. Now, all Force owners can get a full refund for their device.

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Fitbit halts sale of Force fitness band, issues recall due to skin irritation

The Fitbit Force health tracker -- a slim rubber wristband that counts steps and monitors one's sleep -- is meant to be worn at all hours of the day, unless you're one of the select users that have begun reporting mild to semi-severe skin irritation including rashes, itchy and dry patches, and even blisters.

Now, after weeks of building momentum, Fitbit is issuing a recall for its $129 Force product, refunding in full any affected owners while it reportedly works on releasing a replacement device.

"We have stopped selling Force and have decided to conduct a voluntary … Read more

Firefox to put ads in new tabs

CNET Update only plays Flappy Bert:

In this episode of Update:

- Get set to spot sponsored websites when opening up new tabs in your Firefox browser.

- See if you're one of the few with the new Twitter profile (which happens to look like a Facebook page).

- Get a software update for your Prius to fix a hybrid-system defect.

- Avoid downloading Flappy Bird apps from third-party Android app stores. It's likely malware disguised as the over-hyped game.

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Review: Organize information with Ultra Recall Portable

Ultra Recall Portable bills itself as an information management tool for Windows, but it doesn't sync with all the places the information may already exist. Ultimately, you'll probably need to spend time manually entering or cutting and pasting information, which seems counter-intuitive for Ultra Recall Portable's purpose. And it duplicates some of the functionality found in common programs like Outlook.

Ultra Recall Portable doesn't require installation and you can take it with you on a USB drive. You just need to unzip its folder and click the executable to run it. The compact interface sports a … Read more

Tesla's Musk: Despite fires, Model S still safest vehicle

Tesla CEO Elon Musk worked to calm fears on Tuesday that the company's all-electric Model S sedan may be prone to fires.

Speaking in an interview at The New York Times DealBook conference, Musk said that despite some bad press about three car fires in the past two months, there is no way the company needs to issue a recall on the vehicles.

"There's definitely not going to be a recall," Musk said. "There's no reason for a recall, I believe."

Musk maintained that Tesla cars are the safest automobiles on the road. … Read more

Apple recalls certain MacBook Air flash storage drives

Apple announced in a blog post Thursday that it's recalling 64- and 128-gigabyte flash storage drives that were used in the previous generations of the MacBook Air sold between June 2012 and June 2013.

The blog post, first spotted by Cult of Mac, says users with affected drives can either make an appointment with an Apple Genius at an Apple retail store to get the drive replaced, or go to any one of the company's authorized service providers.

Apple also warns these users not to download any new operating systems, and urges people to back up their data … Read more

Toyotas can't deal with spiders

I always thought car manufacturers thought of everything.

They realize you might live in a hot or a cold climate. They know that some people drive more roughly than others.

However, it seems that Toyota's designers hadn't quite accounted for spiders.

According to CNN Money, 870,000 Toyotas are being recalled because if spiders get inside and weave a web, passengers might have an interesting pattern imprinted on their faces, when the airbag suddenly deploys for no apparent reason.

Here is the explanation: spiderwebs can, on occasion, actually block drainage tubes connected to the air conditioning condenser. Coincidentally, … Read more

Best Buy recalls MacBook Pro replacement batteries due to 'burn hazards'

After a U.S. government agency received 13 reports of battery fires, including one that caused a "serious burn" to the user's leg, Best Buy has decided to recall thousands of replacement batteries for Apple's MacBook Pro laptops.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Wednesday that "consumers should stop using this product" because "the battery can catch fire while charging." The culprit product is ATG lithium-ion batteries and Best Buy is recalling about 5,100 of them.

Those batteries being recalled are both the black and white ATG replacement batteries … Read more

Wait, Subarus start themselves without your permission?

The adoration of Subarus has passed me by.

To me, they seem like very efficient mailboxes, driven exclusively by people who want to prevent the world from coming to a swifter end.

However, my mind is being altered by the notion that these cars are actually possessed of their own consciousness.

As evidence, may I reveal that 47,419 of them are being recalled, in order to be lobotomized and returned to their former passive state.

As USA Today recalls it, dropping the key fob on many Subarus released from 2010 to 2013 causes them to come to life.

Spontaneously. … Read more