The 404 1,435: Where we reach the big reveal with Screen Rant's Kofi Outlaw (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out Screen Rant: The #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website.

- Screen Rant's riskiest movies of 2014.

- The latest episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast predicts the 2014 Oscar winners.

- Follow Screen Rant's Kofi Outlaw on Twitter.… Read more

The best of Season 5!

The time has come for our "best-of" episode of Always On's final season. Over the year and a half or so that we've been pumping out episodes, our multitude of torture tests, unboxings, Future Techs, and road tests has taken us places we never could've imagined. While Los Angeles was the farthest we traveled from home this time around, Season 5 still produced some segments that are up there with the best of them.

All but one episode in Season 5 included one of our Future Tech installments. However, our favorite of the bunch got … Read more

Episode 51: Drones and the S4 Active

We believe it won't be long until human civilization goes full "Fifth Element"-style and takes most everything to the skies (we know, those were just really tall buildings). While unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have been making headlines frequently over the last few years for a slew of negative reasons, they're also delivering pizzas in a very high-tech fashion. For this week's future tech, we visit the crew at 3D Robotics in Berkeley, Calif., to hear their take on the future of UAVs. Oh yeah, they give us a pretty stellar, Oculus Rift equipped … Read more

Episode 49: Moto X goes socialite, high-tech parking, and a Glass mini-rant!

This week's episode marks our first cross-brand promotion! I talked about our high-tech parking story on the Marketplace Tech Report from American Public Media, which aired the same day as this new episode.

I was quite proud of that bit of synergy, and of course it means the story is just that cool. Between apps that let you pay for parking and re-up when you run out to sensors embedded in the ground that collect data about parking patterns in an entire city, parking is about to undergo a welcome revolution. I, for one, think marriages could be saved … Read more

Microsoft buys Nokia handset unit: It's an end-to-end world after all

Remember when Apple lived and died by vertically integrated software and hardware, while Google and Microsoft stood their philosophical ground and created open and not-very-open software (respectively) in order to proliferate across myriad devices and gobble up market share in the doing?

So, that seems over now. Suddenly Google and Microsoft are intensely in the hardware game. Google creates custom hardware to show off and expand its Android and Chrome OS powers, buys Motorola Mobility and risks all kinds of partner wrath to put Google bells and whistles on the new Moto X. And then Microsoft goes and drops $7 billion on Nokia's device and services divisionRead more

Gmail: You weren't really expecting privacy, were you?

So, I just finished reading Google's motion to dismiss in response to a lawsuit alleging that its e-mail scanning violates California privacy laws. And I'll say this: those Google lawyers are towering writers, indeed. But on to the point: did Google really argue in its rebuttal to the lawsuit that Gmail users do not and never should have an expectation of privacy when they're using Gmail? I mean, they actually just came out and said it like that!?

Well, yes. But if you read the brief, or the Gmail Terms of Service, or even stop and think … Read more

Apple store crazy lady immortalized by Backstreet Boys

Tone is everything. I say that to all my exes as they're telling me that I'm a no-good worm that turns every apple rotten.

It's also something that must have been learned by the lady who walked into an L.A. Apple store recently. Yes, the one who screamed her head off because she couldn't just get the part she required to complete her computing life.

The poor lady didn't have an appointment -- other than with fame, of course.

It wasn't her fault that actress Porscha Coleman made a Vine out of her performance. (… Read more

Lego, you are dead to me

I am done with Lego. And no, it's not because I stepped on a brick in the middle of the night last night, suffering what can only be described as the worst pain in the world, although yes, that's a permanent source of rage for every parent, really. No, I'm done with Lego because that sacred cow of millions of geeks who grew up happily constructing elaborate vehicles, castles, cities, and imaginary lands, is no longer the Lego of our childhood. It's time to face the hard truth: Lego is evil now.

On the one hand, … Read more

Twitter needs to deal with the Twitter Accuracy Problem

Twitter's had a bad couple of weeks.

First, the Boston marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt led many (including me) to question the role of fast-moving, potentially inaccurate real-time Twitter reporting and its effect on mainstream news.

Then today, a false tweet from a hacked Associated Press Twitter account claimed that the White House had been bombed and that President Obama had been injured. The news caused a sudden plunge in the stock market (and, one can probably assume, some massive profit-taking by the hackers).

Twitter has always had an accuracy problem. It's a lot of voices, its information … Read more

Samsung GS4 launch: Tone-deaf and shockingly sexist

Dear Samsung: What just happened?

In the middle of a red-hot conversation about women in technology, the resurgence of the equal-pay discussion, and Sheryl Sandberg reigniting the very concept of feminism in America, Samsung delivered a Galaxy S4 launch event that served up more '50s-era stereotypes about women than I can count, and packaged them all as campy Broadway caricatures of the most, yes, offensive variety.

To be fair, everyone in Samsung's bizarre, hourlong parade of awkward exchanges, forced laughs, and hammy skits was a stereotype. The kid was lispy, tow-headed, and tap-dancing (the little girl did ballet, of … Read more