Review: Modify default settings for Quicktime using Quicktime X Preferences for Mac

Users may want to change preferences in their Quicktime player without having to do it every time the program opens. Quicktime X Preferences for Mac's options window allows changes to a number of default settings, which is a welcome feature for some users.

After startup, this freeware application installs easily as an additional preference pane in the system preferences menu. There did not appear to be any technical support available, but there was a basic readme file that explained the various options present and how changing each impacted the Quicktime program. Some of the options include automatically playing movies, … Read more

Play back WMV files on your Mac with Flip4Mac WMV Player

Flip4Mac WMV Player is used to play Windows .WMV files on your MacBook or iMac. Since WMV files are ubiquitous on the Internet, the ability to play these files natively without converting them is a nice feature. Flip4Mac WMV Player plays WMV files through QuickTime, so any application that supports QuickTime can be used to play WMV files, including Mac-supported Web browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Flip4Mac WMV Player is free, although there is limited functionality unless you upgrade to the full Pro (or higher) version. Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro has some conversion capabilities, so you can convert WMV … Read more

KMPlayer is a powerhouse

Once you get past its nightmare of an installation process, KMPlayer's sheer power and flexibility are impressive. It includes a vast array of video- and audio-capturing options, as well as skins, a plethora of playback controls and tweaks, and broad DVD support.

When installing KMPlayer, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as the process is less than straightforward. It presents a number of different jargon-filled installation options ("Extender Plus External Codec?"), an offer for a bundled Ask.com toolbar, and inexplicably another offer for a "Clean Water Action Reminder." It's also worth noting … Read more

Apple QuickTime update for Windows only; Macs already secure

Apple issued a QuickTime update today that addresses a number of security vulnerabilities in the media player and its Web plug-in. This update is only for Windows-based machines that have QuickTime installed, since Mac systems have had this update applied in recent security updates for OS X.

Apple's QuickTime media player and plug-in are used by about half of all Windows PCs and all of Apple's systems since OS X includes QuickTime as a core component of the OS. Because of its popularity, attackers may use vulnerabilities in it as a vector for compromising the system on which … Read more

Apple issues security update to QuickTime, now version 7.6.9

Apple has updated its QuickTime software, now at version 7.6.9, to fix vulnerabilities where a maliciously designed file could execute arbitrary code or lead to the application terminating.

As Apple describes in its knowledge base article:

"Description: A heap buffer overflow exists in QuickTime's handling of JP2 images. Viewing a maliciously crafted JP2 image may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. This issue is addressed through improved bounds checking. For Mac OS X v10.6 systems, this issue is addressed in Mac OS X v10.6.5. Credit to Nils of MWR … Read more

Perian 1.2.1 updated, fixes crashes

The third-party video codec pack for QuickTime "Perian" has been updated to version 1.2.1, which adds support for more codecs and fix a number of bugs that caused crashes. The application is a popular plugin for QuickTime that allows many non-standard and obscure codecs to be played in Apple's default media player.… Read more

Mac development of VLC nearly dead

Update (2x): VideoLAN has issued some clarification on this development (read below)

VideoLAN Client, or VLC, has been a popular media player for OS X that has developed and progressed over the years. It has been a great alternative to QuickTime because of its support for a vast array of codecs and robust capability to play even corrupt videos. If a file has been damaged or improperly encoded, when QuickTime displays errors and does not play the file, VLC may be able to work. Unfortunately, at this point because of the lack of Mac developers helping the project, support for OS X is nearly dead.… Read more

Rotate vertical videos using iMovie '09 or Quicktime Pro 7

Learn a quick and simple way to rotate videos you have taken vertically using Apple's iMovie '09 or Quicktime Pro 7. Users should be aware that Quicktime Pro 7 is a $29.99 upgrade to Apple's Quicktime Player software that enables you to convert your videos to different formats, export versions of your video for sharing, and edit your masterpiece. iMovie '09 is a more robust video editing package that comes standard with any new Mac.… Read more

Play WMV files on your Mac

Most PCs can handle QuickTime videos, but playback for Windows Media (WMV) files on a Mac isn't always predictable. Flip4Mac WMV is a free collection of QuickTime components that lets you play WMV and Microsoft Silverlight files on your Mac, either through QuickTime Player or right in your browser. You can also pay to upgrade Flip4Mac for more advanced WMV features, such as importing, exporting, and creating encoding profiles, which integrate with other QuickTime applications like Final Cut Pro.

If you just want to play videos, you only need the free Flip4Mac WMV Player. Flip4Mac then installs plug-ins that … Read more