Convenience from the convenience key

QuickLaunch isn't for everyone, just for those who want to incrementally save time opening apps and media stored on their BlackBerry. One by one, you'll be able to pick out software programs, photos, a Web site, oft-used e-mail address, and so on, for which you'd like to have fast access. Press the convenience key (the right one, by default) and a list jumps up, docked to the right edge of the screen, that's populated with links to your most important content. Simply click the item in QuickLaunch to place a call, play a video, or compose … Read more

Power Downloader's iconic removal

One of Power Downloader's pet personal computer peeves is the Safely Remove Hardware icon that pops up and nags him anytime he removes a device. External hard drive, thumb drive, a USB-powered fan--there's no escaping that pesky pop-up.

Except, of course, there is a solution. In fact, there are two easy solutions, says Power Downloader: One uses a small program, while the other involves tweaking the QuickLaunch bar's properties.

The tiny and free program called Icon Remover comes with two functions: a button to remove the Safely Remove Hardware icon, and a second button to restore it. … Read more

Power Downloader discovers RocketDock

Power Downloader is a lifelong Windows PC user, but he has a lot of respect for those who use other operating systems. Power knows that it's not as important what kind of computer you use as it is the software you choose to run on it. He has even admitted to Kitty Kilobyte in the past that both Mac and Linux operating systems are as attractive as they are functional.

That's why Power Downloader was pleased with an e-mail he received from Kitty Kilobyte the other day with a special program for his Windows PC. Kitty explained she … Read more

Power Downloader launches anything on the fly

When Power Downloader is hot on the trail of an Internet criminal, time is of the essence. If he needs to find specific computer information about his target quickly, he doesn't always have time to navigate through the usual Windows Explorer folders. Power knows spending a bunch of time trying to find the right folder or Web site can be the difference between making a capture and losing the trail.… Read more