Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers.

This week readers wrote in with questions about enabling TRIM on third-party replacement solid-state drive (SSD) devices, installing alternate Wi-Fi adapters to work around problems with the built-in adapter, using the Lion version of Quicken 2007 on older systems, and using a Time Machine drive for dual use as a storage drive. We welcome alternative approaches and views from readers, so if you have any suggestions or alternative approaches to these problems, post them in the comments!

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Intuit releases Lion-compatible Quicken 2007

When OS X Lion was released, Apple dropped all support for the PowerPC processor by removing the Rosetta dynamic translator that allowed PowerPC code to run on Intel-based Macs. Unfortunately this move did prevent a number of older software packages from running in Lion, with one of these being the popular Quicken 2007 personal finance software for OS X.

While Intuit has developed Quicken Essentials for OS X that uses Intel-native code, the program is missing a number of features from the older Quicken packages, making it an unattractive option for those who have heavily used Quicken in the past. … Read more

Quicken 2007 promised for OS X Lion

One of the biggest disappointments for users of Intuit's popular Quicken personal finance suites, was finding that the program would not work in Apple's latest OS X Lion operating system.

Quicken 2007 and earlier versions are built extensively off of code that is specific to the PowerPC processor, and since Apple's switch to Intel-based computers, Intuit has relied on the Rosetta translator included in Leopard and Snow Leopard to keep its programs running. Quicken ran well with Rosetta, but unfortunately Apple removed it as an option from OS X Lion, which in turn prevented Quicken 2006 ad … Read more

This is what dying software looks like: Quicken 2012

Every year, Intuit releases a new version of Quicken. Most years, I interview some honcho at Intuit who's running the personal finance division and we talk about where the category is going. The meetings got a lot more interesting a few years ago, when Mint threw a monkey wrench into the personal finance software market, which led to Intuit acquiring Mint and bringing in its CEO, Aaron Patzer, to re-light the Quicken product line. (You can download Quicken Premier, Quicken Home Business, and Quicken Deluxe from CNET Download.com.)

Patzer came in with grand visions and ideas to make … Read more

Why there's no grown-up Quicken for OS X Lion

If you have a grown-up financial life, with money in investment vehicles, Intuit has an up-to-date version of Quicken to help you keep track of it all--on Windows. If you're on a Mac, though, you might think Intuit has abandoned you. There's Quicken 2007 for the Mac, but nothing serious after that. And if you upgraded to OS X Lion, Quicken 2007 will no longer work on your Mac. It's the most infamous of the applications that have been left behind by the latest version of the Mac operating system, which no longer runs apps written for the PowerPC architecture, as Quicken 2007 was. What's worse, if you upgrade to Lion, you won't be able to extricate your data from Quicken at all, as no other app can read its proprietary format.

How did Intuit end up screwing over loyal Mac Quicken users so thoroughly? We can take swipes at Apple for prematurely ceasing support of the Rosetta technology that supported PowerPC apps, but Intuit, along with every other Mac developer, saw the end looming for old PPC apps. The light at the end of the tunnel was a 10-million watt Klieg light on a big, loud train. It appears that Intuit simply chose to neglect a portion of its customer base.

It's not quite that simple, of course, and there is finally new leadership at the company that is at least acknowledging the situation. Whether or not Intuit will ever do right by Mac users, though, is still an open question.

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Quicken 2007 may run in OS X Lion sooner or later

With rumor and speculation about Apple's removal of Rosetta support from OS X, one of the communities most concerned is the people who have become accustomed to using Quicken 2007 for Mac. Quicken was developed with PowerPC-specific instructions for core components of the software, which has made it a daunting and practically impossible task for Intuit to get running on the Intel architecture. As a result, when Apple drops PowerPC support altogether, Quicken will no longer run. However, there are some new developments that may shed some light on the problem for Quicken 2007 users.

According to The Mac Observer, … Read more

Quicken 2011 offers new features, better UI

Financial software might not be the type of thing to make your knees go weak, but a good program is a control freak's dream come true. Such is the case with Intuit's latest offering in the form of Quicken 2011, which is available starting today in a choice of three versions: Starter Edition ($29.95), Deluxe ($59.95), and Premier ($89.95).

It's immediately apparent that Intuit's acquisition of Mint last year has had a positive effect on the Quicken update. For one, the start-up process has been noticeably streamlined when compared with the previous version. … Read more

Quicken Online goes offline for Mint.com

Quicken Online has officially made its way into the history books, welcoming Mint.com to replace it, as of the weekend.

But unlike other migrations from one software product to another, many of which do a lot of the heavy lifting for the user, this switch from Quicken Online to Mint is no day at the beach. Because the platforms for the two products are so vastly different--including the way transactions are handled--the migration has been less than ideal, the company acknowledged.

Specifically, Quicken Online users weren't converted to Mint.com customers automatically. Users were required to establish new … Read more

Intuit Web sites come back online

Intuit's several Web sites, including Quicken Online and QuickBooks Online, are back online following a major power outage that took the sites down Tuesday evening.

In a statement released Thursday morning, Intuit said that after working throughout the night on Wednesday it had restored service to the customer sites that were down since 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday as a result of the outage. Those sites include Intuit's core Web site, QuickBooks Online, Quicken, QuickBase, and TurboTax Online. Intuit advises that in some cases customers may need to refresh their browsers to reconnect to the affected sites and … Read more

Intuit's Web sites hit by major outage

Intuit's core Web site and its QuickBooks and Quicken online sites have suffered a major outage, rendering them offline and unavailable since 7 p.m. PDT on Tuesday.

In a statement on its QuickBooks support page, Intuit acknowledged the outage but provided no details on the cause or estimated recovery time.

"Service Interruption to Intuit Websites and Applications: Intuit continues working to restore full service to a number of websites and applications that became unavailable at about 7pm Tuesday, Pacific time," read the statement. "Our first priority is to give customers full and complete access to … Read more