Quick Screenshot Maker review

Quick Screenshot Maker requires an incredibly arduous setup and rarely works even if you do it correctly. It's by no means easy to take screenshots on a pre-Ice Cream Sandwich phone, but this takes things a little too far. Between the fact that you need your computer to make it work, and the fact that it could load your phone with ads, there aren't many positives about this app.

This app offers to take screenshots of your phone, but you need a computer to do it. The app's "helper" download works for Macs, Windows, and … Read more

Keyboard Maestro for Mac review

Keyboard Maestro for Mac is a powerful program designed to let you create and manage macros to carry out all kinds of tasks you specify. The options for what you can automate are vast; and even if you don't have experience working with this type of program, there's a helpful tutorial to walk you through the process.


Lots of options: There are few limitations on what you can do and what types of tasks you can automate with this program. Whether you want to open folders with keyboard shortcuts or manage multiple clipboards simultaneously, you can do … Read more

Quick Web Search review

Quick Web Search is a browser specially optimized for searching specific terms online, and it opens ready to receive your search criteria. With this browser, you don't have to repeatedly tap search boxes to bring up the keyboard or remove previous entries, making searching the Web easier than ever.

The interface of this app is straightforward, with a search box in the middle of the screen when you first open it, and a keyboard already displayed on the screen. Just type in your search term, and hit "Go," and you'll be taken to a page displaying … Read more

QuickCast for Mac review

A snappy tool for creating screencasts, QuickCast for Mac can be used in sharing tutorials, documenting bug reports, and providing design critiques. It's lightweight and extremely accessible.


Fast and easy to use: QuickCast for Mac's toolbar icon makes the recording of a screencast quick and effortless. There will be a countdown before the actual recording starts.

Quick addition of introductory and closing texts: This feature makes this app a little different from other similar applications, and possibly more appealing.

Generates animated GIFs: Though animated GIFs are not an essential feature, they can be fun.


Limited recording … Read more

Get coordinates, quick directions in new Google Maps

Google removed the ability to get latitude, longitude and quick directions with a right-click when it redesigned the Google Maps site. But with the redesign leaving limited release, and being pushed to everyone now, Google is slowly bringing beloved features back to the site.

On Wednesday, the Google Maps team brought back the ability to right-click on the map and request more information about the location you selected. The feature, announced in a tweet, enables you to get directions to or from the location, as well as view the latitude and longitude.

In order to view the coordinates, you'll … Read more

AT&T's Drive Studio adds partners in connected car effort

BARCELONA, Spain -- AT&T's crew for its Drive Studio connected car facility is getting a little bigger.

The telecom company said Monday that it had signed up three new partners to help automakers ease their way into the world of wireless services.

First up is Qualcomm, which will debut its recently unveiled Snapdragon Automotive Solutions, which powers infotainment and telematics found at the Drive Studio. Qualcomm is making a big push into cars itself, following in the footsteps of Nvidia, which has long provided its Tegra processors to the automotive industry.

AT&T will also work … Read more

Review: ToolBar 2000 creates a collapsable toolbar for quick access to programs and files

ToolBar 2000 creates a toolbar that pops out of the side of your screen to provide quick access to any programs and files you choose. This is a handy alternative to the Start menu or taskbar icons; and depending on how you use your computer, it could be a helpful tool. The created toolbar is completely customizable and easy to navigate, so you can set it up to suit your specific needs.

As soon as you open ToolBar 2000, you're ready to start using it. Hovering your mouse over the right side of the screen will cause the toolbar … Read more

Review: Quick Note for Mac syncs notes automatically between your Mac and iPhone

Quick Note for Mac lets you type a note on your Mac that will almost instantly appear on your iPhone or vice versa. This is a very convenient piece of software that does just what it promises. It syncs your devices automatically through iCloud, so you don't even have to create a new account or log in to the app. As long as both your iPhone and Mac are logged in to the same Apple account, you're ready to share notes.

When you install Quick Note, it opens a small window and you can immediately start typing. This … Read more

Review: Create and view Office documents and presentations on the go with Quickoffice

Quickoffice gives you full control over your Office documents in a package that fits right in with the layout on most Android gadgets. It looks and feels like the Office reader Android has been sorely missing for years. You'd be hard pressed to find a more intuitive, sleek Office app for your phone or tablet without handing over some cash.

Quickoffice lets you view any Office documents -- whether they be spreadsheets, text, or even PowerPoint documents -- on your phone or tablet. Not only does it accept documents from your SD card, it also automatically syncs to your … Read more

Review: Quick Edits is a bare-bones photo editor that offers nothing new

Quick Edits is another free photo editing app that offers nothing new beyond the Aviary tools it has licensed for editing. The result is an ad-riddled app that is at-times slow and never offers anything more than what dozens of other free apps in the same category already offer. Unless you have no editing apps or need something very stripped down for a quick edit, there is little reason to download this app.

When you open Quick Edits for the first time, you'll find a few options for how to take and edit your images. Snap a new pic … Read more