QR Code Reader and Scanner review

QR Code Reader and Scanner scans and translates any barcode or QR code, keeps track of the items you've scanned, and lets you create your own. No matter where you are or what you're trying to scan, this handy app will quickly recognize the code, capture it, and provide all relevant data associated with it.

When you open the app, you'll see a toolbar across the bottom of the screen that provides access to the various app features. To scan an item, just tap the QR code icon in the middle of this toolbar, and the camera … Read more

Review: QR Droid offers you one of the best QR scanners

QR Droid stands tall as one of the premier QR readers because it has a great combination of features and style. It doesn't hurt that the app is easy to use, even for mobile users who have never even seen a QR code. It would be nice if it scanned traditional bar codes like some apps do, but the number of ways it interacts with QR codes is enough.

You can use QR Droid to scan any QR code you find around town or even online to see what link or app it hides. In addition to scanning QR … Read more

PayPal simplifies online checkouts -- no more redirects

Paying for stuff with PayPal can sometimes be a pain. When users click to buy an item on third-party Web sites, they are usually redirected to PayPal's site, have to sign in there and then carry out the process. This is something the online payments company is now changing.

Paypal announced on Monday that it is redesigning its online checkout system so that those annoying redirects are no longer part of the payment process. Now, customers should be able to do the whole checkout within a merchant's Web site and in fewer steps.

PayPal's vice president of … Read more

Review: Scandit QR & Barcode Scanner will scan and open any code on your iPhone

Scandit QR and Barcode Scanner allows you to scan any barcode or QR code on your iPhone and then open it in a browser window within the app. With a universal scanner and a history tool to keep track of what you've scanned and looked at, you can use the app to track and manage a number of different scans. Whether tracking items you want to buy or QR codes related to business cards or ads you've seen, the app offers a nice interface for doing all of the above.

After installing the app, you can open and … Read more

Australian postal service introduces video stamps

We're surprised, after Croatia introduced the QR code stamp last year, that the idea hasn't really taken off. After all, stamps are the perfect size and shape for the smartphone-scannable bar codes.

It's awesome to see Australia Post getting in on the action. Unlike the Croatian stamp, which was used to track the passage of mail across the globe, though, Australia Post's version -- called the Video Stamp -- lets you record a video message to send with your post. You can record 15 seconds of footage up to 12 hours after you have posted your item.

When recipients get the package, they can scan the stamp using their smartphone to receive whatever message you want to send. If the recipient doesn't have a smartphone, they can enter an eight-digit code on the Australia Post Web site to view the video. … Read more

PayPal offers QR codes for retail-store purchases

PayPal introduced new hardware last month that would allow customers to pay for items without even taking out their phones, similar to how Square's merchant app works.

Now, PayPal has taken another page out of its competitor's book -- the PayPal app will generate a payment QR code that any business with a scanner or PIN code machine can accept.

The company, which announced the feature Tuesday, plans to roll it out globally early next year.

Don Kingsborough, vice president of retail and prepaid products at PayPal, said that this is something PayPal has "researched for a … Read more

Tag, you're out: Microsoft to nix its bar code variant

Microsoft is killing its proprietary alternative to QR codes.

The company announced the news on Monday, saying that Microsoft Tag will "terminate in two years, on August 19, 2015." Although it might seem odd that Microsoft would announce the closure so far in advance, the company's terms of service require that it provide that much notice to users.

The colorful Microsoft Tag was supposed to be the software giant's answer to bar codes, traditional black-and-white QR codes, and other similar scannable tags. But the service, which Microsoft says was used by some major companies and ad … Read more

'Smart Diaper' with QR code may track tots' health

Next up for the square-shaped bar codes called QR codes: your baby's diapers?

Pixie Scientific has created a "Smart Diaper" that tests a baby's urine. Parents can then scan the QR code on the diaper and receive information about their child's health.

The device claims to track changes in a baby's urine, potentially showing signs of a urinary tract infection, prolonged dehydration, or risk for kidney problems. When a baby pees, test strips surrounding the QR code will pick up the waste and start the testing process.

Parents are asked to scan the QR code located on the back of the Smart Diaper once a day with their smartphones. The app's algorithms will instantly analyze the contents, according to the makers. Scanning the diaper daily can provide a picture of any changes that may signal health problems, claims Pixie Scientific, which is currently raising funds for the product on Indiegogo.… Read more

Review: QR Code Reader is less effective than its competitors

QR Code Reader is a basic application that allows the user to read QR codes and take action depending on the information stored in them. There are many good applications available that are capable of this function, but this one doesn't seem to be one of them.

Once QR Code Reader has been downloaded it opens quite sluggishly. On the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it took 15 seconds to open the application. For such a small application this delay seems unexplainable. The user interface features no controls. It simply displays a viewfinder window that must be lined up with the … Read more

Findables case turns your entire smartphone into a business card

QR codes haven't exactly set the world on fire, yet most people know what they are, and most phones can scan them, either out of the box or with a third-party app.

The Findables Case takes that idea to heart by emblazoning a unique QR code on each hard-plastic shell, the idea being to use that code to share information about yourself or help recover your lost phone.

In other words, your case can now take the place of your business card, while at the same time offering good Samaritans a means of contacting you (that doesn't involve poring through your address book).

When someone scans the code, they'll see one of three profiles (chosen by you via a companion app or the Findables Web site): Business, Social, or Lost.… Read more