The 404 1,176: Where where Brian admits he has a problem (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Justin wanted to like the modern take on The Rockettes at Friday's showing, didn't.

- Father of SMS reflects on 20th anniversary of first text.

- News Corp shuts down The Daily.

- These companies hate your guts.

- StickNFind Bluetooth stickers are the best idea you didn't think of.

- Apple trying to patent wireless charging.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1467: Angry Chrome Birds (Podcast)

Google keeps the news ball rolling, dropping two new Chromebook laptops and an enterprise-ready Chromebox. Plus, of course, they make Chrome OS official. Oh, and how could we bury the lead? Angry Birds is now available in the Chrome App Store! For free! Plus, it turns out 100,000 Facebook apps were accidentally leaking your data, Apple and Google hit the privacy hot sheet, and a dude jumps out of a helicopter with a rocket pack strapped to his back. We won't spoil the ending for you. --Molly

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Buzz Out Loud 1456: Sony's new Taburrito: the Tech Wrap Supreme (Podcast)

Facebook is unveiling, Youtube's going Hollywood, Nook Colors are Flashing, Netflix is growing, the White iPhone is coming, and Location Gate continues with Microsoft joining in the mix. All this while the USA tries to catch up with its superslow download speeds. I'd like a Tech Wrap Supreme please to help me digest all of this.

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Qik adds Android to iPhone video calls

Right on the heels of last month's Video Connect app release for iPhone, Qik today announces Video Connect for Android. So what does this analogous pair of apps mean in the grand scheme of mobile communications? It means another big step in the way of ubiquitous, cross-platform video phone calls. Adding the ability to initiate video calls between Android and iOS devices over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and WiMax networks is sure to bring the already popular app tons of new users.

In addition to its primary video calling feature, the app offers integrated sharing across social media (Facebook, Twitter, … Read more

Skype introduces Qik Video Connect for iPhone

One-time Skype competitor Qik has released its latest app for video communications: Qik Video Connect for iPhone. The new program expands on Qik's work with video calling and broadcast.

The app offers two-way video calls, and lets you record video mail. Qik's live broadcasting skill is present in the feature that lets you post a live link to Facebook and Twitter if you'd like, so friends can watch in real time.

Taking the video theme one step further, Qik Video Connect can create a newsfeed so you can watch friends' videos from the iPhone. It works over … Read more

CES 2011 going by Qik

Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

Dell announces the 7-inch Dell Streak, an Android-based tablet

Skype announces its acquisition of Qik

Lady Gaga announces her Grey Line of Polaroid products including a camera, a printer, and sunglasses with a built-in camera

Verizon shows off a home energy and security monitoring system

RealD announces standardized universal 3D glasses

Apple's Mac App Store launches with 1 million downloads in its first day

Waterloo Labs shows off eyeball controlled gaming

Dreambots is just what your sore muscles need: a motorized masseuse

CES: Skype acquiring mobile video expert Qik

Skype, a powerhouse in the area of voice and video chat over the Net, said today it's acquiring Qik, a mobile video specialist.

The move stands to expand what Skype can mobile phones. Today it's got apps for voice chat, but Qik brings video to the party with applications that run today on Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

"Together, Skype and Qik will focus on providing a richer, more integrated experience that will allow people globally to share experiences in real-time video across different platforms, as well as store those moments so they can be … Read more

CES: Skype buys rival Qik to handle two-way Android video calls

LAS VEGAS--If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. In the weeks leading up to CES, we guessed that Skype would take two-way video calling to Andorid phones.

What we didn't expect was that it'd do so by snatching up the competition. At a press conference, Skype announced that it acquired Qik, a rival that became well known when it was preloaded onto the HTC Evo with its front-facing camera.

Tony Bates, Skype's new CEO (about 17 days new, Bates says), wouldn't disclose Qik's purchase price (it's rumored to be a cool $100 million), … Read more

The 404 682: Where we face-off with Eklund (podcast)

Do not attempt to adjust your picture- today's guest on The 404 Podcast prefers to remain anonymous, even using the pseudonym "Eklund" to protect his sources. Still, there's no way to hide to the giant grin on Jeff's face because Eklund grants us the favor of his first ever video interview, and it's an insider's look at sports blogging and how technology is shaping the future of media.

There's no doubt that he's the expert, either-- Eklund is the founder and CEO of Hockeybuzz.com, a hockey fan's best friend for news, season predictions, game day updates, and more!

But none of us seem to mind that Eklund hides his face on camera, because he brought over his GTR Pedal board that he brings to every game- it's basically a portable broadcast center that allows him to maintain his Twitter page and blog posts, and there's no other way to describe it than straight up NERD PORN (<---click that).

The beautiful spread includes four Apple iPod Touches, an HTC Evo 4G for tethering and Qwik live broadcasts, a Toshiba dual-screen Libretta, an iPad with an AIDA case that has a built-in BT keyboard, a Pico mini projector, a Palm Pre, a Clear Wi-Max modem and router, a Windows tablet PC, and a Snowball mic for podcasting on the run! Our number one recommendation for his next purchase? A full-time bodyguard.

Eklund is truly on the bleeding edge of hockey blogging, and as he tells us stories from the Olympics we begin to understand how the future of media is tenderly shaped by his near-bionic hand. Apparently security at the Olympics weren't thrilled with Eklund broadcasting footage (firsties!) using just his Evo 4G and Qik, the provider for the Evo's video chat application, but Eklund imagines a world where every fan will have the technological ability and the NHL's sanction to record live events from alternate angles, providing a unique perspective on the game play.

There's plenty more we talk about with Eklund, but you'll have to listen to the entire episode to hear the rest of his insights...or, if you're in the New York area, drop by our Fall Meetup tonight to meet Eklund in person--he'll be the guy wearing a full-body radiation suit. We'll all be hanging out at 7:30 p.m. at the Frying Pan bar at the Chelsea Piers. See our 404 Meetup.com page for more details, and don't forget to RSVP!

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Android Atlas Weekly 2: Android takes on iPhone 4 (podcast)

Brian Tong joins us to talk about the high points of yesterday's WWDC announcement and how the new iPhone 4 compares to current Android hardware. Also, the HTC Evo 4G breaks a Sprint record, Android tablets for $100 and Google Music... coming soon? Plus copy/cut/paste shortcuts and a review of DoubleTwist.

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HTC’s Evo 4G smartphone debuts http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_15228405

HTC EVO 4G sets new sales records for Sprint http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/06/07/htc-evo-4g-blows-away-sprints-first-day-sales-records/Read more