Amazon considers raising Prime subscription fee by up to $40

Amazon may increase its US Amazon Prime membership fee by up to $40, the company's chief financial officer announced Thursday during an earnings call.

CFO Tom Szkutak said growing transportation costs may cause the online retail giant to add between $20 to $40 to the subscription fee. Prime -- which offers free, two-day shipping on certain items and access to Amazon's Prime Instant Video library and Kindle lending library -- currently costs $79 a year. He said the subscription service, has become very popular in the last nine years. Prime eligible items have grown from 1 million to … Read more

Intel cutting workforce as PC growth slows

Intel plans to cut about 5 percent of its global workforce, the company said in a statement Friday.

That comes to roughly 5,000 out of a total workforce of 107,000, Reuters said.

"Intel will be aligning resources to meet the needs of the business this year. This will include targeted workforce reduction in addition to realignment of resources," Intel said in a statement provided to CNET.

The statement continued. "While we expect that employment will come down by approximately 5 percent this year, we are not announcing a layoff. When we talk about reduction of … Read more

Apple's Tim Cook: iPhone 5C isn't our budget phone

Investors wanted to know Monday how the iPhone 5C helps Apple reach new, budget-conscious markets, but according to CEO Tim Cook, it probably won't.

In response to questions during the company's fiscal fourth-quarter earnings call about the iPhone 5C's price and the colorful phone's sales in "cost-sensitive countries," Cook said the the iPhone 5C was never meant to be a budget phone.

"That was never our intent, honestly. Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4S," he said, deflecting the questions about iPhone 5C sales. The iPhone 5C is meant to be a … Read more

Free software will result in $900 million deferral at Apple

Turns out that free comes at a cost.

Last week, Apple announced that it planned to make iLife, iWork, and Mavericks software available for free. "We are turning the industry on its ear," CEO Tim Cook said.

But in the conference call Monday following the release of the company's fiscal fourth quarter, Apple said that the company will need to defer a larger portion of sales of those devices, or about $900 million in revenue, to pay for it.

The company has been deferring revenue on many existing products, including iOS devices and Macs as part of … Read more

Apple's Q4 racks up $37.5B in sales, 33.8M iPhones, 14.1M iPads

Apple's iPhone once again led the company to earnings that were higher than what Wall Street expected.

On Monday, Apple reported fourth-quarter earnings of $8.26 per share on sales of $37.5 billion. Analysts, on average, forecast the company to post earnings of $7.92 per share on sales of $36.8 billion.

Apple said it sold 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads, 4.6 million Macs, and 3.5 million iPods during the quarter. Wall Street was expecting sales of around 32 million iPhones, 15 million iPads, 4.26 million Macs, and 4.2 million … Read more

As Apple unleashes new iPads, Wall Street homes in on iPhones

Apple reports its fourth-quarter earnings on Monday, and once again all eyes are on the iPhone.

That's not a new story for Apple's financial health, the bulk of which is fueled by the now six-year-old product line. But this quarter's special. It includes, for the first time, two new iPhones -- the 5S and 5C.

Those phones hit store shelves last month and only eight days of initial sales are included as part of this quarter. Still, with a record 9 million phones sold in the opening weekend, Wall Street's anticipating that Apple will post its … Read more

Apple's iPhone-centric fourth-quarter earnings set for Oct. 28

Apple plans to announce its fourth-quarter financial results on Monday, October 28.

The results will bring a more complete look at Apple's early iPhone 5S and 5C sales, which began September 20. The company's fourth quarter ran through September 28, providing an extra five days of sales information since Apple announced that it had sold 9 million iPhones in its opening weekend.

That 9 million tally came under scrutiny last month, with some questioning whether Apple was counting end sales to consumers or simply to carriers and other retail partners, which had yet to sell the devices.

Wall … Read more

Cisco posts strong Q4, but plans to cut 4,000 jobs

Cisco Systems delivered a strong fourth quarter as expected, and CEO John Chambers added that his confidence in "our ability to be the No. 1 IT company is increasing."

The company reported fourth-quarter earnings this year of $2.3 billion, or 42 cents a share, on revenue of $12.4 billion. Non-GAAP earnings for the fourth quarter were 52 cents a share.

According to Thomson Reuters, Cisco was expected to report earnings of 51 cents a share on revenue of $12.4 billion.

It's worth noting that Cisco estimates crept higher leading up to the results.

In … Read more

Dell beats Wall Street estimates

Dell's fourth-quarter results were carried by enterprise gear such as servers and networking, but the consumer business tanked.

The company, which recently announced plans to go private in a leveraged buyout, reported earnings of $530 million, or 30 cents a share, on revenue of $14.31 billion, down 11 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings in the fourth quarter were 40 cents a share.

Wall Street was expecting fourth-quarter earnings of 39 cents a share on revenue of $14.12 billion.

For fiscal 2013, Dell reported earnings of $2.37 billion, or $1.35 a share, on revenue … Read more

Zynga paints 2013 as its 'year of mobilization'

Quarterly earnings calls have a tendency to sprawl. But sitting down today in front the microphones to discuss Zynga's fourth-quarter earnings, the company's brass went out of their way to make sure that at least one consistent message emerged from the chatter.

"2013 will be a year of mobilization for Zynga," said Chief Operating Officer David Ko.

That's not sounding like much of a stretch. Zynga said 72 million of its monthly active users now play games on mobile devices, or almost a quarter of the company's 298 million total monthly users. What's … Read more