Device 6 review

Device 6 is a story-driven game for iOS that lets players solve a mystery using a gyroscope, parallax images, and clues hidden in text.


Clever use of narrative: Device 6 begins with words and pictures and so plays like a storyboard. The app cleverly uses visual cues in line breaks, images, audio, and even paragraph structures to make you solve puzzles to advance the story. We found ourselves constantly backtracking, rereading paragraphs for clues, and becoming immersed in this novel of a game.

Interactive images and music: Device 6 is best played with headphones, because ambient noise and sound … Read more

Memory Puzzle-7 review

Style-7's Memory Puzzle-7 challenges players to fit four basic shapes, each made of four squares, into a grid of cells. You can rotate pieces, move them around, and remove them from the field, as long as you haven't added another piece. Memory Puzzle-7 is free with ads, though a Pro upgrade is available, too.


Two game types: Puzzle mode is a traditional shape puzzle, while Memory mode briefly displays a finished puzzle and gives you a minute to restore all the pieces.

Four levels: Four levels of difficulty -- For children, Very easy, Easy, and Normal -- … Read more

Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler review

Softdiv's Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler keeps little ones busy and entertained while they learn fine motor skills and visual cognition. As the name suggests, this free app is more or less an Android rendition of the classic wooden picture puzzle for very young children. Youngsters drag shapes into outlines, aided by sound effects.


Easy to play: With no more than three or four shapes per animal, and many in single pieces, Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler is suitable for any child old enough to swipe a finger on a touchscreen.

Sound effects: Audible feedback lets players know … Read more

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers review

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers tries to improve your toddler's hand-eye coordination and develop early problem-solving skills by having them place missing puzzles in the correct location to form dinosaurs. While the game concept is straightforward, the reduced size of the puzzle pieces, their at-times problematic fitting, and the lack of any rewards for completing puzzles or of a natural progression in difficulty make this game appealing only for a short while.

Dinosaur Puzzle for Toddlers comes with average background graphics, but the colorful dinos that take over the screen somewhat compensate. There are 23 puzzles in total, which your … Read more

Trapped in the Time Travel Lab: My puzzling Sunday

"You are trapped in the mysterious laboratory, where it has been said, they study time travel. The door is closed. A lot of hidden clues await you. You wonder if they were able to make time travelling true..." These words on a poster beckon you in to a frantic puzzle-solving team experience that can lead, as it did in my case, to your untimely demise.

Or you might...Escape from the Time Travel Lab.

SCRAP Entertainment's first Real Escape Game was held in Japan, and nowadays the company is putting on events in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. In addition to the basic Mysterious Room, people have escaped from the Magic Show, the Werewolf Village, and other sticky scenarios. There are also Real Escape Game branches in Singapore, Taiwan, and China, plus there seem to be at least four live-escape game companies operating in the UK, so I'm going to call this a worldwide phenomenon. If the rest of this sounds fun to you, you may be able to find something similar nearby.… Read more

Mystic Square Puzzle review

Mystic Square Puzzle features multiple pictures that you can unscramble by sliding tiles around on the board. Whether you like the images that come with the app or want to use some of your own, this game offers three difficulty levels and can provide many hours of puzzle-solving enjoyment.

This app has a streamlined and intuitive interface, with a large image of the puzzle you can try to solve taking up most of the screen and a button below it labeled "Start." When you hit "Start," you'll move to the gameplay screen where you can … Read more

The Room Two takes puzzle solving into a mysterious world

The Room Two is the hotly anticipated sequel to one of the most celebrated puzzle games on iOS, and after playing through a few levels, I can tell you it raises the bar that was already set high with the original game. This made-for-touch-screen puzzle adventure includes incredible graphics, a mysterious storyline, eerie atmospheric sound effects, and complex puzzles that will have you pulling out your hair trying to figuring out your next move.

The original The Room won Apple's Game of the Year for 2012, along with several other awards, and the sequel gives you more of the … Read more

Is this a clue for code-breaking scavenger hunt Cicada 3301?

Break out your tinfoil hats. The next installment of a mysterious code-breaking scavenger hunt may have been released on Monday.

According to contributing editors of a Wikia page on the topic, a tweet from the Twitter account that was previously associated with Cicada 3301 has posted a link to a photo on the site Imgur. There have been nearly a dozen photos claiming to be the 2014 clue for the puzzle posted on the image-sharing board 4chan over the weekend, but many have been debunked.

Like with previous years, the apparent clue is white text on a black background. This time it reads, "Hello. Epiphany is upon you. Your pilgrimage has begun. Enlightenment awaits. Good luck. 3301." … Read more

32 down: How Google celebrates 100 years of crosswords

For a century, the crossword puzzle has been giving brainy types a socially acceptable way to waste half a morning (and the entire day on Sundays in the case of The New York Times puzzle). Google is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the famous puzzle with a doodle that transforms its search page into a puzzle itself with a nod to the granddaddy of all daily word games and its inventor, British-born Arthur Wynne.

Wynne created the first puzzle in 1913 for the New York World, which he initially called a word-cross puzzle. Within weeks the name was changed to crossword, and the rest is history.… Read more

Official Rube Goldberg invention game comes to iOS

For years, various computer games and mobile apps have attempted to capture the essence of constructing Rube Goldberg-style puzzles -- complex contraptions designed to perform simple tasks. The Incredible Machine was perhaps the most famous, and the similar Crazy Machines debuted for iOS more than four years ago.

Now comes an "official" game approved by the Rube Goldberg estate: Unity Games' Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. It's available now for iOS and soon for Android.

Never heard of Rube Goldberg? Here's arguably the best-ever real-world example of one of his puzzles.

In Rube … Read more