Protected Folder review

Protected Folder provides enhanced security for files and folders on your Windows PC, letting you safeguard against the unauthorized access of your private photos, videos, files, and more. Allowing you to set passwords, hide folders from view beyond the basic Windows settings, and more, it works well for users who want to amplify what Windows provides by default.


Easy to create layers of security: Installation of the software is quick, and you can integrate multiple layers of protection from a single interface, all accessible from your desktop.

Different levels of protection: Protected Folder allows you to lock down folders … Read more

Glary Utilities Pro review

Glary Utilities Pro combines multiple maintenance tools for your Windows desktop so you can measure, enhance, and adjust performance. This combination of tools may seem overwhelming to casual users, but for intermediate or power users, Glary offers a range of options for optimizing your machine in a clean, accessible interface.


Clean interface, accessible tools: Glary Utilities opens quickly and runs quietly in the background until you close it. The interface is clean and accessible, and there are plenty of options. The display is icon-based, which can make finding a specific menu hard at times, but it's generally easy … Read more

Hotspot Shield Elite for Mac review

Hotspot Shield Elite for Mac secures your Wi-Fi connection, protects you against identity theft, and gives you the ability to access blocked Web sites-- proving to be a valuable security tool. It doesn't protect your mobile device, though, unless you buy a separate subscription.


Intuitive UI: All of Hotspot Shield Elite's functions can be accessed through an icon on your Menu Bar. The shield-like icon is green when active and red when inactive.

Warnings or alerts: This application makes use of AnchorFree's regularly updated database of Web site information to provide alerts when you are accessing … Read more

Hotspot Shield for Mac review

Hotspot Shield for Mac gives you the ability to surf the Internet securely, even when you're connected to public Wi-Fi networks. You can turn on or off your protection at any time, and you can see clearly what the app is doing to protect you through its straightforward interface.


Flexible plans: Depending on how much you think you'll use the Hotspot Shield, you can pick a payment option that fits your needs. For example, you can purchase a whole year of unlimited coverage for $29.95, one month's worth of service for $4.99, or 20 … Read more

Antivirus Free review

With its straightforwardness and effective scanning capabilities, Antivirus Free from AVG boosts the security of your smartphone or tablet without slowing down your system, proving to be a valuable app. The free version comes with all the essential security features you need.


Reliable scanner: Antivirus Free's system scanner impresses with its thoroughness. In our tests it scanned a 16GB SD card in less than three minutes, effectively identifying a few low-risk, potentially malware apps downloaded from unsecured sources. What's great about the scanner is that it can not only be set to perform system scans automatically, but … Read more

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android review

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android secures your Wi-Fi connection with HTTPS encryption, grants you access to Web sites that in your region may be blocked by a firewall, and enables you to browse the Web privately. It's the most popular app of its kind and for good reason -- it works as intended and runs unobtrusively in the background, requiring minimal configuration.


Effective: Hotspot Shield VPN for Android's encryption, private browsing, and virtual location work effectively with just one tap, bringing you peace of mind when you're connecting to the Web using public Wi-Fi networks, which … Read more

UK filters to safeguard children block wrong sites -- report

The UK government's request that Internet service providers use filters to block Web sites deemed potentially harmful to children has proven a bit overzealous.

According to the BBC, which earlier reported on the news, several innocuous Web sites are being blocked by the government-instituted filters, including charity sites serving children who are in danger or distress. Even TorrentFreak, a news site discussing piracy and and copyright activity, has been mistakenly blocked.

The UK government requested last year that ISPs block Web sites with pornography, violence, and other material deemed damaging to children -- unless account holders opted out of … Read more

Coveted $50,000 Twitter username swiped in tale of woe

N Methods CEO Naoki Hiroshima, who once owned the Twitter handle @N and had been offered as much as $50,000 for it, has lost his coveted username to an unidentified hacker.

The trouble started last week when Hiroshima, who is also head of mobile at Lark Technologies, was unable to log in to his GoDaddy account, which houses both his domain names and vanity e-mail address. Soon after, Hiroshima called GoDaddy to find out why he couldn't log in and was asked to verify his account. He couldn't.

It wasn't long before Hiroshima received an e-mail … Read more

Review: Protect your PC with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall protects your Windows PC from intrusions and online threats. It's easy to use and works alongside your antivirus and other security tools, including many other firewalls. Its Auto-Learn feature conforms to your computer use. After you've allowed your frequently used apps, ZoneAlarm mostly works in the background, only appearing when something changes, like when you install a new program -- or some hacker tries to.

To install ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, you must opt for an IE toolbar and search provider (which keeps ZoneAlarm free of charge), though they uninstall with a click; or (like us) … Read more

Google's Nest buy could spur growth of 'Internet of things'

If you thought that the "Internet of things" was a geeky and niche industry aimed only at early adopters, Google's got 3.2 billion reasons you should see it as an industry primed for massive and widespread growth.

When the tech giant announced Monday that it plans to spend $3.2 billion in cash to purchase Nest -- makers of, to date, smart thermostats and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors -- it put the brightest spotlight yet on the nascent industry.

"When we first showed up two years ago, people were like, 'thermostats, poo-poo,' and they didn'… Read more