Mozilla develops social skills with F1

As Flock and RockMelt duked it out for social-networking addicts' attention, browser kingpin Mozilla quietly introduced last week a new add-on for Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail users. Called F1 (download) and created by Mozilla Messaging, the division of Mozilla that manages the e-mail client Thunderbird, the secure and unobtrusive add-on provides fast sharing of URLs via a dedicated navigation bar button. It mimics one of the best features found in social-networking browsers without having to deal with hassle of switching browsers, although the add-on is definitely still a bit rough.

Once installed, F1 will create a button on the right … Read more

Auction action

For the casual eBay user, the options present within the eBay Web site itself are probably enough. More serious auction-addicts, however, need advanced tools for searching, monitoring auctions, and bidding. Prospector Lite supplies these tools in a well-designed, intuitive format.

Prospector Lite's interface is browserlike and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. Users can surf eBay just as they would in a regular Web browser, but Prospector Lite adds plenty of handy eBay-specific tools. Users can create complex searches that use a wide variety of different parameters; these searches are then saved in a handy tree format, allowing users … Read more

ZoomProspector helps you relocate your business

A new commercial real estate site is opening its doors Tuesday: ZoomProspector. It's designed to help businesses find communities for new offices or plants, and then find the properties that fit their needs.

The service collects business stats on cities and counties, and lets you explore those in a clean interface. More importantly, it lets you search for communities that meet the criteria that matter to you. If you want a fast-growing, white-collar community near an active entrepreneurial ecosystem and a major airport, you probably already know where to look. But if you need to site and staff a … Read more