Review: Privy Chat for Facebook lets you chat with friends, but doesn't stand out

Privy Chat for Facebook does let you chat with Facebook friends, but it doesn't offer any features that you can't find in the standard chat apps. In fact, this app offers less than Facebook's own chat app, making it especially bare when compared to some of the more advanced chat apps available. Still, if you want a minimalist chat experience, this app may be your best bet.

Privy Chat connects to your Facebook to help you send messages to your friends. It takes a while to get your Facebook fully connected, as the app demands all sorts … Read more

Prevent Facebook friends from seeing you've read a message on Android

Privy Chat for Facebook is a free Android app, available in the Play store, that prevents your friends from being able to see you've read a message. Originally covered by Ghacks, this small app is sure to be useful to Android users everywhere.

We've all felt the pressure to immediately reply to a message after opening it, knowing the sender can see you've read it. Or the rage that boils up inside after sending a message, only to see it's been read and no response sent in return.

As clever as read receipts appear to be … Read more

Easy encryption tool

PrivyPad provides a method to encrypt messages. However, the program's complicated method of reading messages practically ruins an otherwise successful tool.

The program's interface looked instantly familiar, since it mimicks Notepad. While familiar, we still needed to find definitions for our encryption options in the Help file. We created a message just like a normal Notepad document, but were also able to quickly encrypt by simply adding a password with the toolbar icon. At this point we were confused because our message looked the same. It wasn't until we saved the program to our hard drive as … Read more