Firefox to put ads in new tabs

CNET Update only plays Flappy Bert:

In this episode of Update:

- Get set to spot sponsored websites when opening up new tabs in your Firefox browser.

- See if you're one of the few with the new Twitter profile (which happens to look like a Facebook page).

- Get a software update for your Prius to fix a hybrid-system defect.

- Avoid downloading Flappy Bird apps from third-party Android app stores. It's likely malware disguised as the over-hyped game.

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Could a see-through Toyota Prius prevent accidents?

Even if you have a dashboard display showing what's behind your car when you back up, it's hard to be 100 percent sure you won't hit something. Or someone. That's why researchers at Japan's Keio University are working on a system that makes the back seat invisible, so to speak.

From the driver's perspective, the back of a car, in this case a Prius, is transparent, thus eliminating blind spots that could conceal hazards. The system is called the "see-through Prius" and it's being showcased this month at the 2012 Digital Content Expo in Tokyo. … Read more

Best tech: Cheap speakers, hot cameras, and Wi-Fi scales

Memorial Day is considered the traditional start of summer here in the U.S., and we noticed the streets, subways, and elevators getting less and less populated as the week wore on. But it was another full week for the CNET Reviews team, who cranked out more than 20 tech product reviews -- including a few items that are beyond our usual purview.

Hot cameras We sampled only two cameras this week, but both were four-star winners.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V is camera royalty, of sorts: the compact megazoom model is the successor to 2011's DSC-HX9V, an Editors' Choice … Read more

Prius' new kingpin, 3D printers impress CNET reviewers

Last week, CNET reviewed some classic consumer technology: a smartphone, a camera, some speakers. This week, we ventured into less-traveled tech territory and unearthed some gems.

The best Prius of them all Let's start with a car. The drivers behind CNET Car Tech have been working their way through the new, expanded 2012 Prius lineup, reviewing the smaller Prius C and larger Prius V. This week, they returned to the flagship Prius, not too radically different since the last major model overhaul in 2010, and explained in their four-star Prius review that there's no Prius like the old … Read more

Best tech: Ivy Bridge rigs, slim iPad keyboard case

Sometimes, CNET goes weeks without bestowing an Editors' Choice award. We give the badges only to tech that we love so much, we'd personally buy these devices. There must be some magic in the air (or our drinks) this week, because we doled out not one, but three CNET Editors' Choice awards.

But before I walk you through our award winners (a surprising and diverse group in their own right), I'd like to point out two non-winners that deserve your attention. These two four-star computers, the Origin Genesis and the Origin EON17-S are a desktop and a laptop … Read more

2012 Toyota Prius C: Fuel economy champ

It seems like the Prius C model should come after the Prius B, and before the Prius D. But Toyota shows no interest in alphabetical naming when it comes to its Prius lineup. Toyota recently expanded the cars it calls Prius, adding to the standard model the Prius V, a plug-in version, and now the C.

The C means City, which explains the smaller dimensions of the car. The Prius C is a nice, modern little hatchback a foot and half shorter than the standard Prius. Its size makes it easy to park and maneuver through narrow lanes.

But its real virtue is fuel economy.… Read more

CNET Roadside Assistance 44: Why we'll never see the iCarStereo (podcast)

Users want to know the best way to use their iPhones and iPads in the car, and we explain why Apple will never just build its own version of the AppRadio.

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CNET Roadside Assistance 42: End of the CD player--Why you might care (podcast)

We examine the end of the in-car CD player, our supposed hatred of Chevys, how to upgrade the head unit in your Prius, and the need (or not) for Android in your dash.

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Energy-efficient windows are melting my Prius, woman says

Everyone with a live mind who happens not to work for an oil company knows that we must harness our energy.

The possibilities are vast. Consider, for example, Heather Patron of Studio City, Calif., and her Prius. Everything plastic on it began to melt. The side-view mirrors, for example.

This seemed a little odd. She took it to Toyota. The company said there was nothing wrong with the car.

And then she noticed her neighbor's energy-efficient windows that seemed to be directing a concentrated beam of energy-efficient light towards her energy-efficient vehicle.

Patron told CBS Los Angeles: "I'… Read more

Toyota begins selling 83-mpg hybrid in Japan

Toyota yesterday opened the order books for its smallest hybrid to thousands of space-conscious, fuel-weary Japanese buyers.

More then 60,000 buyers have signed up to purchase the Aqua subcompact hybrid, which achieves 83 mpg under Japan's JC08 test cycle and is expected to retail for $22,000. Known as the Prius c to the rest of the world, the 1.5-liter hatchback is the same length and width as the pint-sized Yaris, but a little bit shorter to increase aerodynamics.

Its dimensions may sound diminutive to American buyers, but its elfin size and fuel-sipping ways are exactly what'… Read more