Kundli for Windows review

Kundli for Windows provides a detailed description of your horoscope and other astrological items with its functional application. The straightforward design makes Kundli uncomplicated but may be hard to understand if you aren't well versed in astrology.


Detailed results: Kundli for Windows quickly generates a large report on your astrological status and horoscope. We found the information about chakras, general predictions, and other significant details to be entertaining. Our final report contained 36 pages of information.


Outdated interface: Kundli has the standard gray window that was popular in the past, and the only image located within the … Read more

Convert images using Preview in OS X

There may be times when you might need to convert an image from one format to another on your Mac, either because of some requirement for a specific format, or to compress batches of images to save space.

Regardless of the specifics, if you need to convert images then you might find yourself considering expensive tools like Photoshop, or perhaps free open source projects like The Gimp as options for converting images; however, in doing so you will be overlooking a built-in option for doing this in Apple's included Preview program.

Single-image conversion Preview is Apple's utility for … Read more

5 things I've learned about Titanfall (so far)

I've being playing the Titanfall beta for six days straight. My wife hates me! So what else have I learned? A lot. You've probably seen it trending on Twitter and lighting up message boards. So before I start, let me bring you up to speed on just what the heck Titanfall is exactly.

Titanfall is a game made by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. Respawn is a developer founded by two guys who started Infinity Ward, the studio responsible for seven mostly great Call of Duty games. Titanfall is a console exclusive for Microsoft, meaning it'll … Read more

CES 2014 Gaming preview: Gaining Steam

Historically -- or at least at the six CES shows I've attended so far -- the big show hasn't been the best platform for video games. Sure, there's usually a presence of third-party console accessory manufacturers and a fair amount of impressive PC gaming hardware, but 2014 might make some serious gaming headlines.

We already know that Valve's SteamOS platform is going to be making a major showing at CES 2014, so we're anticipating Steam Machines (or SteamBoxes) not just from Valve, but from a bevy of third-party PC makers as well. The biggest news … Read more

Just days after 10.9.1 update, Apple preps Mavericks for 10.9.2

Apple has launched another update to OS X Mavericks, but for now, it's only available to developers.

Dubbed OS X Update Seed 10.9.2, the prerelease update includes some minor tweaks to Mail and deeper integration of FaceTime audio into Messages and associated apps, according to 9to5Mac, which earlier reported on the update. Apple also asked developers to specifically focus their time on testing VPN, Graphics Drivers, and VoiceOver, according to a listing in the Mac App Store.

Apple launched its OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 update earlier this week. It's not uncommon for a subsequent … Read more

Target hack hits 40M accounts

CNET Update follows the bouncing ball:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Watch your credit and bank statements if you shopped at a Target store recently. Hackers stole detailed credit card info for 40 million customers.

- Don't worry too much about the annoyance of in-flight phone chatter. Some airlines are dismissing the idea.

- Windows Phone users can stream between devices with new Xbox video and music apps.

- Google's Search app helps you go caroling. If you're not the sing-along type, there's plenty of free holiday music to stream.

CNET Update delivers the … Read more

Review: App Store Preview for Mac shows you available apps from your OS X Dashboard

App Store Preview for Mac provides a snapshot of the App Store right from your OS X Dashboard. An easy-to-use widget, it lets you sort and search for apps based on cost and popularity. Some of its features don't work properly, though.

App Store Preview for Mac installs into your OS X Dashboard area without any problem. Once moved into the active screen, it takes up a moderate amount of screen space, which makes it difficult to use if you run several programs at the same time. In the upper left, a search bar allows you to enter keywords … Read more

How to remove image previews from your Twitter timeline

Twitter recently updated its Android and iPhone apps to include inline previews of Twitter photos and Vine videos. What this means is when using the official Twitter app on your smartphone you'll now see a preview of some media, instead of a simple link to said media.

For some this is a welcome change, making it easier to view a photo or Vine without having to tap a few extra times. Of course that's if you want to see more of the photo, or watch the Vine video.

With the new previews taking up space in your timeline … Read more

Windows 8.1 is finally here!

On Thursday, the long-awaited update for Windows 8 was finally released into the wild. Windows 8.1 brings a slew of new features, upgrades, and overall improvements to the operating system and every app that comes with it.

If you've been using the Preview version of 8.1, many of these features should already seem familiar: swiping up from the base brings up the All Apps drawer, desktop backgrounds can move in parallax effect, and of course, the obligatory "Start" button is back (though it's just a visual icon for the home screen).

Other changes include … Read more